E-liquid, sometimes called ejuice, eliquid or electronic cigarette liquid is a common term you’ll hear in the electronic cigarette world.  This page will talk about e-liquid and it’s use in electronic cigarettes.

In short, the e-liquid is the actual juice that is contained in the plastic cartridges commonly called “cartomizers.”  These are the replaceable plastic tips that are replaced in the cartridge strength and flavor of the smoker’s desire.  One end screws into the electronic cigarette while the other is used to puff on the device by the user’s mouth.  You may also hear e-liquid/e-juice referred to as “nicotine solution.”

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How e-liquid is made depends on which brand you are using.  There are many different formulas out there one can buy and create, but for the most part you’ll find that most e-cigarette liquid is either a propylene glycol or glycerin base.  If you are using a nicotine cartridge of any strength, of course, there is a nicotine solution which acts to fulfill the need for nicotine to those who desire that affect.

As we touched on earlier, there are 100′s of flavors out there. There will always be companies out there trying to emulate the latest tastes and keep palates satisfied with off-beat stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out next.  Jagermeister, anyone?

We commonly make references to “strengths” of e-liquids.  This refers to the content & amount of nicotine solution in each cartridge.  For example, a “0″ strength is nicotine free.

  • A “light” e-cigarette strength is up to about 10 mg
  • A “mid range” equates to 10 – 14 mg
  • A “high” strength will be up to about 18 mg
  • Finally, for the fans of unfiltered cigarettes, there are what we call “extra high” strengths that go from 24 – even 36  mg

Some types of e-liquid bases you’ll hear about often are below.

PG = Propylene Glycol

VG = Vegetable Glycerin

PEG 400 =Polyethylene Glycol 400

All of these e-liquid bases are common food additives and ruled safe by the FDA.