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Detailed Bo One Pod Ecig Review

The Bo One ecig is one neat and stylish pod type ecig which is super simple to vape and just as easy to charge and change the pods. With this super simple to use ecig comes many advantages and makes it one of the most popular ecig types on the market with huge competition like the Juul we reviewed a little time ago. So how does the Bo One vape pod compare with other ecigs on the market, and is it worth the money? Let’s take a closer look at this pod ecig to see.
Front view of the Bo One Pod ecig

The Bo One Pod System

The Bo One vape pod ecig uses something called pods, this makes it simple to use as all you do when your e-liquid has run out is simply replace the pod. Each pod should last a couple of days for a really heavy vaper, but for the more casual vaper it can last longer than a week, this all depends, of course, on the amount you vape. Using these pod-like systems does have it’s drawback, however. As in the case with the Bo One, they are not refillable, (unless you get your toolset on them), so you are both limited to the flavors available from the manufacturer and the replaceable pods do cost you a bit of money. That said, the advantage is obvious, no messing about with bottles of juice and, as we’ve said before, really easy to change, no cleaning, no flavor interchange, super simple! This setup is pretty much the same with all the best pod system ecigs.
The pods for the Bo One

Using the Bo One Pod Ecig

When you receive the Bo One ecig, it is best to charge the device fully. It contains a built-in 380mAh battery and although it’s charged after production the chances are it’s been sitting in storage for some time. To give your battery the best lifespan it’s best to fully charge it each time. To charge the device, locate the USB charging dock that comes with the kit, plug it in and then place the Bo Vape pen into the cradle, a charging light will indicate when it’s fully charged.
Now, just select the flavor you want to try and place the pod into the top of the device making sure you remove the protective stoppers each side of the pod. You’ll find it easily fits into position thanks to the design. Now just take a puff and the device does the rest. This is because of the automatic switch that recognizes airflow through the device. You will notice with each puff the front LED will be illuminated. This is actually a battery indicator, informing you when you need to recharge the device. Blue represents a high charge, white is medium and red is low.
The Bo One pod and battery

Quality of the Vape

These types of pod systems are all going to be limited with the amount of flavor and vape cloud they produce, mainly because of their size. In comparative terms, the Bo One pod system houses a 380mAh battery, whilst the best vape mod systems typically houses 2×18650 batteries each holding roughly 2-3000mAh. This means the actual working wattage of the Bo One and other pod systems is a lot lower in order to get a reasonable battery life.
So how does that affect performance? Well with the Bo One your not going to see the massive vape clouds you get with some of the best e-cigs you see on the market, but you still get a satisfactory and more subtle vape cloud with a decent flavor and thanks to the use of nicotine salts, you also get the nicotine content within the vape. Don’t get us wrong, the vape is still good and perfect for both new vapers and experienced vapers who want to carry an ecig around with them.
Packaging on the Bo One pod system

Final Thoughts

We actually really enjoy vaping the Bo One ecig, the actual vape is smooth and satisfying ideally suited to those vapers who want an easy to use, small and convenient vape to carry around with them and squash those nicotine withdrawal feelings. Great selection of flavors to try and with about 400 puff capacity per charge, lasts pretty much a day or 2, even for the heaviest of vapers.