Vapors Digest Exploring The World Of E-Cigarettes Tue, 17 Jul 2018 12:39:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Future of E-Cigarette Taxation in Your State Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:02:12 +0000 […]]]> Since their introduction into the marketplace in 2007, e-cigarettes have grown, and continue to grow, at incredibly rapid rates. With more and more people switching to vaping and with the market only expected to grow for vaping product, policymakers at the state and county/city level are not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to impose new e cig taxes on these popular items.

As with any product, e-cigarettes are of course subject to regular sales tax, however, many products, like tobacco and alcohol are given an extra excise tax, what many people have come to call a “sin tax.” However, vaping supporters are crying foul, as e-cigarettes are not true tobacco products and, while they are still not totally proven cessation devices, many people are using them to cut back or quit smoking tobacco completely.

Minnesota was the first state to enact an e-cigarette excise tax in 2012, approving a 95% tax wholesale prices for e-cigarettes, e-liquid and their accessories. This is the same rate at which Minnesota taxes “other tobacco” products, such as cigars and snuff. Not only was Minnesota the first to enact this tax, according to the Tax Foundation’s recent report on vapor products and tax policy, they were the only state to do this administratively, not legislatively.

North Carolina, Kansas and Louisiana are the three other states that currently have e-cigarette excise taxes enacted. Both North Carolina and Louisiana impose a $0.05 per mL tax on e-liquid with Kansas taxing e-liquid at a $0.20 per mL rate. Kansas and Louisiana both turned to a tax on vaping products as a solution to their budget deficits, with Kansas facing a $600 million deficit, and Louisiana trying to solve a $1.6 billion budget shortfall. Other areas that have enacted vapor taxes are Washington D.C. (70% of wholesale tax), Cook County, Illinois ($0.20 per mL tax), Chicago, Illinois ($0.80 per Unit and $0.55 per mL tax) and Montgomery County, Maryland (30% of wholesale tax).  

Over the course of 2015 there would be proposed excises taxes on vapor products in 23 other states, whether at the state or the city/county level. Some have decided to propose taxes based on wholesale percentages and others based on volume, but this creates an interesting dilemma for e-cigarette products, where a percentage based tax structure can lead to a lot of issues. With everything from e-liquids, to MODS, to disposable cig-a-likes all being taxed the same, there is bound to be some disparity issues, when a MOD or vape pen that clearly contains no tobacco products, is taxed the same as e-liquid, or even a cigar.

In addition, since we are still waiting to hear what federal regulation and tax policy will be, many states, cities and counties are going to end up being double taxed, just like the tobacco and cigarette industry already are as well. All states already impose a tax on cigarettes, and most on tobacco products. In addition, the federal government taxes each pack of cigarettes for another $1.01 each pack. What this has created is an insane up charge on cigarettes across the board. While states like Missouri and Virginia have kept their taxes low, ($0.17 and $0.30 respectively) some states have insanely large excise taxes on cigarettes. New York, where cigarettes average almost $15.00 a pack, there is a nearly $6.00 tax on each cigarette pack. The tax on one pack of cigarettes in New York is more expensive than the national average price for a pack of smokes. There is clearly something going on here, and this is just one of the pitfalls of taxation that the e-cigarette industry wants to avoid.

And why shouldn’t it? These are taxes on tobacco, and e-cigarettes are not a tobacco product. They simply do not contain tobacco– in fact some e-liquids contain no nicotine at all. To tax them the same as cigarettes and other tobacco products would be a detriment to the health of the people who could potentially use them, but will be priced out of the option due to the rising tax rates.

The Tax Foundation’s report is an excellent eye opener about the future of taxation of vapor products, even before we know what will happen on a federal taxation level. The report nicely sums up the real issue with the quick judgements of states, cities and counties enacting taxes before we have a clear idea of the real long term implications of e-cigarette use and if a “sin tax” is even right to impose on these devices. The Tax Foundation is clear on their position, considering what we know now about vaping, “What can be stated with certainty is that vapor products differ sharply from traditional incinerated cigarettes in their construction, use, and health risks—distinctions with important implications for taxation.”

Policy makers need to be more aware of the implications of grouping vapor products with tobacco, simply to solve a budget crisis. Adopting a “sin tax” for a device and industry that is actually helping so many people seems counter-productive and shortsighted. Only time will tell if the other states that have proposed taxes will pass, but with over half the states in the union now having some e-cigarette legislation either enacted or proposed the future of e-cigarette taxation is not only unfortunate, it seems imminent as well.

To find out if your state has proposed an e-cigarette tax refer to our info-graphic and visit the Tax Foundation for the proposed bill number or budget proposal that is effecting your state or county/region.

About the Author:

Amber Whaley is an e-cig advocate and writes for IEC as a freelance writer.  

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V2 Vertx and Vertx Plus Review Sat, 01 Oct 2016 09:51:46 +0000 […]]]> V2 has been ranked among the most elite electronic cigarette brands for some time now, and consistently deliver some of the most high-tech and innovative vaping products in the market. The company’s fans are always on high alert waiting to see what kind of new offerings will come their way, and they’re seldom disappointed with what they eventually receive. V2 Vertx in fingersWith the company’s release of two of its newest products – the Vertx and Vertx Plus, those customers once again get to experience a V2 offering for the first time. The question is, though – are the v2 Vertx and Vertx Plus all they’re cracked up to be, or has the company’s streak of quality innovations suddenly reached its end?


What Are They?

