Smok Nano One Review

Smok has earned a reputation for quality electronic cigarette products, so whenever they release a new offering it’s sure to draw some attention. Take their Stick One offering, for example. Fans loved it and naturally wanted more of that same type of incredible vaping value. Smok is never one to ignore its customers, and the company has responded to the popularity of the Stick by creating a new version of that wonderful product. This time, however, they’ve shrunk everything down to produce a smaller scale product that most fans would expect to emulate the quality workmanship and performance value of its predecessor. Does it? We’ll look to answer that question and more in this Smok Nano One review.

Judging by Appearances

smok nano one lookThey say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s no reason to bypass the exterior altogether. With that said, most users are going to be interested in knowing exactly how aesthetically pleasing their new mod really is. In other words, does the Nano One pass the eye candy test? We’ll let you be the judge. It is worth noting, though, that we thing the unit is stylish enough to satisfy most enthusiasts. It’s designed from quality stainless steel, with sleek lines that are in no way disrupted by the union of the tube top tank and the R-Steam Mini mod body. This new design for 2016 make it very competitive in being one of the best.

The TFV4 Tank is a variation of the larger atomizer tank; it’s just miniaturized to better fit the rest of the device. It’s still large enough to hold a full 4ml of your preferred e-juice, so that’s a real benefit for anyone who prefers to avoid constant refills. It also has the advantage of being a top-fill unit. The base has a rectangular form with smooth, rounded edges. It houses a battery that offers 2200mAh capacity. Together, the base and tank are still relatively small by most mod standards.


It’s important to remember that the battery on this unit is not removable. That means that you’ll have to use the included USB charging cable to keep it powered up. Naturally, the cable is included with the starter kit. The unit itself contains a number of useful features that should make your vaping experience a pleasant one, including the fact that it comes with a couple of different coil options for a more customized vaping choice.

smok nano one features

Like other Smok products, this one is really focused on usability and safety. It’s a sub-ohm unit, which should thrill the more serious vaping enthusiasts, and comes with customizable resistance settings for greater control over every aspect of your vaping. The 60W mod has also been outfitted with a safety feature to help protect your lips from being burned on the drip tip. That feature also doubles as a heat containment device so that you aren’t losing the warmth your vapor provides.


smok nano one redThe component parts of the mod – including the drip tip, coils, etc., are also removable and replaceable. You can get needed replacements at various online stores, and there’s a chance that your local vape shop may carry parts as well. That can be a real life-saver for enthusiasts, since many are often forced to buy entirely new units when their other products suffer component failure of one sort or another.

Other safety features include safeguards to reduce short circuits, and others that help to guard against accidents due to low resistance or other factors that might lead to some sort of malfunction. Smart technology like this is all the rage these days, as it can help to monitor temperature and protect against the possibility of explosions, burns, and other disasters.


Performance Matters

When you’re using the Nano One, it’s pretty easy to assess whether the device is in operation. Like many other units available on the market today, you turn it on by depressing the firing button repeatedly. You’ll know that it is active when you see the LED light signify that your Nano One is ready for vaping.


Since this product is a sub-ohm device, you should expect quite a bit of vapor, if your after a basic starter kit, this isn’t for you, you might want to look at our Greensmoke review for a simple kit. Of course, you might assume that the volume would be limited in a pre-designed modular unit, especially one that prices out in that $50-$60 range. Prepare to be surprised! Like many other Smok products, this one delivers more than you might expect, and provides plenty of thick plumes of vapor that are positively loaded with the flavor of your chosen e-juice. All in all, the Smok Nano One deserves to be ranked as one of the best new offerings available right now. Try it for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

Take A Look At Smok Nano One

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