Tobacco smoking is a habit that is meant to give pleasure to the smoker. Satisfaction is derived from the ingredients as well as from the act itself. There are individuals whose confidence level is boosted just by holding a cigarette! Traditionally, most people kept away from this habit to avoid not only the addiction associated with it, but also the host of health issues including cancer. Nicotine which is a major ingredient causes serious addictions to users after continuous exposure.

Socially, tobacco smokers suffer foul breathe, stained teeth, tobacco smell on clothes, cigarette burns on every available surface, not to mention the risk of fire. The introduction of legislation specifying smoking and non-smoking areas did not help matters much either. With all these issues to deal with, the pleasure of smoking is somewhat dampened.

Electronic cigarettes were introduced to address mainly the issue of addiction and the health concerns related to tobacco smoking. Surprisingly even people who did not smoke tobacco cigarettes before are now using e-cigarettes for the great number of advantages they offer, but here are possibilities of becoming addicted to ecigarettes too..

Tobacco cigarettes are known to contain over 4000 toxins, dirt and tar that are responsible for causing diseases, the worst of which are cancers. These harmful ingredients are successfully eliminated in e-cigarettes which do not contain tobacco at all.

The active ingredient in electronic cigarettes is an e-liquid made up of water, propylene glycol, a variety of flavours and varying proportions of nicotine. These are considered safe to use as they pose no known danger of causing diseases, in fact the base, propylene glycol, is used in asthma inhalers. The pleasure of smoking is definitely greatly enhanced when you do not have to worry about contracting diseases.

pleasurable vapingThe risk of nicotine addiction from using electronic cigarettes is reduced more than marginally. The amount of nicotine used in the e-liquid is varied according to the user’s preference. Actually some contain zero amounts of nicotine. In fact e-cigarettes were first introduced as a way of progressively curing nicotine addiction. Addicted smokers were advised to gradually use e-liquids with lesser concentrations of nicotine. This assurance that you can smoke without getting hooked on nicotine and the fact that you can actually beat the addiction using the same device must be total bliss.

You are sure to tell a smoker from a non-smoker the moment they open their mouth to speak. Tobacco smell stays in your mouth for long and stale tobacco breath has been many a smokers’ dilemma. Mints are a smoker’s best friend just so this problem is slightly addressed. Well, not with electronic cigarettes. The elimination of tobacco also means fresher breath giving e-smokers peace of mind. The different flavours used in the e-liquid such as mint, chocolate, strawberry, peach, apple and even coffee give smokers a fresher breath too. And even with the traditional tobacco flavour option, the breath still stays clean.

Another way to distinguish a smoker as soon as they open their mouth is stained teeth. Tobacco cigarettes contain tar which discolors teeth making them unsightly. Even with the introduction of smokers’ toothpastes, stained teeth are never quite eliminated and it is one of the factors that affect their self esteem. The joy in electronic cigarettes is that the staining agents are absent and with basic dental hygiene, the e-smoker is assured of a bright smile, a boost to self esteem.

The smell of tobacco on clothes is another way to tell a smoker. This problem is completely solved with the use of electronic cigarettes since they produce water vapor instead of smoke. E-smokers enjoy the pleasure of ‘lighting up’ without having to worry about using strong colognes to camouflage the tobacco smell on their clothes. This is a great self esteem booster.

With e-cigarettes there is no actual flame and the danger of burns that is associated with traditional cigarettes is alleviated. The e-cigarette is battery-powered and its structure is such that inhaling on the mouth piece triggers the battery to heat up the elements in the atomizer which then vaporizes the e-liquid. There is no flame from matches or cigarette lighters needed to ignite the cigarette. Some tobacco smokers burn their fingers while trying to put off butts or half smoked cigarettes. Since the e-cigarette does not have a flame there is no such danger.

There are rampant reports of how house fires are started by careless disposal of cigarette butts. Smokers have been known to fall asleep with half smoked cigarettes in their hands which end up causing fires not to mention the burns. The fact that e-cigarettes do not have a flame is good news to most smokers since this danger is removed.

In the medical field, second hand smoke or passive smoking is probably more deadly than cigarette smoking itself. E-cigarettes seem to address this issue favorably since what the e-smoker blows is just water vapor which disappears in air without necessarily having any adverse effects on the environment or non-smokers. It also allows the user to enjoy and get pleasure from smoking. This is why it is safe to e-smoke in non-smoking zones as there is no potential harm. It is as if you are not smoking at all.

Aside from the outlined points above, smoking electronic cigarettes is made even more pleasurable by the different flavours and strengths available. It is possible to enjoy your e-cigarette in, say, apple flavour for added enjoyment.