If you are a vaping enthusiast, it is always easy to get excited about new product offerings in the mod niche. Customized vaping experiences are gaining in popularity, so the community has a great deal of interest in all of the latest news regarding new products and design features. Of course, there are so many new products arriving on a regular basis that it can be difficult to learn about them all as they arrive. Fortunately, we have you covered and are always ready to examine a new product and provide greater insight into how well it lives up to its claims.


New from KangerTech, the KBox 70W box mod is the latest addition to a line that already includes the well-known 50W Mini and 60W mini Platinum models. This new entry into the Kbox family is sure to provide many Kanger fans with a great deal of enjoyment as they experience its high performance and aesthetic appeal. If you’ve yet to hear anything about this particular device, this Kanger KBox 70W review should be enlightening.

The Appearance

The outside of the device is sure to delight tech lovers, since the mod is outfitted with a housing made from a solid, durable zinc alloy, and colored with a dual-tone finish that comes in several different colors. There is the expected OLED screen, conveniently located right in the front. Buttons are included right above the screen, which is always a handy feature for those who get frustrated groping around on the sides or back of their devices. Even more convenient is the fact that your firing button is placed right on the top where you index finger will be when you grip the mod. There is a USB port located on the bottom to use during charging.

The Features

This is one of those rare mods that are designed to be as universally compatible with other devices as possible. It has a 510 connection with spring loading, and can thus be used with the majority of atomizers out there. Its power comes from an internal 4000 mAh battery capable of providing between 7 and 70 watts of sustainable current.

Sub-ohm vaping is enabled by a design that allows coil resistances as low as . 1 ohms. Like many other new mods that are providing greater flexibility in coil design, the Kbox 70W has been constructed to ensure that vapers can choose their resistance to meet their own preferences. That’s a sound strategy from Kanger, especially in an era when so many companies seem determined to ignore their own customers’ needs and desires.


The lithium ion battery is consistently cited by users as one of the most compelling and attractive features this device offers. Many claim to receive as much as 8 hours of vaping enjoyment without any noticeable depreciation of power. Though a few users have complained that the low battery notification sometimes glitches, that seems to be an aberration rather than a design flaw.

Temperature control is important to all serious vaping enthusiasts, and Kanger has them covered with this mod. There are two modes offered: nickel and Titanium. Between these two choices, you can obtain a range of temperatures between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, providing just the level of customization you need for your vaping.

In addition, the device comes with some of the most impressive safety features available today. It has short-circuit protection to help prevent accidental sparks and fires, and features that will prevent the current from exceeding the settings. The device is also protected against overheating. Moreover, there is even a feature to shut the entire unit down if you mistakenly hold the fire button down for more than ten seconds. That safety design will help to ensure that you don’t accidentally cause damage to the atomizer.

This is a relatively small and lightweight device, which may not be for everyone. However, its features are attractive enough to entice most vapers to at least give it a try. It is also reasonably priced, and simple to use, which makes it an affordable and user-friendly entry point device for newcomers to the vaping community – as well as intermediate users who are still gaining familiarity with the use of vaping mods.


Overall, e-cigarette reviews for this product appear to be favorable. There are always a few people who complain about certain minor features or even momentary glitches with any product, but the Kbox 70W seems to have bypassed most of those, receiving instead a series of glowing comments that indicate a high level of consumer satisfaction. It would be accurate then to suggest that the broad consensus seems to be that this is one of the best mods in its price range, as you will be hard-pressed to find a comparable mod in this $40 range.


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