Technically, both of these devices are classified as vape pens which are the most popular electronic cigarettes right now. So, though some might see them and think they are just another type of e cigarette, that’s simply not the case. These devices combine the advantages of a tank vaporizer with the more portable electronic cigarette body of most cig lookalikes – ensuring that the v2 Pro power is properly maintained in the design.

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The design is impressive. The body is not only aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design, eye-catching features, and manageable size; it’s also functional. If you’re like me, chances are that you’ve had more than one electronic cigarette device roll away from you and crash onto the floor. Maybe you’ve even ruined an atomizer or twelve due to those rollaway events. Well, the Vertx body shape eliminates that concern. Instead of being crafted with the standard cylinder shape that is so common with many vaping pens and cig-alike products, V2 has outfitted these devices with rounded edges that give it more stability when it’s lying on its side. Other companies should follow suit with future designs.

Perhaps the only drawback to the design is that the only color option you can choose is basic back. Granted, the black finish is attractive enough – and surely not garish in any way. Still, given the wider variety of color options other manufacturers offer for many of their devices, one would think that V2 would have been a little more creative on this point.

The V2 Vertx Plus

The V2 Vertx Plus


The Kit

Both options come in kits. The Vertx sells for just under $50, and contains a single battery, cartridge, manual, and magnetic charger. The Plus model adds 2 more cartridges to the mix, and sells for just under $90. The batteries on these devices have been designed to provide a great deal more usage than the company’s traditional power supply. In fact, you can generally rely on one of these batteries to provide roughly a full day’s vaping pleasure. That’s something that a lot of vapers never thought they would see from any type of vaping pen or micro-cig.

Note also that we mentioned that the charger is one of those V2 magnetic units We were big fans of those charging units when they were released with the V2 Pro vaporizer devices, and have to congratulate the company for including them with these new models. We’ve had chargers break on other batteries, but that’s something that cannot happen with the mag-tech charging cords. This too is an area that the rest of the industry would do well to emulate.

If you’re familiar with the more classic version of the V2 batteries, then you know that it was sometimes difficult to tell exactly when you needed to recharge the power source. That problem is eliminated with the new Vertx and Vertx Plus, since they include LED lights near the end of the e-cig. You can use those lights to monitor just how much of your battery life is remaining – ensuring that you’re never surprised when your battery suddenly stops working. When you see that it’s low, charge it! Nothing could be simpler.


A Preview

Or watch it on YouTube.


So how much power are we talking about here? After all, this is just a micro-cig, so it can’t have much real juice, right? Well, these devices might actually surprise you, since they’re powered by 420 mAh lithium ion power packs that provide that sustained vaping experience we mentioned a bit ago. That’s more than enough power to provide the hours of vaping enjoyment you crave, while still kicking out the large quantities of vapor that you’re looking for. They’re powerful little e-cigs that are sure to meet your need for cloud-chasing satisfaction!

Surprisingly, you also obtain quite a bit more flexibility than you might expect – and this is where the devices really separate themselves from those standard cig lookalikes. The e-cig comes with touch controls that enable you to alter voltage –from 3.5 volts to 4.5 – and change things like the display brightness. I know, it’s probably strange to see that such a small unit even has a display – but it does.


The Cartridges

And then there are the cartridges. If you remember the old cartridges we called classic, then you know how much fun they were to deal with. Or not. These new cartridges are far superior to their predecessors, and come with a great deal more capacity. That added capacity had resulted in a tripling of the number of puffs you can anticipate enjoying from each cartridge of pre-filled liquid. Now, you can expect to get about 650 inhalations out of each cartridge!

The design is fantastic as well. Not only are they pre-filled with your choice of e-juice, but they are also designed to be leak-proof – which will help you to avoid those terrible nicotine leaks that cause vapers so much stress at times. They also can be exchanged in the unit with relative east, since they just pull out of the Vertx device so that you can pop a new cartridge into place. Like the charger, these cartridges are magnetic – meaning that once they’re in, they’re in.

Image showing the V2 Vertx Cartridges

V2 Vertx Cartridges


What About Negatives?

I’d be lying if I tried to say that everything here was peaches and cream, of course. There are some drawbacks to the devices, and it is important to acknowledge those weaknesses if the review is going to be anything remotely close to fair. So, without belaboring the point too much, here are the main problems that our analysis team had with both devices:

  • The cartridges cost more than the classics. That might not seem like a major drawback, but it is at least something that consumers should be aware of.
  • That single color option surprised us. V2 certainly knows that the market can support other color choices as well, so hopefully greater variability will be forthcoming soon.
  • Flavor options are extremely limited. This one probably cost us more angst than anything else. In a world filled with hundreds and thousands of different e-juice flavor recipe, surely a major e-cig player can come up with something better than just tobacco and menthol or mints.

With that said, however, our overall impression of the devices was positive. These are powerful little devices that shouldn’t be taken for granted when you’re looking for a long-lasting all-day vaping tool for your portable needs. Sure, its limited flavor options aren’t going to enable you to enjoy a nice custard after your evening meal, but the reliable power and long-lasting vaping enjoyment should serve your other needs quite ably.

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What is Vaping Cough and How Can You Avoid It? Wed, 21 Sep 2016 11:26:46 +0000 […]]]> With millions of former smokers now enjoying a smoke-free life as part of the vaping community, lives are being saved on a daily basis. At the same time, however, not everything is peaches, cream, and unicorn dreams. Many of these new vapers are finding that vaping can come with problems in need of a solution too. For example, there are vapers who discover that the use of an electronic cigarette causes them to cough – often quite severely. Many, of course, assumed that their coughing days were ended when they made the transition from cigarettes to vaping. So, what is vaping cough, why does it occur, and how can you avoid it?


