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Detailed SMOK Infinix Review

SMOK are following the trend with the release of their second vape pod kit which promises to deliver one of the most satisfying vapes in comparison to any other pod system. They have also been clever in introducing a refillable tank, so you can use the atomizer a number of times saving money, but also, you get to pick which e-liquid flavor and strength to use, so the choice is a lot greater than other prefilled devices like the Juul Pod, for example. Let’s now take a closer look at the Smok Infinix to see how good it really is against all the best pod vapes on the market.
Design and colors of the SMOK Infinix pod vape

The Design of the SMOK Infinix

SMOK is initially releasing the Infinix in 3 different colors, blue, red and gun-metal and to be honest, they all look pretty good, so it’s quite a hard choice! They often have special editions with different design choices, so we may see a few additions in the coming months.

The size of the Infinix is really very small, measuring in at just 110mm tall, 19.5mm wide and has a depth that reaches 11mm, but due to its diamond-like shape, this is only the depth at the thickest point so feels even smaller in your hands than it states! This means you can easily carry around the Infinix in your pocket without even realizing its there, and one of the main reasons why both new users and expert vapers love these types of devices.

The Infinix follows a pretty straightforward design, similar in fact to the best cigalikes that we saw a few years ago, making it super easy to use, consisting of just the main body where the 250mAh battery is housed and the refillable pod which has the atomizer built in. There is a LED light on the front of the pod, giving the user information on the battery life, and that’s it, nothing more!
The Smok Infinix and the removable pod tank

The Specs of the SMOK Infinix

  1. Battery – Being so small, don’t expect a huge battery, in fact, its just 250mAh in size, but due to the small coil and resistance, the battery should last pretty much the day for heavy vapers.
  2. Tank/Pod – The pod is refillable, which is great, and means you can use the pod with about 5 refills, each refill holds approx 2ml of e-liquid
  3. Power – The Infinix has a maximum output of 16 Watts, but this does decrease as the battery drains throughout the day, bottoming out at 10W, then you need to recharge it using the supplied USB cable.
  4. Automatic – The Smok Infinix works with an automatic switch which senses when you vape on it and automatically fires the device, this means there’s no firing button and no on and off switch.

The Infinix and the pod tank

Performance of the Infinix

Being so small, we didn’t really expect too much but was actually taken back with the amount of vapor this little pod produces. The flavor isn’t bad either! Granted, it doesn’t compete with the best box mods on the market, but for a carry in your pocket and forget it’s there, it’s actually really very good!

The resistance of the draw is a little blocked, but you can still achieve direct lung inhales, although it is recommended really for the traditional mouth to lung vape, this will suit new users especially, but expert users can really use either.

The coils are made up of a traditional coiled stainless steel coil with cotton, there’s really not enough space in the pod to start experimenting with mesh coils and the power is quite low, so Smok has chosen wisely here.

Overall we were taken back with the thickness of the clouds and the taste that the Smok Infinix produces, competing against the best e cig, a real surprise and super happy that we can refill the pods with whichever flavor or e-liquid we choose. One great tip for new users, try nicotine salt based juices, you can get higher nicotine levels without the rough feel on the back of your throat.
How to refill the pods on the Infinix

Final Thoughts of the Infinix

We’ve said it a few times in this review, but we were actually pretty surprised with the performance of the Smok Infinix, considering the size of the device. For a relatively cheap and easy to use the device we would highly recommend it to all new vapers and for those more experienced vapers who don’t want to be carrying around a huge mod with them.

For the size, though there is a slight downside, the battery is only 250mAh so a heavy vaper may need to carry the USB charge cable with them as it may struggle to last the day.