Vaporesso Gemini Tank Review

If you’re one of those people who absolutely love the functions provided by the Gemini RTA, but find yourself a bit put off by the hassle involved in managing a rebuild, you’re not alone. Vaporesso obviously heard from enough of you that the company went out and did some solid manufacturing work to overcome those objections. Now, let’s be clear here: the RTA is a magnificent product offering that is well-suited to the more adventurous desires of many vaping enthusiasts. However, for those who just want a simple and easy to understand way to satisfy their sub-ohm needs, that product may be a little too much.

Enter the Gemini Tank – a redesigned version of the RTA that was created to provide all of the functionality of the original, while still enabling users to skip all the hard work a rebuild requires. If you think that sounds like a lofty goal that may have been impossible to achieve, you certainly have good reason to doubt. After all, these types of high-tech redesigns seldom work out in other industries. In our Vaporesso Gemini Tank review, we’ll take a closer look at what the company managed to accomplish and hopefully get a better sense of whether they achieved their objective.


The Gemini

Gemini Tank_1The Gemini Tank differs from the RTA in design in many ways, but the most obvious initial difference is the way that Vaporesso completely altered the unit’s deck. The new design involves a simple base that has two rings that can be adjusted so that you have control over the e-juice and airflow to provide greater personalization for your vaping enjoyment. The tank itself offers additional airflow control. The e-juice controls are obviously designed for greater flexibility in the type and thickness of juices you choose to use.

The product comes with its installed ceramic coil, as well as an additional coil head. Both are made with quality ceramic. There is also an additional glass tube. Like the installed tube, it is a Pyrex glass unit that is easy to clean and maintain. That might seem like a minor feature, but it’s actually quite important. As anyone who has ever dealt with an internal tube readily understands, cleaning those built-in liquid wells can be a real challenge. With this unit, there are no such worries.


Its Features

Gemini Tank Features_1Quality is a key feature with this device. The housing is made from the best stainless steel, so you know that is designed to last. The unit is also scaled to a manageable size of just 65mm by 22.5mm by 22.5mm – small enough to be comfortable for everyday use, but large enough to contain a 3ml quantity of your favorite e-liquid. The unit’s power source is designed to enable a coil power range as low as 5 watts and as high as 75 watts.

Together, these features combine to form a tank system that more than meets expectations for anyone who expected to see something similar in quality to the company’s RTA version. It’s solidly constructed and built to last, with just the type of capabilities vaping enthusiasts are looking for when they need just the right product for their vaping needs.

It’s also important to note that this tank unit is not one of those high-end, expensive units. Instead, it can be purchased for less than $30. That’s a very reasonable price for an atomizer with this level of sophistication and capability. So, if you’re looking for an RTA alternative at a price that will be pleasing to your budget, the Gemini Tank is a great option.

Gemini Tank and Gemini RTA_1


Does it Perform?

Of course, the single greatest question any vaper would ask is this: can the tank provide the power and control you need to get the vapor and flavor you’re looking for? There’s good news on that front, as the Gemini Tank is designed to provide even more advanced users with that customization control they seek, but is simple enough that beginners can get a handle on its use in relatively short order.

Overall, this is a well-priced tank unit with some serious power and flexibility. It is ideally suited for sub-ohm vaping, and provides users with the kind of temperature and power control they need to maximize the personalization of their vaping experience. Serious vapers are always on the lookout for new and attractive atomizers, and this is one that every advanced user should consider picking up. In short, though there are many atomizers on the market today, few are as worthy of a second look as the Vaporesso Gemini Tank.


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