The Vaping Cough

Like most coughs, this one occurs as a result of irritation to your lungs and throat. Now, you might assume that the switch from cigarettes to vaping would mean less irritation to your lungs, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the tissue in your body reacts to the different ingredients in e-liquid vapor, producing that coughing sensation. Other times, the warmth of the vapor triggers the sensation. In still other cases, it can simply be related to the way you inhale. All of these things can cause vaping cough, and leave some vapers wondering why they ever bothered to quit smoking in the first place.

The fact is, though, that vaping cough is not evidence that vaping is dangerous like cigarettes. It’s not even evidence that you’re just not cut out for the vaping lifestyle. Instead, it is merely evidence that your body is reacting to the vapor in a certain way. The important thing is to identify the reason why you are coughing so that you can do something about it. After all, you don’t want to stop vaping and return to cigarettes; that would be a return to that same life-threatening habit you just escaped!


Identifying the Reason for Your Cough

There are several different reasons for vaping cough, and identifying the issue at work in your own situation is vital for correcting the problem. Here are the most common issues that people face:

  1. Vapor is a foreign substance to your lung. Yes, sometimes the problem really does just come down to the newness of it all. If you’re a former smoker, your body had probably gotten used to the smoke and the ingredients it contained. Well, vapor comes with a whole new set of ingredients that your body hasn’t had a chance to get used to yet. That can produce a reaction from the lungs as they try to expel the intrusive substance coming into their realm. Remember also that e-juice manufacturers don’t add a bunch of chemicals to their recipes in the same way that cigarette manufacturers do. So, while many tobacco companies add chemicals to suppress the coughing reaction in the human body, no such chemicals exist in e-juice recipes. That causes your body to initially react to the vapor in the same way it would react to cigarettes were those chemicals not present.


  1. Nicotine content matters. Your e-liquid may contain nicotine at higher levels than your body is accustomed to ingesting – especially if you smoked filtered cigarettes. The filters on those burner cigarettes limit the amount of nicotine that reaches your lungs, so they naturally react to the sudden infusion of higher concentrations of the substance. Moreover, the absorption of nicotine begins as soon as you inhale, as the mucous membranes in the mouth start to absorb it before it ever reaches the lungs. All of that is different enough from the cigarette experience to provoke a reaction from your body.


  1. Vapor quantity can matter too. For many people, the problem has to do with how they inhale. If you inhale your e-cigarette vapor the same way you inhale cigarette smoke, your body can react in a negative way. Remember, most smokers use the lung hit smoking method, drawing smoke to their lungs as they inhale, without allowing it to rest in their mouth for any length of time. If you do this while vaping, your body may need time to adjust to the greater quantity of vapor that it is taking in. Moreover, vapor can often be thicker in consistency than the smoke from cigarettes, and that too can cause problems.



Correcting the Problem

There are different ways to avoid this problem or correct it once it occurs – with the method you choose dependent upon the reason you’re suffering the cough. You can try these solutions to see if you can minimize any coughing fits you experience:

  • Vaping without the coughIf the problem is that your lungs need time to get used to the vapor, then the only answer is time. For most of us, it took time to get used to the smoke when we first turned to cigarettes. Now that we have done away with those deadly nicotine-delivery devices, we should be willing to give out bodies time to adjust to the safer vapor too. In the end, that will be time well-spent.
  • If your problem is the level of nicotine in the e-cigarette, that is perhaps the easiest thing to correct. The great news is that e-juice comes in a wide variety of nicotine levels, including juice with no nicotine at all. Often times, our bodies are simply rejecting the higher level of nicotine ingestion that can come with the switch to vaping. Simply drop down on your nicotine content and then give your body time to get used to each new level as you gradually raise that content over time. Eventually, you can feel comfortable at your desired nicotine level.
  • For those reacting to lung hit coughing, the solution may take some self-restraint. Instead of vaping in the same way that you smoke, try to avoid those long, sustained inhalations. That can produce too much vapor at one time, and overload your lungs. Instead of that drawing technique, try to use shorter inhalations, taking in smaller amounts of vapor at a time. That technique has the added advantage of preserving more of the great taste of the e-liquid too, so you’ll enjoy double the benefits!

Above all else, recognize that vaping cough is a temporary sensation for most new vapers. Over time, your body will generally grow accustomed to your new lifestyle, and the cough will end. Obviously, the occasional dry hit might induce a momentary cough at any time, but nothing like what you might be experiencing in the early days of vaping. Just identify the cause, make the needed correction, and trust that the cough will subside over time.

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Vaper Empire Review Wed, 07 Sep 2016 11:57:02 +0000 […]]]> As new electronic cigarettes continue to launch with each passing year, it can be difficult for many vaping enthusiasts to keep pace with the changing marketplace. To make that challenge even more daunting, there are a number of larger companies that tend to garner the lion’s share of attention from the media and the vaping community. New and smaller firms can sometimes struggle to get their message out. One firm that many vapers may not have heard much about is an Australian company that first launched in 2011. In this Vaper Empire review, like all our reviews, we’ll take a closer look at one of Australia’s finest.

Vaperempire So, what is Vaper Empire, you ask? It’s a company that began selling e-cigarette products back in 2011, with a relatively limited market and little by way of market reputation. Since those humble beginnings, the firm has grown in size and market coverage to where it is now a recognizable brand in many areas of the globe – including the United States and United Kingdom. A year ago, the company went beyond growth and actually initiated a period of evolution that has brought it to where it is today. But just how formidable are their products? Read on!


