Smok Stick One Review

Smok never fails to deliver when it comes to producing quality vaping products at an affordable price. And let’s face it: it’s not every day that you find a truly great vaping offering at less than $30, right? Well, they’ve done it again with a new vape stick that should be a perfect option for anyone who is just making the transition from traditional cigarettes to the safer comforts of the vaping world. The product is called the Stick One, and one of the best e cigarette products for starters, you can get a kit that will get you in on the vape action right away – and for a price that makes it easy to switch from tobacco! In this Smok Stick One review, we will examine the products features and benefits so that you can better determine whether this is the right choice for you.

The Design

smok stick one basic kitOne thing to note right off the bat is that the Stick One really does have that stick look to it. Like many transitional vape offerings, it has adopted the cylindrical appearance of cigarettes and cigars – though it is obviously much thicker than those tobacco products. Many times, this can be a great comfort to new vapers who may not be ready for the jarring contrast they would experience by jumping from burner smokes to a box mod or similar device.

So, with the Stick you get a cylindrical tank and battery similar to the Smok nano one but its smaller and that may remind you of some of those self-contained units of the kind sold by companies like Logic. Unlike those cartridge-based systems, however, this unit is designed to be filled by hand. That ensures that you can freely switch from one flavor of e-liquid to another, and maximize your enjoyment and taste delivery. The design is sleek and classic, and portable enough to be taken with you anywhere, neatly secured in your pocket or purse.


Be forewarned that the device’s limited price is no indication of its features. In this instance, the product in question contains a full array of features that you might have expected to only see in products costing much more than the Stick One. There’s a double layered drip tip and a top-fill design that makes it easy to manage your e-liquid. The tank itself can hold 3.5 ml worth of e-juice, providing hours of vaping pleasure for most users.

smok stick one plus

The coil heads are interchangeable, and both a 0.25 and0.3 ohm coil head are provided. The device’s quad-adjusted airflow feature gives you optimal control over the amount of vapor you produce, ensuring that you can get those voluminous clouds of vapor that you know you want. The barrel of the stick provides easy to read battery life details so that you always know when it’s time for a charge.

The battery provides plenty of power for your vale needs. It’s a high-powered 2200mAh internal power source that, when used in conjunction with the device’s TFV4 tank, can provide you with the sub-ohm experience you may have been craving, granted its a built in battery and not a removable 18650 battery like other devices. The good news, though, is that you get that experience without suffering through months of learning about how to customize your own mod setups. Everything you need to start sub-ohm vaping is included right in your starter kit.


What it All Means

Smok one kit tanksTo be fair, most experienced vapers are not going to give a product like this much attention, except as a possible addition to their collection of more portable devices. It is not a fully customizable mod, after all. Then again, Smok didn’t design the Stick One to be just another toy for hobbyists and others to take apart and customize until it’s unrecognizable. There are plenty of other vape products out there that can meet that need.

What this product actually is designed to do is to appeal to entry-level vapers who are just getting their feet wet in the world of vaping. If you’ve recently started vaping with disposable e-cigs or have maybe been relying on those cartridge-based rechargeable setups during a transition from tobacco use – and have wondered what all the fuss is about with the sub-ohm craze, then this is the perfect product for you.

The Smok Stik One does one thing and it does it very well. It provides thick clouds of vapor that you can manage with adjustable airflow controls, and does that while maintaining the precious flavor offered by whatever juice you decide to use. That’s not glamorous. It’s not flashy. It’s just simple, effective, and something that should be welcomed by beginning and many intermediate vapers alike.



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