The Best Vape Pens - 2018

Vape pens are one of the most popular types of e-cig and often the gateway into vaping from smoking. We take a close look at all the best vape pens on the market, take a look and choose the one that suits you best.
The V2 Pro Series 3X pen

V2 Pro Series 3X

V2 Cigs have released a brand for the more intermediate vaper known as V2 Pro and their vape pen the Series 3X is arguably one of their best products they market. It is an upgrade to the older Series 3 design with easy to use prefilled pods or tanks for the user to choose their own e-liquid flavors and strengths. Easy to use vape pen producing some really good flavors and more suited to the mouth to lung vaper, so if your an ex-smoker, this vape pen will serve you well. 5 out of 5
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Detailed Vape Pen Reviews

A mix of vape pensVape pens are one of the most popular means of vaping for new timers, as they produce good vapor and good flavor with great flexibility. Along with the relative ease of use, it is the vape pen that is becoming more popular than the best Cigalikes for ex-smokers.

How Vape Pens Work

The majority of vape pens work and are designed in the same way, they hold a reservoir tank to hold the flavored e-liquid which also holds the coil or sometimes called the atomizer. The tank is then screwed onto the base unit which holds either the built-in battery or holds an external battery, which is often the 18650 battery, but the larger vape pens can hold larger batteries like the 20700 or 21700 battery types. The only real advantage of the larger batteries is the length of time the battery will discharge.

More Power

Because of their size, at least twice as big as the cigalike e-cig, the vape pen works using a lot more power. To put this into perspective, a typical Cigalike work at around 5-10 Watts, when a typical vape pen works anything from 5-100 Watts, some with variable wattage enabling the user to choose their preferred wattage.

A smaller yet poweful vape penWith power at a higher level, it means vape pens can use atomizers or coils at a much lower resistance to support 2 types of vaping;

  1. Mouth to lung vaping – Where the vaper inhales into their mouth before taking the vapor down to their lungs. Popular with ex-smokers as it mimics the use of a traditional cigarette.
  2. Direct lung inhales –  Where the vaper inhales directly into their lungs. More popular with experienced vapers who want more flavor and more of a hit when vaping.

To support these different types of vaping there are different coils provided, for mouth to lung vaping the user needs to use a coil with a resistance greater than 1-ohm and for direct lung inhales the vaper needs a coil less than 1-ohm. The later is also referred to as sub-ohm vaping, meaning less than one ohm.