Flavor is Where It’s at!

Vaper Empire fans who are asked what makes their favorite brand so special almost uniformly answer with one word: “flavor!” Each of the company’s unique e-juice flavor options was created in the United Kingdom, and many have earned a tremendous amount of praise from casual and hardcore vaping enthusiasts alike. Part of that is due to the great tastes that the brand seems to offer across the board. Much of, however, is due to the unique selection of flavor options available.

Venture Series e-cigaretteThose flavors include some of the most identifiable taste sensations out in the market today.  For example, the company offers a Custard and Cream flavor that actually lives up to its name. Other custard varieties from some manufacturers often have only the faintest accent of custard and cream, but Vaper Empire went all out with their attempt! Other flavor favorites include Fruit Freeze, Rainbow Sherbet, Tropical Heat, and Salted Caramel – as well as many others.


Plenty of Vapor

Rich taste like that often means one thing: you’re about to lose out on vapor production. Not in this case, though. Vaper Empire’s electronic cigarettes are designed to offer the vapor you need without forcing you to sacrifice that flavor you crave. All of their products are sleek, attractive, and ready to use right out of the packaging, with a minimal learning curve. That makes them a great option for experienced users and novices alike.

Those novices will also love the fact that the selection of accessories available for their devices is limited enough to make ownership and use as easy as possible. Recharging the battery is a simple matter, and the 650 mAh power source provides ample energy to give you that throat hit you need. Charging can be done using your USB connection on a computer, or with a standard wall outlet.

Best of all, the company offers starter kits that come with everything you need to get started with your Vaper Empire electronic cigarette experience. The Vantage Starter Kit offers 2 batteries and clearomizers, a manual, e-juice, and USB power cable. The more advanced starter kits offer even more benefits. So, if you’re looking for a great new electronic cigarette option with some of the best flavors in the industry, give Vaper Empire a try!


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Pax 2 Vaporizer Review Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:39:30 +0000 […]]]> If you’re into vaping herbs, then chances are that you’re always on the lookout for a solid new vaporizer to add to your stable. The Pax 2 vaporizer has been referred to as the best in the business in recent times – and that’s not just manufacturer hype either. Even reviewers are citing it as an exciting new entry into the world of dry herb vaporizing technology. Of course, even reviewers can get caught up in the hype from time to time, so let’s evaluate the product for ourselves and see what we thing. Let the Pax Vaporizer review begin!


Great Looking

Pax 2 Vaporizer in blueLet’s start with the cover and see if promised something exciting within the pages of the book. We begin by nothing that this is clearly a portable device, and it is made to be small, manageable, and stylish. Unlike some vaporizers, this one is clearly designed to meet aesthetic designs. It accomplishes that goal by adopting a sleek outer exterior that really belies the device’s function. It’s both intriguing for its simplicity and unobtrusive – something that’s not easy to pull off.

It’s also small and light, which makes it one of those devices that you’ll be happy to carry with you wherever you go. It relies on magnets to hold its doors closed, which is a nice feature that you don’t often see in a device like this. That’s a clever way to ensure that you get more mileage from the vaporizer, since it doesn’t have those latches and other creaky parts that can wear out from repeated usage. Just a simple magnetic lock that is sure to last for years to come. And if it somehow did break? Well, Pax provides a 10-year warranty for its customers – which is just one more indication of how confident the company is in its quality workmanship!



I have to be honest here; we’re not big on herb vaping around here, after all we vape electronic cigarettes with e-liquid not herbs! But we do try to make sure that we use every product we review, since we know that you expect us to be as informed as possible. Oh, the things we sometimes have to do to please the crowds! So, without further ado – the test runs with the Pax Vaporizer…

Size of the Pax 2The first thing we notices as we started to actually use the device is that the temp settings seem to be just about tight where they should be. There are three: high, medium, and low; and you’ll probably want to try them all at one time or another to accommodate whatever herb you might be vaping at the time. We should warn you, however, that it might take a little while to get used to vaping with the Pav. It took us some time to figure out how to get the type of big vapor draws we were looking for. Once we did, however, we were rewarded with just the types of clouds we were seeking.

Showing the dry herbsWe think that once you get past that initial concern, then the tech and performance really make it a worthwhile product to have around. We had very few bad burns on the herbs, and instead spent our time enjoying the type of relaxing ambiance that you are supposed to experience when vaping your favorite herbs. You can typically get excellent draws even with as little as two-tenths of a gram of your herbal choice in the chamber. Mileage can vary, of course, but that should yield about 10 quality draws.

One competitor is the V2 Pro Series, you can read about that vaporizer here.

The battery life deserves praise here too. Now for other vaping products, an hour’s worth of battery time might not seem like a big deal. It is, however, a major accomplishment for a portable vaporizer device. Many are lucky to last anywhere close to that amount of time. Still, even that battery life is not the real winning story. It’s the battery recharge speed that should really catch your eye.

Look, it’s a real drawback when your battery lasts an hour and it take several hours to recharge it. That effectively means that you have to have several batteries to ensure that one is always available. That’s less than cost-effective, to say the least. The Pax battery can fully recharge in about an hour. That means that you can get by with only two of these batteries. That is a major step forward in personal vaporizer product design.

The device is responsive too. There’s none of that “press a button and wait” inconvenience you sometimes get with cheaper devices. That’s a real positive, especially when the battery last for an hour. Obviously, you want to get as much actual vaporizing done in that hour as you can. With the Pax, that’s not a concern.

