Review of the Sigelei Snow Wolf

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod Review

Anyone who knows anything about Siegel knows that the company is well known for producing innovative mod products. With the Snow Wolf, they’ve managed to create another innovative sensation that has taken the industry by storm. In a changing e-cig environment, some companies have simply tried to go with the flow and produce products similar to what everyone else is creating. Others have fallen behind – either through a lack of market insight or due to a stubborn insistence on clinging to what they’ve done in the past. Siegel has taken a different approach by surging ahead with new innovations that help to ensure that the company is always central to any conversation about the best in the industry. In this Siegel Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod review, we’ll see whether this always-innovative company has yet again managed to top its class.

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Judging the Book by Its Cover

The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W There’s an old axiom that says you should never judge a book by its cover. Siegel seems to be hoping that you will ignore that suggestion in this instance, as it has created an exterior look for the Snow Wolf that just can’t help but attract your attention. Not only is this one of the sleekest and most attractive mod body designs you’ll see anywhere in the marketplace, but it also manages to be one of the few that offers anything truly creative when it comes to appearance.

Every one of these devices comes with a one-of-a-kind wood panel design built into the exterior design that ensures that your device will be completely different than any other Snow Wolf owner’s. These panels are the result of a collaboration with Global Vaping, an American crafter of fine designs, and are truly something to behold. In short, your Snow Wolf will be more than just a box mod; it’s quite literally a piece of unique artwork that you’ll be thrilled to show off to all your friends and family.


Getting Down to The Basics

Of course, that exterior could all just be window dressing, but if we were to judge this book by its cover we would have to conclude that it must be a very unique product indeed. A look at the power and capabilities offered by the Snow Wolf can quickly provide answers as to whether or not that assessment has any merit. Let’s begin with the batteries and chip used to make this thing work.

First of all, remember that this is a 218-watt device. That’s right; 218. And we remember how excited vapers were when the 200-watt units started to become more commonplace. My, how times change. That power is delivered thanks to a trio of those powerful 18650 batteries, providing more than enough consistent energy to keep you vaping for the long-haul. The batteries are enclosed behind a secure latched battery door that is easy to open when you want it open, but secure enough to remain shut so that everything stays where it needs to be.

Sigelei Snow Wolf Mod

You might be wondering whether you can actually achieve that 218-watt capability, or whether – like some devices – that high-end claim is just a pipe dream. Rest assured, the chip used in this mod seems to be more than capable of ensuring that you get accurate 218-watt usage when you want it. Of course, since this is also a TC-capable device, you don’t have to rely on that high end usage and can simply opt for other temperature control settings that provide a wider degree of customized vaping choices. That’s a pretty flexible device no matter how you look at it.

You might also be interested in knowing just how much latitude you have with your wattage and volt output. With the wattage, you can get output as low as 10 watts or as high as the advertised 218 watts. Your voltage can also vary from a low one volt to as high as eight. That’s a pretty impressive range of power options, all made possible by your three 18650s. Of course, that kind of control should also be matched by flexibility with temperature control – and it is. The advanced chipset contained in the unit provides it with enough control to allow you to choose temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit to almost three times that amount – 570 degrees. In all probability, you’ll find your preferred vaping temperature somewhere within that impressive range.

Sigelei Snow Wolf TCThe mod does follow some standard conventions too, and you’ll find some features quite familiar. For example, the user interface is placed where many other devices locate their interfaces – on the front panel. It uses standard-style buttons to provide users with control over things like turning the device on and off and controlling both wattage and temperature. Everything is very straightforward and easy to understand, which should make this device simple for anyone to begin using virtually right out of the box.

There are two areas that might be of concern to some vapers however. The first is that the device’s three batteries have given it a little more weight than some vapers might prefer. If you don’t mind getting used to that, however, you’ll find the added power to be well worth any extra time in the gym you might need to get your muscles ready to handle the extra weight (seriously, though – it’s not that heavy). In addition, the price tag might be daunting for any vapers who try to avoid that more-than-$100 range. If you can afford it, though, the Snow Wolf is a great choice for all your vaping needs.

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Check out the Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod

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