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Detailed Series 3X by V2 Pro Review

V2 Pro has been marketing their vape pen for a few years now and their latest product in the 3 Series is the Series 3X. We all know how good the original V2 Pro Series 3 was, so what new features does this 3X pen have and does it compete with the best vape pens on the market? Let’s take a closer look to see.
Black version of the V2 Pro Series 3X vape pen


Keeping to the traditional vape pen look and feel V2 Pro has excelled in making the Series 3X as easy as possible to use, yet applying a few extra features that we didn’t see on the original Series 3. It’s also lighter and has a stronger battery now 750mAh than the original Series 3 at 650mAh, so both thumbs up there.

First off, they have improved the cartridges making them more sleek and durable along with 4 different mouthpiece designs available.

The V2 Pro Series 3X comes in a few colors which are Charcoal which is really black, Gunmetal which looks like a brushed blue/green color and also Crimson which is red! All have a great feel of quality about them and with the magnetic tank, fastening has been designed with real care.

One cool new feature that V2 Pro has added is the battery indicator; you just need to shake the Series 3X and a ring of LEDs around the base will light, giving you an indication of battery life. These new features certainly make it a strong competitor for the best e-cig in its class, but it’s all down to performance!
Crimson version of the V2 Pro Series 3X

The Tank/Cartridges

As we said V2 Pro has improved the design of the Series 3X cartridges, but along with the design changes they have also included the option of using interchangeable atomizer heads to suit different types of vapers. They include:

0.9-ohm – For the direct lung and more experienced vaper and suited best with higher VG e-liquids.

1.2-ohm – For a mouth to lung vaper who wants a limited resistance when vaping. Suited to even combinations of PG and VG e-liquids.

1.5-ohm – Again to suit the mouth to lung vaper but is more closely related to the resistance of smoking a traditional cigarette. Suited for higher PG concentrated e-liquids.

The atomizer heads are using ceramic coils, which many believe produce a better flavor than standard Stainless Steel coils and hold 1.6ml of e-liquid.

Each cartridge also has 3 airflow controls, just below the mouthpiece, the holes are pretty small though even if you choose the completely open option, but it does allow you to make slight changes to the feel of the vape.
The Series 3X different cartridges


The big change that V2 Pro has added to the V2 Pro Series 3X is the use of variable wattage with 3 indicators representing 4, 7 or 12 watts which are shown on the back of the device.

If you use the loose leaf cartridge then this indicator represents the temperature i.e. 200, 215 or 230 Degrees Celsius. They also offer a wax cartridge which has an optimal temperature of 500 Degrees Celsius.

If you already own a Series 3 vape pen, then the good news is V2 Pro has made all their cartridges compatible with the new Series 3X.
The complete V2 Pro Series 3X kit


As most e-liquids are in 70%VG and 30%PG we set up the 0.9-ohm coil and set the wattage to the maximum of 12 Watts. Opening the airflow to the maximum also to give it the best chance of creating some thick clouds.

The result was actually really good, considering the low wattage this device uses. The flavor of the juice certainly comes through and the cloud content also pretty good.

Using lower variations of VG juice and less wattage reduce the cloud content and make the taste a little more subtle or dampened.
Packaging on the V2 Pro Series 3X

To Conclude

Overall we were really happy with the performance of the V2 Pro Series 3X, with its variable wattage mode and higher battery levels this vape pen is definitely an improvement to the original and with the choice of flavors you have certainly gives you a better vape than pod systems like the Juul e-cig and certainly a huge step up from the Cigalike type devices.

If you’re new to vaping then the Series 3X is certainly going to put a smile on your face. If your an experienced vaper, however, you may feel a little underwhelmed with the low wattage, but happy to use and carry around in your pocket.

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