Pax 2 variety of colors

The bottom line is pretty clear: where herbal vaporizers are concerned, the Pax is in a class all its own. For superior portability, relatively easy use, and attractive design, we give the device a clear thumb’s up and highly recommend it for all herb vapers out there. It comes to you at a price tag of $250. Yes, that might seem a little pricey, but the 10-year warranty and superior performance make it well worth the cost.

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Smok Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review Wed, 24 Aug 2016 15:26:03 +0000 […]]]> The Knight Vape Kit is one of those rare mod offering that combines relatively small size with an amazing amount of quality performance – the type of performance that will have many users wondering where this device has been all their lives and class it as one of the best electronic cigarette kits on the market. It’s not easy to fall in love with new vaping products, at least not the type of emotional response that could be quantified as “love at first hit” – but there are exceptions to every rule. The natural question that some might ask in response to that statement might be, “but is this mod one of those exceptions?” Let’s start this Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review by acknowledging one thing: this is the exception to that rule. You will love this device.

Smok Koopor Knight in blackSo, what are we talking about here? Well, the best way to explains what makes this device so great is to begin at the beginning: the design. As noted, this is a fairly small device, and you might not expect that it would have much power if you just judged it based on that fact alone. It’s an 80-watt device, so that too might make you wonder whether it could really perform the way you might want it to.

Remember, though, that chip performance is a key factor in determining just how effective any device can be when it comes to output. There are larger devices – some with two big batteries and a power rating twice the Koopor’s – that never quite live up to their promise due to inadequate chip choices and design. Then there are the seemingly meeker models that just blow you away once you begin to use them. This device falls into that latter category.



Inside the koopor knightYour Koopor Mini uses one 18650 battery, and comes with the micro USB charging cable you need for powering up the battery and receiving necessary firmware as it becomes available. That battery provides enough power to meet almost any vaping need, thanks to the device’s flexible controls and well-crafted design features.

For example, the device is designed to provide plenty of temperature control to allow you achieve temperature as high as 600°F. Obviously, you can choose temperatures below that level as well. Along with the battery power provided by the 18650, this feature allows you enough power and flexibility to accommodate most vaping preferences without much hassle. That’s rare indeed in a device as small as this one.

Smok Kooper Knight in white



On the design front, the device itself is as sleek and attractive as any out there in the marketplace today. Smok has outdone itself with its choice of the Koopor Mini 2 in this kit, as that is among the most eye-catching box mods available. They also didn’t harm their cause by pairing the Koopor up with the Helmet Atomizer, as the two seem like a natural fit. Everything about this kit just screams excellence.



The Helmet tank comes with the Koopor KnightIf you’re not familiar with the Helmet, you’re in for an even bigger treat. The atomizer has been designed to be leak-proof, and our tests showed that it accomplishes that goal with amazing exactitude. From a safety standpoint, this setup is topnotch too. If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the childproof cap that seals in the top fill area. Like similar safety features on medicine bottles, you have to push down and turn these caps to get them to come off. The leak potential has been eliminated through the use of an innovative cup design that ensures that your liquid stays right where you need it to be.

The tank accommodates 2.0 ml, with e-liquid poured in from the top. I understand that some diehard big tank aficionados will balk at a 2 ml tank, but when you consider the overall size of the device you have to admit that this is actually a large tank for such a small unit. Moreover, 2 ml is an ideal size for most people. Sure, some chain vaping fans are going to want something bigger, but that’s a relatively small portion of the market for this type of device.



Koopor Knight complete kitOn the performance front, there’s no question about the quality of the vaping. We put the unit through its paces and found that it performed well with a variety of settings, and an even bigger variety of e-juices. And what did we get for our troubles? Big clouds of vapor, amazingly accurate flavorings, and a great deal of enjoyment. That’s a pretty fair day’s work for any vaping device, and worthy of a round of applause.

Obviously, we didn’t actually applaud, because that would be pointless without anyone to witness it. But believe me; we wanted to applaud. The experience certainly merited that reaction.

Naturally, your experience may be somewhat different than ours or other users. Still, there is no denying that the Koopor Knight Vape Kit is a great offering, or that the device itself really shines when you break it out of its packaging and put it to work. Just do yourself a favor and don’t hold back while you’re experimenting with it for the first time. Just dive right in and get ready for true vaping love.


Check out the best electronic cigarette kits and box mods now!
Check them out...
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How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette? Fri, 19 Aug 2016 09:57:58 +0000 […]]]> If you think you know all you need to know about nicotine, think again! Many former smokers approach vaping in much the same way they managed their smoking habit, and that can be a mistake. Nicotine is one of those things that everyone thinks they understand, but that so few really do. And nowhere is that truer than when it comes to understanding just how much nicotine is actually in a cigarette, and what that dose actually does in the human body. So, if you’ve ever wondered how much nicotine is in a cigarette and how it impacts you, read on!


Why Does It Matter?

Nicotine in a single cigaretteIt might not seem like an important question to ask, but it is actually one of the most important things all smokers should understand. You see, nicotine is the reason most smokers continue to smoke long after they’ve come to the realization that the habit is bad for their health. Nicotine is a stimulant, and it is extremely addictive. In fact, it is nicotine that makes you want to pick up that cigarette and inhale the smoke. Yes, there are a ton of other chemicals contained in each cigarette, but none of them are what give you that craving.

