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  • Great design
  • High quality feel
  • Great vapor production
  • Good flavor choices
  • Well known and trusted brand


  • Quite expensive

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The V2 Pro Series 3 is an awesome electronic cigarette and vaporizer, if you have the money, it’s worth investing in high quality products like this. The flavors available are great and the vapor production is also one of the best on the market.

Editors Full Review of V2 Pro Series 3


V2 have dominated the electronic cigarette market for a long time, especially in the best vape pens category. Currently, they have branched out and created new vaporizers that appeal to the wider audience. The V2 Pro series 3 allows you to enjoy three different types of medium with just one product. This pen is one of the best for dry herb vaporization in the market today. It also has oil/wax and e-liquid capability. The cartridges are easy to interchange, quick to load, and have big capacity.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this vaporizer is that it combines simplicity and complexity. This makes it one of the most convenient to carry. The sleek and smooth design of this vaporizer is something that will definitely catch your eye. The body is compact and attractive, and comes in three distinct colors; black, blue and silver. The cartridges are equally impressive using magnetic technology. But does all this make it one of the best e-cigarettes on the market? Let’s find out!

The Contents

The starter kit of this device contains the vaporizer itself, a manual, and a USB charger. Other accessories including the e-liquids have to be separately ordered. For veteran vapers, that is not a major problem.

For beginners, they might find the device unusable since they do not know how to get started. However, the manual provides all the information that a user may wish to know. The design of the device is minimalist but professional. All the contents are securely packed in one box. The buyer is advised to confirm that all the listed contents during purchase are provided during delivery.

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Battery Life and Performance

v2 pro series 3 in the handRecharging the device fully only takes 75 minutes or less than two hours, which is not a long time to wait. As indicated earlier, the charger has a USB tip. A car adapter and a wall adapter are also offered to make it convenient to plug it in different situations. When the vape is plugged in and charging, it can still be used due to its pass-through functionality. It has a long cable, which means it does not restrict you when it is being charged. However, this is not possible with a battery that has completely drained. It has to charge at least half an hour to allow the pass-through functionality.

The original Series 3 was so popular V2 decided to release an upgrade, you can read the V2 Pro Series 3X review here, with improved performance and better vape production, it’s definitely a great improvement to an already great vape pen.

Another amazing feature of this device is the two-minute automatic shut off. What this means is that the device will turn green and then shut off after every two minutes of use. This is meant to prevent the device from being left one and wasting the ingredients. To continue with the session, you will just have to turn it on again. The good thing is that restarting only takes two seconds and you are back on.

For casual vapers, they can use the device for a whole day without the battery draining out. However, for people who were chain smokers, they can only get 30 minutes of use and they will be required to charge it again. This equates to 15 sessions, which are satisfactory. There have no notable effects that have been observed due to frequent charging.


This device uses different cartridges for its functions. A magnet holds the cartridges in place, including the charge, which makes it very easy to use instead of the normally threaded cartridges. Each of the cartridges comes with a different pattern. This allows the device to know the cartridge that you are using and it is able to adjust accordingly. This also means that the V2 Pro series 3 can only be used with its accessories. When using the dry herb cartridge, the metal ring at the end gets somehow hot when it is being used. Therefore, it is advisable to use the silicone mouthpiece to avoid burning the lips.

V2 Pro series 3 cartridges

The dry herb cartridge allows 0.1g of material, which some users might find small. However, despite the small amount, it can allow 5-8 decent draws, due to its high efficiency. You will be able to pack most of your favorite herbs at your own convenience.

You should brush the chamber each time you use it with the cleaning tool that is provided. This is to make sure that the chamber remains clean at all times when the device is not in use. Once in a while, you will be also required to clean the stainless screen that is attached to the mouthpiece. You can do this by rubbing it with alcohol in order to remove residue that has accumulated.

The wax cartridge is the heaviest of the three. It is properly made, feels solid, and is one of the additional cartridges that were not there in the earlier devices. It performs well and the draws are very smooth. There is also the cartridge for e-liquid, which is mostly designed for beginners.

Heavy smokers will have to refill the cartridge several times a day. It holds 1.6 ml of liquid, which is, much more than most of the others in the market. Former smokers will find this device appealing since it provides an almost similar smoking experience. The good thing about this pen is that it works well with all the three cartridges. Most importantly, it is leak proof.

How to use

As earlier indicated, the V2 Pro series 3 uses magnetic cartridges that can be easily swapped depending on the materials being vaporized. The dry herb cartridge comes with a mouthpiece and a stainless steel bowl that is removed when loading or unloading the ingredients. That chamber has a capacity of one gram of dry herbs. Once the chamber has been completely packed, attach the mouthpiece back and then secure the cartridge to its position.

