Quit smoking is a hot topic in the electronic cigarette industry and by law marketers are not allowed to mention that electronic cigarette can help you quit as it is not medically proven. With that said, we believe it to be an important discussion and as such have included a seperate area covering all the topics related to quit smoking as we could. Browse our menu on the right to find a topic that interests you!

quitting smoking“Quit Smoking” is always a top New Year’s Resolution and basic goal of many people.  From the average Joe to the Global CEO, people of all walks of life smoke cigarettes.  The nasty, filthy habit can become extremely addictive, and it’s always best to cut down on cigarette smoking at any cost.  Cigarettes and tobacco can be extremely dangerous to not only your health, but also to the health of others around you.

Electronic cigarettes are our number one recommendation, not just because this is a portal about electronic cigarettes and we’ve all officially made the switch, but mainly because it helps accomplish some basic social functions that many smokers have a hard time shaking:

  • The actual “act of smoking.”  This includes taking the cigarette to the mouth, smoking, and exhaling.  An electronic cigarette accomplishes all of these acts and works in seamlessly.
  • Going out for a smoke with co-workers and friends.  Again, the electronic cigarette helps keep everyone social and in routines.
  • Smoke breaks.  Similar to the above, many people are set in their ways.  A “smoke break” can be something that becomes extremely routine – and when people who work corporate jobs or have other set smoking breaks in life break these, it can become awkward.  When people switch to electronic cigarettes, they don’t have to go outside to smoke, but they certainly can enjoy the company of others outdoors if they wish to do so.

Most people switch to an electronic cigarette with the same or similar strength.  For example, if you like the hard, heavy throat hit of an unfiltered cigarette, a 24 mg e-cigarette would be the best option for you.  The goal most electronic cigarette smokers try to emulate is that of moving down to a lower nicotine level, and eventually shaking the nicotine all together and smoking the zero nicotine cartridges.  This way, they can use an electronic cigarette to keep the social and mental aspects in their routine, but not consumer nicotine.  (Nicotine is addictive, remember.)

In our experience, electronic cigarettes are a great FIRST option if you are just starting to try to quit smoking.  Our quit smoking tips are for anyone looking for information on how to quit smoking.

*Claims not substantiated by the FDA or any other health organization – these are OUR tips – please do your own research and read all disclaimers and health warnings.  We are not medical professionals and again, these tips are based on our own experiences – yours may vary.