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Detailed Juul Review

Juul offer a real alternative to smoking with their Juul pod system and it’s a very attractive, easy to use and good looking 9.5cm tall vaping stick, this is not aimed at a true vapor but the person looking to quit smoking and start vaping with the minimum of ease as this is a plug in and go type device without all of the fiddly bits like filling up a tank. The smoke or draw is close to a cigarette hit so also has an attraction for smokers wanting to quit.
The Juul laying flay on the ground

Vaping liquid in the Juul pod system

Pax labs have come up with an e-liquid that contains salts from tobacco leaves; this means that you get double the amount of nicotine compared to other brands on the market. All of the e-liquids contain 5% which on first look does seem high but the device will only allow a proportion of that to come out to a new user will get a good hit of vapor similar to a cigarette, and this will help to deter them from going back to cigarettes. Most people try vaping and reject it due to not being satisfied with the level of nicotine they get and the more serious vapers will use more nicotine but will normally advance to a Mod box to achieve this.
The Juul Pods


Juul pod systems have been rated as one of the best e cigs out there with its sleek design ease of use and the changeable pod systems; it has been hailed as a must for a smoker switching to vaping. It’s an attractive device standing 9.5cm tall and has a small discreet logo at the bottom. Juul uses a patented temperature control system to provide powerful and consistent flavour from the pods, and a salt based e-liquid that burns at a low viscosity, this along with the built-in Nichrome coil, and wick in the pod provides users with a very good hit from a very small device, And makes the e-liquid in the pod last longer.
The design of the Juul

Battery, (Lithium-Ion-Battery)

The battery in the Juul is not replaceable but don’t let this put you off as it is still perfect for a first time vaper, Juul has actually come up with a great device that will last in terms of battery life due to the large hit you get from the high-nicotine E-liquid, meaning you won’t have to keep hitting it to get your nicotine fix for the day. It has a small magnetic USB charging system that will line up with the base of the device in either orientation so it is not too fiddly.

The Lithium-Ion-Battery will fully re-charge in an hour.
The battery on the Juul Pod pen

What’s in the box?

Your Juul vapor pod system comes with a magnetic USB charger and 4 x liquids in Mint, Crème Brule, Fruit Medley and Virginia flavors. Battery life is about a day for a regular smoker or one hour’s continuous use.
What you get in the Juul box

Setting and controls

Not a lot to write about here as it’s so easy to use and automatic after you have assembled the pod to the stick you just put it to your lips and draw from it and it will start to work. When the device is charging the led will flash, and when in use the led will glow white. By taping the ultra-sensitive mouthpiece you can see at what stage the battery life is at IE: red is almost dead, yellow for a medium charge and green for the fully charged device.