It has a slot to secure it firmly in place. To power on the device, press the power button three times. However, when the dry herb cartridge is in place, you only need to hold down the power button for three seconds and the heating process starts right away. Within no time, you will have clouds of vapor in your mouth as you draw.

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When it shows red at the bottom, it implies that it has started to heat up and turns to yellow in a short while. When it is completely heated, the button will turn green. You can then proceed to start drawing from there. Start with slow pulls of 10-15 seconds and repeat until the vapor becomes less dense and loses some of its flavors.

When you have used up the dry herb cartridge, you can turn the device off by pressing the power button three times, or you can proceed to use another cartridge like the e-liquid by simply swapping them and securing it into position. Make sure that your loose leaf is ground properly before you insert it into the cartridge. This allows you to get maximum hits and use your product more.

When using the e-liquid cartridge, you are just required to press the button down until you get the amount of vapor that you desire. The light will turn to white to show that it is working perfectly. If you are using the vaporizer to quit smoking, you should stick to liquids that have no trace of nicotine. You can use different flavors according to what you feel is good for you. Twelve different flavors can be used with the e-liquid. These are congress tobacco, V2 Pro series 3 red tobacco, menthol, Sahara tobacco, grape, vanilla, cherry, chocolate, coffee, peppermint, green tea, and cola.

Make sure that you turn the device off when not in use. Failure to do this, the V2 Pro series 3 will continuing vaping the liquid while in the pocket and might get too hot. It will also be draining the battery thus reducing the draw-time.

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Vapor Production and Heating

There are many things to consider before buying a vaporizer; however, the main feature is vapor production. The V2 Pro Series 3 does not disappoint in that area when you consider the pocket-friendly price and its size. The vapor produced is wonderful and thick, one of the thickest in the market. During the entire sessions, you will draw thick and nice plumes of vapor conveniently until the concentrate you are using has been exhausted. What helps to accomplish this is the use of a small tray for the ingredients and concentrates.

V2 Pro - Vapor production

This device uses conduction heating for the dry herb. The temperature range is between 350-3750F. There are different things that determine temperature regulation of the V2 Pro series 3. These include the draw speed, the herbs, and the grind time. The typical heat time is around 20 seconds, which is efficient. Other vaporizers in the market have an average heat up time of more than 40 seconds.

Size and Portability

In size, this vaporizer is almost similar to a permanent marker. Although it is somehow taller than other vaporizers, it is sleek which makes it possible to store it anywhere. It fits perfectly in trouser pockets and the rest of the cartridges can fit in as well. It is one of the lightest in the market since it only weighs 50 grams. It is also easy to conceal in a handbag or a purse. With such less weight, it is easy to carry around and discreet.

The material tank and the mouthpiece emerge as a unit from the body securely in place by magnets. As such, dangers of cross threading or leakages are eliminated since there is nothing that requires to be secured through screwing. The V2 Pro series 3 is configured in such a way that it is not going to break into two whenever you sit on it by accident. This is prevented by the compact and sturdy body and the interior magnets.

Warranty and Customer Service

Any defects in workmanship and materials are covered by the six months warranty provided with the device. However, there are very few instances where these devices have been reported as defective. In case of any issues, their customer service agents are always on standby address your concerns. You can reach the customer service through an email or simply placing a direct call. They have distributors all over the globe. You can place your order directly from their website or from the many marketers affiliated with them.


V2 Pro Series 3 Complete kitOne of the main advantages of this device is that it is a vape pen but you can use it to vape dry herbs combustion. During combustion, most impurities and harmful substances enter the equation. As such, avoiding that step is very important so that they do not enter the body when inhaled with the vapor. You will also find joy in the ease of use that comes with this device. A single button controls everything. There are no complicated procedures or maneuvers. You just need to load the cartridges and you are good to go.

More importantly, the cartridges have unique patterns that make it easy to recognize them. As such, the pen adjusts the correct temperature settings accordingly. As such, swapping the cartridges in and out has been simplified.

The USB charging device is another interesting feature of this device. The charging adapter can be charged almost everywhere. It attaches to the bottom easily since it is magnetized. The price is pocket-friendly considering that it can vape dry herbs.

This vaporizer also has tiny windows both back and front that indicate the amount of liquid that is left in the cartridges. As such, you will always know the right time for filling up and you are never caught unaware.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a portable vaporizer, all-in-one, and one that vaporizes dry herbs, then the V2 Pro Series 3 is the right product and will exceed your expectations, a great upgrade if you’ve tried Cigalike e-cigs but want a little more taste and vapor. It supports magnetic cartridges that allow you to shift between the e-liquid cartridge and the loose-leaf cartridge allowing you to blow out a good smelling vapor to cover the smell of the dry herbs. The vapor produced is decent and it does not combust the dry herbs. The quality and craftsmanship of this device are excellent and everything fits together perfectly. Regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will be impressed by what the V2 Pro series 3 will offer you.

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