Still, understanding that nicotine is addictive doesn’t necessarily explain why it is important to know how much of the chemical is found in cigarettes – at least not entirely. That only really becomes an important bit of information when you’re trying to actively quit smoking. Since so many people now use electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation efforts, that means figuring out how much vaping they really need to do to effectively replace their cigarettes with electronic nicotine delivery devices.


How Much Nicotine Per Cigarette?

Nicotine in the bodyDifferent cigarettes use different ratios of chemicals, of course, so there is no easy answer to the question of how much nicotine each cigarette can deliver. On average, most cigarettes contain somewhere between eight and 20 milligrams of nicotine with most hovering at around 12mg per cigarette. While that sounds like a lot of nicotine power on a per cigarette basis, it really isn’t – especially when you consider the fact that only a fraction of that nicotine is actually actively absorbed by the human body.

According to the CDC, each time you smoke a cigarette, your body only actually absorbs about 1 mg of that nicotine (slightly less, actually). That one milligram absorption rate is constant too; it doesn’t change just because you smoke two cigarettes. You don’t get more than an additional one milligram on your third cigarette. When you smoke one cigarette, you get one mg of nicotine. Two cigarettes provide you two milligrams. Three gets you three. And so on. Because of that constant rate of nicotine absorption, smokers whose bodies crave more nicotine must smoke more cigarettes – which means that they are exposed to all of those more toxic chemicals that the manufacturers include with their products.

The human brain becomes accustomed to the nicotine it receives, and it wants that nicotine to continue to be delivered at that consistent rate. So, a smoker who typically smokes twenty cigarettes a day has a brain that craves that level of nicotine. That brain also gets a bit dissatisfied when its routine shipment of nicotine doesn’t arrive as scheduled. That, along with other addictive chemicals that manufacturers sneak into their recipes, is the primary reason so many people struggle with smoking cessation.


What About E-Cigarettes?

It’s easy to lose sight of the real differences between cigarettes and the best vaping devices, and simply assume that they both accomplish the same things in much the same way. That particular viewpoint is the one shared by many e-cig opponents, and remains one major part of their argument that e-cigs must be dangerous because smoking is dangerous. In their minds, the imagined similarities between these two nicotine delivery systems automatically means that they share the same dangers. But how similar are they? As it turns out, there are some important differences that must be understood.

smok stick one plus

First, any real similarities between smoking and vaping are, in almost every instance, more imagined than real. Smoke and vapor are not the same things, and they do not work in the same way. Take smoke particulates, for example. In cigarette smoke, each particulate is roughly one thousand times smaller than a millimeter. We call this a micron. Because those particulates are so tiny, they are quickly absorbed at every level of the lungs, in even the tiniest of passages. E-cig vapor has larger particulates, which limits that lung penetration.

It should also be noted that the nicotine absorption from cigarettes is enhanced by the many chemical additives put into each formula by the manufacturers. Many of those added chemicals boost nicotine absorption, supercharging the nicotine hit that you receive as you’re puffing on your cigarette. That doesn’t happen with an e-cig, since e-juice is not loaded up with all of those extra chemicals Big Tobacco loves to sneak into its products. The end result: nicotine delivery without the horde of toxins you receive from those tobacco cigarettes. This is resulting in a number of people turning to vaping to quit smoking.

So, how much nicotine do you actually get when you inhale vapor from an electronic cigarette device? Studies indicate that it is less than what is typically found in combustible cigarette smoke. Different attempts to measure the nicotine content in the vapor indicates that about half of all of an e-juice’s nicotine content actually makes its way into the vapor – but even those estimates are dependent upon various levels of performance.


Comparing the Two

It is comparisons of nicotine levels that people really find confusing, so let’s try to make that as simple to understand as possible. A smoker who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day receives about 20 milligrams of nicotine from that pack. That’s his daily intake of the chemical. Someone who smoked half as many cigarettes daily would receive half that amount of nicotine, just as someone who smoked two packs a day would receive twice as much nicotine – roughly 40 mg daily.

E-liquid tanks and cartridges are a little more complex for most people to understand. If your one milliliter of liquid comes in a 24mg concentration, that means that there are 18 mg of nicotine for each 1000 ml of liquid. So, if you vape a total of one ml of e-liquid a day – about the equivalent of many pre-filled cartridges – then you are actually vaping 24 mg of nicotine. However, if only half of that nicotine actually makes it to the vapor, then you’re actually receiving about 12mg of nicotine a day.

That can vary, depending upon the type of liquid and the quality of the vaping products. As a general rule, however, someone who quits smoking by vaping typically ingests less nicotine on a daily basis than he ever did with those combustible tobacco products. For those who want to eventually abandon the nicotine habit too, that is great news indeed.

While all of this might seem academic to those who just want to receive their daily supply of nicotine in a safer, cleaner way, there are good reasons to have at least some understanding about the mechanics of nicotine delivery. Whether you’re just interested in having a rough idea about the type and quantity of chemicals you put into your system or are actively trying to wean yourself from nicotine altogether, this information can help to inform your decisions.

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Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod Review Wed, 10 Aug 2016 11:38:22 +0000 […]]]> Anyone who knows anything about Siegel knows that the company is well known for producing innovative mod products. With the Snow Wolf, they’ve managed to create another innovative sensation that has taken the industry by storm. In a changing e-cig environment, some companies have simply tried to go with the flow and produce products similar to what everyone else is creating. Others have fallen behind – either through a lack of market insight or due to a stubborn insistence on clinging to what they’ve done in the past. Siegel has taken a different approach by surging ahead with new innovations that help to ensure that the company is always central to any conversation about the best in the industry. In this Siegel Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod review, we’ll see whether this always-innovative company has yet again managed to top its class.

