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  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • Great selection of kits and e-liquids
  • Great customer service
  • High quality products


  • Slightly higher in price

Bottom Line

Apollo eCigs are a strong brand in the electronic cigarette market, they have a good range of products from the most basic starter kits to the more advanced box mod and sub ohm vaping e-cigarettes. All their products carry their brand name, so if your after a trustworthy product with the quality to match then Apollo eCigs should definitely be on your short list![/one_second]

Editors Full Review of Apollo eCigs

The Company

Created by experts in the tobacco industry and the electronics industry, Apollo creates a line of e-cigs. Each product is sold with a one-year product and the company claims that it has the lowest prices available on the Internet. They offer five different kinds of kits that range from standard to the Superior Ego kit. So do they make it as one of the best electronic cigarette brands? Let’s take a closer look to see…


Apollos Ohm Go KitApollo offers several different starter kits for users. For a step ahead of the standard, the Extreme Starter kit offers a two-piece design. The heating coil, cartomizer, and atomizer are all included in one piece for easier maintenance. This kit also comes with two additional batteries, a USB charger, car adapter and five cartomizers.

Another kit offered is the TGo Tank Starter kit. At Apollo, this is one of the higher quality options and works well for the heavy smoker. It is offered with two lithium batteries, a wall adapter, a 10ml bottle of flavoring and 5TGo refillable cartridges. For additional convenience, each kit comes with a carrying bag. This kit works well for heavy smokers because the battery life easily lasts for the entire day.

Elips Tank is another part of Apollo’s tank product line. Like the other kits, it is offered with refillable cartomizers, lithium battery, a USB charger and wall adapter. In addition, it is offered with 10ml of e-liquid. For more control, consumers can always try out the Vtube Tank. This option allows for higher performance and variable-voltage. Users can select the level of voltage that they want, increase vapor levels and adjust the throat hit. The Vtube Tank kit is ideal for users who are accustomed to using e-cigarettes and want a customizable experience.

Take a Look at Apollo Cigs


Although the batteries are not the most technologically advanced, they still work well for new e-cigarette users. These batteries are quite responsive and light up the blue LED light at the tip of the e-cigarette. Recharging the batteries normally takes one to two hours. While the battery is being recharged, the user can take advantage of the backup battery that comes with the set. Once the battery is fully charged, it should last for an entire day before it runs out of power. Since the kits offer a portable charging case, it is far easier to charge the batteries while on-the-go.

Cartridges and Liquids

All of the cartomizers in the standard kit offered by Apollo are made with a 100 percent propylene glycol base. Other e-liquid options sold by the company have 60 percent propylene glycol and 40 percent vegetable glycerin bases. For standard and extreme kits, the five different flavors offered are tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, and menthol. If users want additional options, they can buy empty cartomizers and fill them with some of the additional e-liquids that Apollo sells.
Apollo e-liquids

Vapor Production

Since the e-liquid is based on propylene glycol, the vapor production is not nearly as high as other electronic cigarettes. The standard kits have the lowest vapor levels, but the extreme kit and higher quality options have a much better vapor production level. Overall, the vapor production of the entire line of electronic cigarettes is about as good as the average e-cig.

Pricing and Value

Apollo’s line of electronic cigarettes has not attained the popularity it deserves. For the superior value, these e-cigarettes should really be on a must-have list of e-cigarettes. Each purchase over $30 is shipped for free and users have a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied. First-time customers are given a free disposable e-cigarette with their purchase. In addition, they have Saturday shipping options and refillable cartridge options.
Apollo eGo type

Customer Service and Warranties

Apollo 6 month warrantyIf customers do not like Apollo’s e-cigarette, they can return it within 30 days for their money back. Customers can access extended hours for customer service support online. In addition, each user of Apollo’s e-cigarette is given a lifetime warranty on the product. Each product is shipped for free if the purchase is for more than $30 and many of the kits are designed with new users in mind. Overall, the customer service department at Apollo is exceptionally helpful and friendly. The online support option is great for users who want extended hours support from their laptop or mobile device.


Although there are some negatives to Apollo’s electronic cigarettes, and not likely to be on anybody’s list of best vape pens, most of these problems can be avoided by purchasing one of the higher quality kits. The good value offered by these products makes up for most negatives. Any remaining hesitation is easily compensated for by an attentive and friendly customer service department.


  • Excellent design concept and presentation
  • One free disposable electronic cigarette for new customers
  • Affordably priced
  • Each kit comes with a portable charging case
  • Users can select from automatic or manual batteries


  • The battery model is older than most available on the marketplace
  • Vapor production is limited
  • Standard kits offer a limited selection of flavors
Take a Look at Apollo Cigs