Many people are looking for electronic cigarettes as a way to be “safer.” But are electronic cigarettes a safer alternative?

Without getting into health claims, there are many reasons why an electronic cigarette can be called an alternative to tobacco products that many would agree is safer.

Here are the top five reasons electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco products.

Electronic cigs do not require any flame.

While this is obvious, let’s state just why this promotes safety. For starters, when you don’t have a lighter or book of matches around, the risk of a fire hazard is reduced. Many house and car fires are the product of combustion from flames. Often times, a lighter or a book of matches is the culprit. Let’s also remind ourselves how children can get into these items, and the mayhem it could cause. When children have access to a lighter, many bad things can happen. Fires could start, things could burn, and of course, even worse – they could catch their clothing on fire causing burns. There is always a curiosity with children and fire – so it’s best to eliminate that curiosity and not have anything that could become flammable with an easy push of a button around the house or family.

No ash means less waste and problems.

This may sound off the wall, but ash can create problems as well. Did you ever hear of someone dropping ash in a soda can only to have someone who was unsuspecting drink the soda? It’s happened on multiple occasions and made quite a few people sick! Sure, it’s a farfetched reason to smoke electronically, but why not? Do you really want waste around the house? Do you really want to have the possibility that someone could get into it and create a mess? With electronic cigarette smoking, you don’t have to worry about that.

Personal risk of burn by use.

Not to be captain obvious, but if there is no fire involved, how could you burn yourself while smoking electronic cigarettes? I’ve personally dropped an electronic cigarette on my lap, on my suit, and everywhere else. Nothing bad happens! You can press an electronic cigarette against anyone’s skin and nothing happens! The electronic devices are nothing more than a vapor solution that is used to create smoke and the heating element does nothing that can be of any damaging nature. Can’t say the same thing for tobacco cigarettes as I’ve dropped those and ruined many garments along the way!

When you put it down – it’s done.

Try putting down a lit tobacco product and see what happens. Can you drop it on the ground on a fall day, in a pile of leaves, and know 100% that a fire won’t start? We all know the answer to that question. However, when you are through smoking an electronic cigarette, nothing happens. You can put it down anywhere and not have to worry about anything blazing on fire. It’s simply a worry-free way of “safe” smoking. (No health claim there, just safe in the fact that it won’t cause a fire hazard.)

Environmental safety.

For everyone who cares about the environment – and we do – the natural selection is the best electronic cigarettes and box mods. They aren’t thrown away at the rate that tobacco cigarettes are. They don’t clog up ashtrays in hotel elevator areas nor do they stink up an entire party. They are simply, by design, a less littering smoking alternative. Have a party with 50 smokers and smell your house after. Clean up the garbage, and look for remains. Then, repeat this feat with electronic cigarette smokers. You’ll find a big difference.

The reasons are clear as day – electronic cigarettes can provide a safe environment when compared to their tobacco counterparts. Feel free to forward this on to anyone you know who is interested in knowing more about the safety of electronic cigarettes.


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