V2 Vertx Review

V2 Vertx and Vertx Plus Review

V2 has been ranked among the most elite electronic cigarette brands for some time now, and consistently deliver some of the most high-tech and innovative vaping products in the market. The company’s fans are always on high alert waiting to see what kind of new offerings will come their way, and they’re seldom disappointed with what they eventually receive. V2 Vertx in fingersWith the company’s release of two of its newest products – the Vertx and Vertx Plus, those customers once again get to experience a V2 offering for the first time. The question is, though – are the v2 Vertx and Vertx Plus all they’re cracked up to be, or has the company’s streak of quality innovations suddenly reached its end?


What Are They?

Technically, both of these devices are classified as vape pens which are the most popular electronic cigarettes right now. So, though some might see them and think they are just another type of e cigarette, that’s simply not the case. These devices combine the advantages of a tank vaporizer with the more portable electronic cigarette body of most cig lookalikes – ensuring that the v2 Pro power is properly maintained in the design.

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The design is impressive. The body is not only aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design, eye-catching features, and manageable size; it’s also functional. If you’re like me, chances are that you’ve had more than one electronic cigarette device roll away from you and crash onto the floor. Maybe you’ve even ruined an atomizer or twelve due to those rollaway events. Well, the Vertx body shape eliminates that concern. Instead of being crafted with the standard cylinder shape that is so common with many vaping pens and cig-alike products, V2 has outfitted these devices with rounded edges that give it more stability when it’s lying on its side. Other companies should follow suit with future designs.

Perhaps the only drawback to the design is that the only color option you can choose is basic back. Granted, the black finish is attractive enough – and surely not garish in any way. Still, given the wider variety of color options other manufacturers offer for many of their devices, one would think that V2 would have been a little more creative on this point.

The V2 Vertx Plus

The V2 Vertx Plus


The Kit

Both options come in kits. The Vertx sells for just under $50, and contains a single battery, cartridge, manual, and magnetic charger. The Plus model adds 2 more cartridges to the mix, and sells for just under $90. The batteries on these devices have been designed to provide a great deal more usage than the company’s traditional power supply. In fact, you can generally rely on one of these batteries to provide roughly a full day’s vaping pleasure. That’s something that a lot of vapers never thought they would see from any type of vaping pen or micro-cig.

Note also that we mentioned that the charger is one of those V2 magnetic units We were big fans of those charging units when they were released with the V2 Pro vaporizer devices, and have to congratulate the company for including them with these new models. We’ve had chargers break on other batteries, but that’s something that cannot happen with the mag-tech charging cords. This too is an area that the rest of the industry would do well to emulate.

If you’re familiar with the more classic version of the V2 batteries, then you know that it was sometimes difficult to tell exactly when you needed to recharge the power source. That problem is eliminated with the new Vertx and Vertx Plus, since they include LED lights near the end of the e-cig. You can use those lights to monitor just how much of your battery life is remaining – ensuring that you’re never surprised when your battery suddenly stops working. When you see that it’s low, charge it! Nothing could be simpler.


A Preview

Or watch it on YouTube.


So how much power are we talking about here? After all, this is just a micro-cig, so it can’t have much real juice, right? Well, these devices might actually surprise you, since they’re powered by 420 mAh lithium ion power packs that provide that sustained vaping experience we mentioned a bit ago. That’s more than enough power to provide the hours of vaping enjoyment you crave, while still kicking out the large quantities of vapor that you’re looking for. They’re powerful little e-cigs that are sure to meet your need for cloud-chasing satisfaction!

Surprisingly, you also obtain quite a bit more flexibility than you might expect – and this is where the devices really separate themselves from those standard cig lookalikes. The e-cig comes with touch controls that enable you to alter voltage –from 3.5 volts to 4.5 – and change things like the display brightness. I know, it’s probably strange to see that such a small unit even has a display – but it does.


The Cartridges

And then there are the cartridges. If you remember the old cartridges we called classic, then you know how much fun they were to deal with. Or not. These new cartridges are far superior to their predecessors, and come with a great deal more capacity. That added capacity had resulted in a tripling of the number of puffs you can anticipate enjoying from each cartridge of pre-filled liquid. Now, you can expect to get about 650 inhalations out of each cartridge!

The design is fantastic as well. Not only are they pre-filled with your choice of e-juice, but they are also designed to be leak-proof – which will help you to avoid those terrible nicotine leaks that cause vapers so much stress at times. They also can be exchanged in the unit with relative east, since they just pull out of the Vertx device so that you can pop a new cartridge into place. Like the charger, these cartridges are magnetic – meaning that once they’re in, they’re in.

Image showing the V2 Vertx Cartridges

V2 Vertx Cartridges


What About Negatives?

I’d be lying if I tried to say that everything here was peaches and cream, of course. There are some drawbacks to the devices, and it is important to acknowledge those weaknesses if the review is going to be anything remotely close to fair. So, without belaboring the point too much, here are the main problems that our analysis team had with both devices:

  • The cartridges cost more than the classics. That might not seem like a major drawback, but it is at least something that consumers should be aware of.
  • That single color option surprised us. V2 certainly knows that the market can support other color choices as well, so hopefully greater variability will be forthcoming soon.
  • Flavor options are extremely limited. This one probably cost us more angst than anything else. In a world filled with hundreds and thousands of different e-juice flavor recipe, surely a major e-cig player can come up with something better than just tobacco and menthol or mints.

With that said, however, our overall impression of the devices was positive. These are powerful little devices that shouldn’t be taken for granted when you’re looking for a long-lasting all-day vaping tool for your portable needs. Sure, its limited flavor options aren’t going to enable you to enjoy a nice custard after your evening meal, but the reliable power and long-lasting vaping enjoyment should serve your other needs quite ably.

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