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Bottom Line

Halo Cigs have been around for quite sometime and is well known in the electronic cigarette committee, they have recently changed direction and also retail the more advanced electronic cigarette brands as opposed to just the basic starter kits. Halo are a company that can be trusted to meet all your requirements!

Editors Full Review of Halo Cigs

The Company

Scan search results for Halo Cigs and it soon becomes clear: this is not your ordinary e-cig. Users provide glowing testimonials. Some place it in their top 3, but the brand invariably winds up in every top ten list. Find out why in this Halo Cigs review.

The Halo Company, a New Jersey-based electronic cigarette manufacturer that claims to have revolutionized the e-cig marketplace, offers an excellent website that’s sleek in design and easy to purchase their products from.   Their offerings are small yet their packages are packed with long-lasting flavor-filled liquids so you can vapor out in style.  Their logo is nifty, their customer service appears to have their heads together and, overall, they sell a pretty decent electronic cigarette product to boot.  We take a closer look at their operations to see what they offer and if we were accurate in our Halo Cigs electronic cigarette review.

Take a Look at Halo Cigs

The E-Cigs Of Halo Cigs

ego type of electronic cigaretteYou’ll definitely ‘vapor out’ in style with the many color choices that Halo Cigs offers in their electronic cigarettes.  In fact, their starter kits come in nine different color choices for people to choose from.  Their liquids are daring, offering a totally tar-free means for consumers that wish to break the nicotine habit for good.  Price-wise, you’ll see below why we’ve easily ranked them as one of the best.

Halo makes two types of E-Cigarette Starter Kits, a traditional 2-piece electronic G6 cigarette with cartridges, you can read more in our Halo G6 review.  The Triton Starter kits, on the other hand, is an E-Cigarette that uses E-Liquid and customized tank.  The traditional 2-piece are very common on the market, after of the buying a starter kit all you will need to do is buy more cartridges.  Another nice feature with Halo is that you can buy blank cartridges and refill them with E-Liquid.  This helps the cost of buying pre-filled cartridges when you run out.  With the Triton you have a choice of more flavorful and powerful throat hit.  Both very good products with many choices of flavor to choose from.


The Charger

Their screw-in USB chargers can be used on anything that draws a USB charge, and actually fires up the electronic cigarette pretty quickly.  They offer a car charger and wall adaptor so consumers have various charging options no matter their locality.  Overall, their chargers are sturdy enough to pass any heavy usage tests.

The Packages

Halo cigs packagesHalo offers several nice sized packages in nine different colors so people can enjoy their vaporing in style.  They’re affordable for anyone and are geared towards both the beginner and novice users.  Free shipping is offered on orders over $75.00, great for the heavy spenders. Let’s look at their offerings:

  • G6 Basic Starter Kit ($54.99) – Perhaps one of the most well-rounded starter kits on the marketplace, you get the USB charger, wall charger, two G6 batteries, two blank cartomizers with a case, 5 filled cartomizers and a convenient storage tin.  Excellent value here. Read more about the Halo G6 ecig.
  • Element Basic Starter Kit ($59.99) – Identical to the package above, this package adds one 7ml bottle of liquid with their atomizers lasting for 100,000 puffs.  Liquids come in ten different flavors to maximize your vapor experience.
  • Halo Sampler Kit ($74.99) – With this kit, you get the above plus 5 extra bottles of liquid and storage tins for both your liquid and your electronic cigarette.  Considering what this adds, this is the best value on the market.

These three packages do well enough for Halo Cigs that many colors and flavor types sell out quickly.  An absolute must-have purchase!

E-Liquid: A Definite Plus

halo cigs e-liquidUsers feel that Halo puts a lot of effort into their tobacco flavors, which is evident by the number of tobacco styles available. These are USP Grade liquids made in the United States. Bottles get gold stars for being safety sealed and childproof. A note on that last point: nothing is really childproof, but some bottles are better at delaying children than others.

Nicotine levels start at 24% (a standard extra-strong), ranging down by 6mg at a time to 0%, giving users a chance to start high and wean from nicotine.

With sampler packs, if you are not sure which flavor to start with, you can try a range of liquids according to categories. These include Gourmet, Menthol, Tobacco, and a Variety Pack. Menthol contains HX3 and Kringle’s Curse. Get Shamrock and Belgian Cocoa among your gourmet selection. Try tobacco, menthol, and gourmet items in the variety package.


Halo Cigs Coupons

Not that you’d need them for this company, but Halo Cigs coupon codes will be available on the link above when they become available for use.  Expect a nominal amount per coupon to make this already great buy even cheaper.

Overall, this company is rock solid with perfect product offerings that merit our five-star salute to them.  Customer service is an added bonus as well.


We could not have a higher recommendation for the Halo Cigs. They are well-designed, well-built, and they include high-quality materials that make for an unbeatable smoking experience making them one of the best e cig manufacturers around. They also offer other popular brands on their site, so if your a beginner, you can also upgrade your devices from the same trusted supplier.

Take a Look at Halo Cigs