As enjoyable as mods and sub-ohm vaping are for experienced vaping enthusiasts, one fact remains true for most beginners: the entire concept of mods, sub-ohm, and customized vapor techniques can be more than a little confusing. To date, most manufacturers have seemingly paid little heed to this entry barrier, instead allowing the community of vapers to segment themselves into different groups. Many still remain at the beginning stages, vaping with pens that include everything from refillable wells to closed system cartridges. Meanwhile, more experienced vapers have moved on to mods and other customizable features that allow greater personalization.

Kangertech seems ready to rise to that barrier challenge, and may have the perfect solution for providing an entry point where beginners can start to move past closed vape pen systems and gain their first experience with sub-ohm vaping. The company had previously released a vape pen called the Evod that came in a starter kit designed to provide fixed voltage vaping enjoyment for users. Kanger’s new entry is much, much more than the Evod ever tried to be. A we’ll see in this Kanger Subvod starter kit review, the manufacturer may have just found an ideal solution for introducing newer vapers to the enjoyment that only sub-ohm usage can provide.

Now, some people might see the words “starter Kit” and immediately decide that the product just cannot be good. It is true that many such kits tend to be more than a little disappointing, and their effectiveness is always a little questionable. In this case, however, the Kanger name definitely made the product worth examining. We’re glad we took the time to do so, and by the time you have finished reading this review we’re sure you will be too.

What’s In the Box?

When you’re talking about the best electronic cigarette kits, you have to start with the contents. In this instance, we are talking about a cleverly designed and attractive box that contains almost everything you need to get started. We say “almost” because – as you should expect – the kit does not have any e-juice in it. However, everything that you need for your device is there, and with the easy to follow instructions you’ll have it ready for use in no time at all.


This kit comes complete with the Kanger Subtank Nano-S tank that can be filled from the bottom or top, as well as a .5 ohm coil made from durable stainless steel. There is also an extra glass tank and the 1300 mAh battery to provide the power you need. Note that there are two versions of the kit – one with a 1.9 ml tank and another that has 3.2 ml.

Performance Review

The most important review, however, is the analysis of the product’s actual performance. The fact is that this product does exactly what you want it to do: it provides maximum flavor, while producing a tremendous amount of the vapor users just like you say that they want. If you are looking for an easy-to-use sub-ohm device that produces larger than life clouds of vapor, then this is the model for you!

Battery consistency can be an issue with some designs, but Kanger has managed to avoid those problems here. The 3.7 volts of power are provided in a fixed-rate manner, ensuring consistent current that will deliver the same rate of power no matter how fully charged the battery is. Perhaps even more important is the fact that the battery can last throughout the entire day, making this a much more portable option than other models that require more frequent charging.

Adjustable airflow features are included to enable you to switch between mouth inhalations and direct lung hits. All you have to do is either open or close the airflow to the right specifications. That feature also enables greater control over the amount of flavor that you are able to enjoy and the volume of vapor produced. By limiting airflow, you can reduce vapor and increase flavor. Opening up the amount of airflow produces the opposite effect.

Too Many Positive Features to Count!

This device is not only easy for beginners to use, but easy to refill as well. It also offers coil design that provides vapor volume and flavor that is superior to anything this manufacturer has ever released. It is quick-charging, reasonably priced, and flexible enough for almost any vaping needs. Because it operates as a sub-ohm vape pen, it does tend to burn through e-juice faster than higher resistant coil models, but that is true of all sub-ohm devices.

There are, however, limited opportunities for customization, and that may not make this the best option for experienced vapers who like to modify every feature themselves. Still, for beginners and even many intermediate users, the Subvod is a great opportunity to experience sub-ohm vaping for the first time.


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