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Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

If you’re into vaping herbs, then chances are that you’re always on the lookout for a solid new vaporizer to add to your stable. The Pax 2 vaporizer has been referred to as the best in the business in recent times – and that’s not just manufacturer hype either. Even reviewers are citing it as an exciting new entry into the world of dry herb vaporizing technology. Of course, even reviewers can get caught up in the hype from time to time, so let’s evaluate the product for ourselves and see what we thing. Let the Pax Vaporizer review begin!


Great Looking

Pax 2 Vaporizer in blueLet’s start with the cover and see if promised something exciting within the pages of the book. We begin by nothing that this is clearly a portable device, and it is made to be small, manageable, and stylish. Unlike some vaporizers, this one is clearly designed to meet aesthetic designs. It accomplishes that goal by adopting a sleek outer exterior that really belies the device’s function. It’s both intriguing for its simplicity and unobtrusive – something that’s not easy to pull off.

It’s also small and light, which makes it one of those devices that you’ll be happy to carry with you wherever you go. It relies on magnets to hold its doors closed, which is a nice feature that you don’t often see in a device like this. That’s a clever way to ensure that you get more mileage from the vaporizer, since it doesn’t have those latches and other creaky parts that can wear out from repeated usage. Just a simple magnetic lock that is sure to last for years to come. And if it somehow did break? Well, Pax provides a 10-year warranty for its customers – which is just one more indication of how confident the company is in its quality workmanship!



I have to be honest here; we’re not big on herb vaping around here, after all we vape electronic cigarettes with e-liquid not herbs! But we do try to make sure that we use every product we review, since we know that you expect us to be as informed as possible. Oh, the things we sometimes have to do to please the crowds! So, without further ado – the test runs with the Pax Vaporizer…

Size of the Pax 2The first thing we notices as we started to actually use the device is that the temp settings seem to be just about tight where they should be. There are three: high, medium, and low; and you’ll probably want to try them all at one time or another to accommodate whatever herb you might be vaping at the time. We should warn you, however, that it might take a little while to get used to vaping with the Pav. It took us some time to figure out how to get the type of big vapor draws we were looking for. Once we did, however, we were rewarded with just the types of clouds we were seeking.

Showing the dry herbsWe think that once you get past that initial concern, then the tech and performance really make it a worthwhile product to have around. We had very few bad burns on the herbs, and instead spent our time enjoying the type of relaxing ambiance that you are supposed to experience when vaping your favorite herbs. You can typically get excellent draws even with as little as two-tenths of a gram of your herbal choice in the chamber. Mileage can vary, of course, but that should yield about 10 quality draws.

One competitor is the V2 Pro Series, you can read about that vaporizer here.

The battery life deserves praise here too. Now for other vaping products, an hour’s worth of battery time might not seem like a big deal. It is, however, a major accomplishment for a portable vaporizer device. Many are lucky to last anywhere close to that amount of time. Still, even that battery life is not the real winning story. It’s the battery recharge speed that should really catch your eye.

Look, it’s a real drawback when your battery lasts an hour and it take several hours to recharge it. That effectively means that you have to have several batteries to ensure that one is always available. That’s less than cost-effective, to say the least. The Pax battery can fully recharge in about an hour. That means that you can get by with only two of these batteries. That is a major step forward in personal vaporizer product design.

The device is responsive too. There’s none of that “press a button and wait” inconvenience you sometimes get with cheaper devices. That’s a real positive, especially when the battery last for an hour. Obviously, you want to get as much actual vaporizing done in that hour as you can. With the Pax, that’s not a concern.

Pax 2 variety of colors

The bottom line is pretty clear: where herbal vaporizers are concerned, the Pax is in a class all its own. For superior portability, relatively easy use, and attractive design, we give the device a clear thumb’s up and highly recommend it for all herb vapers out there. It comes to you at a price tag of $250. Yes, that might seem a little pricey, but the 10-year warranty and superior performance make it well worth the cost.

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    Hi, can you tell me if I can vape wax with this too or does it only take dry herb? If not can you recommend something for both wax and dry herb?

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