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Judging the Book by Its Cover

The Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W There’s an old axiom that says you should never judge a book by its cover. Siegel seems to be hoping that you will ignore that suggestion in this instance, as it has created an exterior look for the Snow Wolf that just can’t help but attract your attention. Not only is this one of the sleekest and most attractive mod body designs you’ll see anywhere in the marketplace, but it also manages to be one of the few that offers anything truly creative when it comes to appearance.

Every one of these devices comes with a one-of-a-kind wood panel design built into the exterior design that ensures that your device will be completely different than any other Snow Wolf owner’s. These panels are the result of a collaboration with Global Vaping, an American crafter of fine designs, and are truly something to behold. In short, your Snow Wolf will be more than just a box mod; it’s quite literally a piece of unique artwork that you’ll be thrilled to show off to all your friends and family.


Getting Down to The Basics

Of course, that exterior could all just be window dressing, but if we were to judge this book by its cover we would have to conclude that it must be a very unique product indeed. A look at the power and capabilities offered by the Snow Wolf can quickly provide answers as to whether or not that assessment has any merit. Let’s begin with the batteries and chip used to make this thing work.

First of all, remember that this is a 218-watt device. That’s right; 218. And we remember how excited vapers were when the 200-watt units started to become more commonplace. My, how times change. That power is delivered thanks to a trio of those powerful 18650 batteries, providing more than enough consistent energy to keep you vaping for the long-haul. The batteries are enclosed behind a secure latched battery door that is easy to open when you want it open, but secure enough to remain shut so that everything stays where it needs to be.

Sigelei Snow Wolf Mod

You might be wondering whether you can actually achieve that 218-watt capability, or whether – like some devices – that high-end claim is just a pipe dream. Rest assured, the chip used in this mod seems to be more than capable of ensuring that you get accurate 218-watt usage when you want it. Of course, since this is also a TC-capable device, you don’t have to rely on that high end usage and can simply opt for other temperature control settings that provide a wider degree of customized vaping choices. That’s a pretty flexible device no matter how you look at it.

You might also be interested in knowing just how much latitude you have with your wattage and volt output. With the wattage, you can get output as low as 10 watts or as high as the advertised 218 watts. Your voltage can also vary from a low one volt to as high as eight. That’s a pretty impressive range of power options, all made possible by your three 18650s. Of course, that kind of control should also be matched by flexibility with temperature control – and it is. The advanced chipset contained in the unit provides it with enough control to allow you to choose temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit to almost three times that amount – 570 degrees. In all probability, you’ll find your preferred vaping temperature somewhere within that impressive range.

Sigelei Snow Wolf TCThe mod does follow some standard conventions too, and you’ll find some features quite familiar. For example, the user interface is placed where many other devices locate their interfaces – on the front panel. It uses standard-style buttons to provide users with control over things like turning the device on and off and controlling both wattage and temperature. Everything is very straightforward and easy to understand, which should make this device simple for anyone to begin using virtually right out of the box.

There are two areas that might be of concern to some vapers however. The first is that the device’s three batteries have given it a little more weight than some vapers might prefer. If you don’t mind getting used to that, however, you’ll find the added power to be well worth any extra time in the gym you might need to get your muscles ready to handle the extra weight (seriously, though – it’s not that heavy). In addition, the price tag might be daunting for any vapers who try to avoid that more-than-$100 range. If you can afford it, though, the Snow Wolf is a great choice for all your vaping needs.

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SX Mini Q Class 200W TC MOD Review Tue, 02 Aug 2016 15:20:21 +0000 […]]]> If you’re a vaping fan who’s not yet tried one of the SX Mini mods, then you have no idea what you’re missing. Many enthusiasts are raving about the quality design and build, and the superior high-tech chipsets that the devices use. These mods are also well-regarded for their look and feel, and are considered to be extremely flexible – with chips that allow more options than most users might imagine. This latest design from YiHi is the SX Mini Q Class 200W TC Mod, and it’s already getting solid reviews from many mod lovers out there. But do those box mod reviews really tell the tale of the SX Mini Q? In this review, we’ll try to offer a more complete perspective so that you can judge it for yourself.

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Kit Contents

The SX Mini Q Class 200W TCLet’s begin with the kit’s contents. The YiHi SX Mini Q Class 200W TC Mod comes with everything you need to start using the product right away. In addition to the device itself, you also receive a user manual and warranty card, as well as the obligatory Micro USB cable for recharging the 18650 batteries. And yes, I said batteries – as in two of them. This is actually the SX Mini mod’s first go-round with the two-battery setup, which is why it has the power and battery life needed to run at the 200W level consistently.


The Design

When you first pick the mod up, you might be struck by the fact that it’s a little larger than some other mods. That shouldn’t come as a surprise though, since it’s packing those two powerful batteries within its frame. Even with the slightly larger size, however, the designers managed to slim it down to a point where it fits neatly within a pocket. The exterior is gorgeous, sleek, and something you’ll be proud to show off to your friends.

The designThe chipset provides an amazing range of customization options for you. You can actually choose and store five distinct power curves for use – providing you with a great deal of control over the taste experience when you vape. This is, of course, a more advanced feature that only the most experienced vapers will recognize, but it’s really something that should help to introduce more intermediate users to some of the real benefits that advanced customization can offer.

