Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review

Smok Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review

The Knight Vape Kit is one of those rare mod offering that combines relatively small size with an amazing amount of quality performance – the type of performance that will have many users wondering where this device has been all their lives and class it as one of the best electronic cigarette kits on the market. It’s not easy to fall in love with new vaping products, at least not the type of emotional response that could be quantified as “love at first hit” – but there are exceptions to every rule. The natural question that some might ask in response to that statement might be, “but is this mod one of those exceptions?” Let’s start this Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review by acknowledging one thing: this is the exception to that rule. You will love this device.

Smok Koopor Knight in blackSo, what are we talking about here? Well, the best way to explains what makes this device so great is to begin at the beginning: the design. As noted, this is a fairly small device, and you might not expect that it would have much power if you just judged it based on that fact alone. It’s an 80-watt device, so that too might make you wonder whether it could really perform the way you might want it to.

Remember, though, that chip performance is a key factor in determining just how effective any device can be when it comes to output. There are larger devices – some with two big batteries and a power rating twice the Koopor’s – that never quite live up to their promise due to inadequate chip choices and design. Then there are the seemingly meeker models that just blow you away once you begin to use them. This device falls into that latter category.



Inside the koopor knightYour Koopor Mini uses one 18650 battery, and comes with the micro USB charging cable you need for powering up the battery and receiving necessary firmware as it becomes available. That battery provides enough power to meet almost any vaping need, thanks to the device’s flexible controls and well-crafted design features.

For example, the device is designed to provide plenty of temperature control to allow you achieve temperature as high as 600°F. Obviously, you can choose temperatures below that level as well. Along with the battery power provided by the 18650, this feature allows you enough power and flexibility to accommodate most vaping preferences without much hassle. That’s rare indeed in a device as small as this one.

Smok Kooper Knight in white



On the design front, the device itself is as sleek and attractive as any out there in the marketplace today. Smok has outdone itself with its choice of the Koopor Mini 2 in this kit, as that is among the most eye-catching box mods available. They also didn’t harm their cause by pairing the Koopor up with the Helmet Atomizer, as the two seem like a natural fit. Everything about this kit just screams excellence.



The Helmet tank comes with the Koopor KnightIf you’re not familiar with the Helmet, you’re in for an even bigger treat. The atomizer has been designed to be leak-proof, and our tests showed that it accomplishes that goal with amazing exactitude. From a safety standpoint, this setup is topnotch too. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the childproof cap that seals in the top fill area. Like similar safety features on medicine bottles, you have to push down and turn these caps to get them to come off. The leak potential has been eliminated through the use of an innovative cup design that ensures that your liquid stays right where you need it to be.

The tank accommodates 2.0 ml, with e-liquid poured in from the top. I understand that some diehard big tank aficionados will balk at a 2 ml tank, but when you consider the overall size of the device you have to admit that this is actually a large tank for such a small unit. Moreover, 2 ml is an ideal size for most people. Sure, some chain vaping fans are going to want something bigger, but that’s a relatively small portion of the market for this type of device.



Koopor Knight complete kitOn the performance front, there’s no question about the quality of the vaping. We put the unit through its paces and found that it performed well with a variety of settings, and an even bigger variety of e-juices. And what did we get for our troubles? Big clouds of vapor, amazingly accurate flavorings, and a great deal of enjoyment. That’s a pretty fair day’s work for any vaping device, and worthy of a round of applause.

Obviously, we didn’t actually applaud, because that would be pointless without anyone to witness it. But believe me; we wanted to applaud. The experience certainly merited that reaction.

Naturally, your experience may be somewhat different than ours or other users. Still, there is no denying that the Koopor Knight Vape Kit is a great offering, or that the device itself really shines when you break it out of its packaging and put it to work. Just do yourself a favor and don’t hold back while you’re experimenting with it for the first time. Just dive right in and get ready for true vaping love.


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