The Best Pod Vapes - 2018

Pod vapes are becoming one of the most popular types of electronic cigarette thanks mainly to the designs and ease of use. They generally operate at lower wattages and provide the vaper with a smoking like sensation.
The Juul Pod

Juul Pod

Juul is well known in the vaping community, mainly thanks to them being the original pod style device to hit the market back in 2015 and since then the company have been going from strength to strength. Many regard the new Juul as the best pod system on the market both in design and performance thanks to the use of nicotine salts to increase the smoothness of the vape. Many use the Juul as their preferred device to quit smoking. 5 out of 5
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The Bo One pod ecig

Bo One

Bo vaping has produced the Bo One and is the biggest competition for Juul. With a smooth vape along with the quality in manufacture the new Bo One is a great choice for both experienced vapes and new vapers who want simplicity with their vaping. 5 out of 5
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Different Pod Vapes Available

Detailed Pod Vape Reviews

Many people are turning to pod systems as their preferred vaping solution not only thanks to their up to date design features but because of the ease of use along with the performance to guarantee a nicotine satisfaction as good as smoking, if not better.

Basic Concept of Pod Vapes

The idea behind the Pod vape is very similar to cigalikes, they are designed with simplicity in mind and convenience. Often comprising of just 2 parts, the battery, and the juice pod. The battery is charged using a simple USB cable and the pods are usually just clipped into position with magnets. Then the user can just vape on it without turning anything on, adjusting any settings or switching any switches thanks to its automatic battery sensor that identifies when someone is sucking on the mouthpiece.

Originally Juul released the first Pod system to the market back in 2015 and thanks to the huge success of their system we have seen many other manufacturers using the same concepts to produce some really good devices.

Vape Pods are now becoming more popular with people turning to vaping to quit smoking thanks to the similarities to smoking itself and the availability of flavors that best suit the smoker.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are now being used more and more in pod systems and for a very good reason. Usually, if you vape anything with a nicotine level above 6mg (per 100mg of e-liquid) or 6%, then you can experience a rather coarse feel on the back of your throat. This is exaggerated the more you vape. Nicotine salts are a purer and less harsh nicotine, enabling e-liquid manufacturers to increase the nicotine content but maintain a smooth and enjoyable vape.
This is the ultimate reason why pod manufacturers and many other e-liquid suppliers are switching to nicotine salts. Because of the higher content of nicotine, you mainly see them in tobacco like flavors, but as it becomes more common, we are starting to see it across other flavors as well.