Most companies are really particular about their branding, and the logo is central to that. You have to give it to YiHi, though, because that’s a company that really seems to feel right at home in its own proverbial skin. The new mod offers you the ability to change a variety of settings on the display screen – adding your own images by importing them directly to the device. The only image that you cannot change is the boot sequence logo, but that’s to be expected.

For users who don’t want to go through all of the work needed to setup their own customized power curves, there is an easier interface option that allows you to choose from five preset power modes. These range in power from the eco mode that is designed to minimize options and extend battery life to the powerful+ mode that gives you two seconds of power at a level 15% higher than your chosen setting. The powerful modes can help to keep coil heating to a minimum.

You can even skip all of the regulation choices and use the device as a dumb mod. With that option, your mod just provides voltage that matches that of the battery – a feature that can enable you to use the device successfully with some of the trickier atomizers out there in the marketplace today.


Temperature Control

Temperature matters too, and experienced vapers want control over how that temperature behaves. The SX Mini Q offers the control you need to ensure that you get the vapor experience you prefer. Along with the flavor control settings, this feature provides you with everything you need to maximize your pleasure.

Temperature Control


Our Conclusion

There are a lot of mods out there, of course, and each has its own unique charms. For overall quality workmanship, high-tech features, and reliability, there are few that can keep pace with the SX Mini Q Class. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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Liberty Flights XO E-liquid Review Tue, 12 Jul 2016 11:49:59 +0000 […]]]> As vaping has grown over the years, the internet has responded with a never-ending stream of websites reviewing all of the available vaping pens, mods, and other vaping devices that are so essential to enjoying the vaping lifestyle. These reviews are often among the most useful tools vapers have at their disposal as they try to sift through all of the available products and figure out which device they want to try. With all of those reviews so readily available, however, it is sometimes easy to forget that the equipment is really just the facilitating implement for any serious vaping enthusiast. The real challenge often comes from trying to find an e-liquid that is perfect for your taste needs.

Liberty Flights logoAll of that necessarily leads to a discussion of Liberty Flights. Many companies that manufacture and distribute vaping tools also offer their own e-juices. The problem is that those companies often miss the mark wildly as they try to create blends that appeal to the widest possible audience. Rare is the company that can assemble a product line of e-juice recipes that manage to offer something to everyone without becoming so bland as to be almost indistinguishable from the rest of the pack. In this Liberty Flights XO E-Liquid review, we’ll examine whether this company has managed to be one of the rare few that somehow escapes that mediocre fate.


What is the XO E-Liquid Line?

E Liquid example from Liberty FlightsThe XO line of e-liquids is Liberty Flights’ own UK-manufactured line of quality e-juices, offering a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths for discriminating vapers everywhere. The nicotine strengths begin at zero, which is great for anyone who just loves to blow big clouds of vapor and enjoy the taste of the juice. From there, the content gets progressively higher, with strengths of 0.6, 1.2, 1.8. and 2.4% nicotine. That latter is offered as being targeted toward only the most serious and heavy smokers.

Their e-liquid line is noteworthy for its attention to safety and the use of quality ingredients and blends. The company advertises these products as being free of both acetyl propionyl and diacetyl, which should be welcome news to those who have concerns about those ingredients. In addition, all ingredients are said to be pharmaceutical grade, including the nicotine source and base. That base is a half and half blend of VG and PG that should be attractive to vapers who want to maximize both their cloud production and their flavor enjoyment.

The company also offers a VG Heavy e-juice that should be welcomed by anyone with sensitivity to PG, or who simply wants to get even more vapor production out of his or her vaping device. The heavy option includes recipes that are designed to use a 75% VG base, and encompasses the company’s most popular flavors.


The Flavor Lines

Like most companies, Liberty Flights offers a variety of different flavor types, with different products and tastes included under each collection. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Tobacco Options. The tobacco flavors included under this taste range include everything from mild and sweet tobacco accents to dry, powerful varieties that will remind you of your favorite tobacco cigarettes. It’s perfect for many who are just leaving the smoking habit.
  • That minty, cool menthol taste is a popular choice for many smokers and vapers alike. Here, you can find everything from strong and cool menthol accents to subtler mint flavors.
  • Name your fruit and you’re almost certain to find it included in this collection of fruit-flavored and inspired e-juices. From apples to strawberry kiwi and an assortment of berry tastes, there’s guaranteed to be something to satisfy your fruit longings.
  • Sweet Tastes. Custards and other dessert options are found under the sweets label, so feel free to indulge your cravings for that perfect after-dinner draw.
  • If you’ve always wanted to try absinthe just to see what all the historical buzz was about, here’s your chance to do it without the strange side effects. This line has a variety of absinthe inspired tastes – all of the flavor, and none of the mind-hazing effects!
  • The Temperance Range. Dandelion and Burdock is only one of the many alcohol-inspired tastes in this line. Some were a little too much for our tastes, but they are sure to appeal to many who crave an exotic flavor.

Range of flavors

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an all-day liquid, chances are that flavors like absinthe or the alcohol varieties probably won’t be your thing. Like most, you will almost certainly gravitate toward the menthol, tobacco, or fruit varieties. However, each of these groups of flavors has something unique to offer for every vaping enthusiast, and – if your budget allows it – you might want to try them all at one time or another.

One thing is for sure: Liberty Flights is not shy about their taste offerings. While some companies try to play it safe with traditionally bland recipes that never even approach the point of being innovative, this company is anything but risk-averse. Their brave and creative approach to product development is a sure winner for consumers who want something unique for their rotation. At the same time, the XO e-liquid line offers enough quality standard juice flavors to satisfy anyone’s everyday needs as well.

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