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  • Great looking product
  • Manual and automatic batteries
  • Small and compact
  • Good flavor options
  • Good battery life


  • Accessories a bit tacky
  • Expansion of Flavors Needed

Bottom Line

This starter kit is again based on the Cig-a-like electronic cigarette but in this case specifically designed for the ladies! It is slick and looks great with quality being one of the major design thoughts. Thinner than the average electronic cigarette gives this brand a slight edge when it comes to the asthetics. The vapor content is good, but certainly not one of the best on the market, if your looking for style, this maybe the e-cigarette for you!


The word “couture” told me that this is an e-cig company that is plugged into the highly fashionable among the e-smoking set. Unless the word was being used ironically – it was not. I am a girl who is into books and films and taking photos of things like mushrooms growing under a fallen tree in a deep forest. Couture is not my thing. When I caught my first glimpse of the Vapor Couture page I immediately thought, here we go…this is not a website that I am going to enjoy. This is something that my fancy friend Pavla would totally get into – she is into high fashion and all things lovely.

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Though I have to say that Vapor Couture has a well-designed site. It is ridiculously easy to find the products and information that you are looking for – even if you do a double-take when you see some of the price tags. So, the website may not be my thing, but it would totally appeal to smokeless vapers who buy designer bags and clothes. But the vapor is the thing, is it not? So is the Vapor Couture one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, or one to avoid? Let’s see.

Vapor Couture produces a fine product with a vapor that can easily stand next to the best brands out there. I sternly told myself to get over the products stylishness and enjoy my hit of Strawberry Champagne vapor. Gosh, this flavor made me feel as if I were taking a luxurious bubble bath, in a bathroom way nicer than mine. Impressive.
vapor couture L’Essentiel Kit kit

Our Recommended Kit: L’Essentiel Kit

Why the L’Essential Kit? Well, you receive two batteries, which is a must. Unless you decide that you are not going to get into e-smoking after all, you will want a battery that you can use while one is charging. We checked out the price of a stand-alone battery, in case it would be better to buy The Entrée Kit and order an extra battery – and it would be slightly cheaper. Though when you consider the two packs of cartridges you get, L’Essential Kit is the better value.


vapor couture cartridgesI enjoyed my puffs on the Strawberry Champagne e-liquid – you could say I luxuriated in them. Though while I found the vapor to be decently thick and the throat hit pleasant, it is easy to find reviewers online who agree. One thing is for sure, this brand if focused on females who are into design and fashion – and several blogs give Vapor Couture props for giving this market segment what they want. While I enjoyed my e-cigarette, I cannot say that I enjoyed it more than some comparable brands that cost less.


  • Bombshell. This is the Vapor Couture version of a smooth tobacco flavor. Decent.
  • Fresh Mint. Minty and fresh, as expected, though a little thin. There is something cutting and intense about mint vapor done right; I don’t think this gets there.
  • Rodeo Drive. Whatever does Rodeo Drive taste like? American tobacco, apparently. Not bad!
  • Passion Fruit. Nice. Slightly sweet, and full-bodied with a zingy hit of citrus.
  • Strawberry Champagne. Dreamy.
  • Arctic Mint. Your garden-variety attempt at vaporing mint.

Our Favorite Flavor: Passion Fruit

Strawberry Champagne came in a close second but there is an appealing dryness to the Passion Fruit flavor that keeps you wanting just one more puff. And then another one.

Nicotine Levels

Vapor Couture cartridge nicotine strength goes all the way down to zero, but maxes out at 1.8%.  This isn’t quite as high as some other brands, but huge amounts of nicotine isn’t exactly lady-like:

  • 0.0 %
  • 0.6 %
  • 1.2 %
  • 1.8 %

These levels of nicotine are pretty commmon with all the best cigalikes out there, but it’s nice to see a good selection.


Vapor Couture batteries
Let me first say that Vapor Couture makes beautiful batteries. There is a feature on their site that lets you visually combine cartridges and batteries until you get a combination that pleases you. This is an e-cig you could take out of your evening bag in the presence of royalty. The batteries are 85.85mm long, to be exact, and 8mm in diameter. They take 1 hour to charge – which is less time than most – and last between 3 and 6 hours before you need to charge them. (It depends how puffy you are.)

Review Summary

Vapor Couture is one of the best brands and our top recommendation for the fashion conscious. That said, there are now Pod Vape Systems that are in direct competition with the likes of Vapor Couture, especially with brands like the Juul.


  • Outstanding quality in hardware materials, ingredients and design. It is safe to say that the most stylish among us would feel pleasure whilst unwrapping their Vapor Couture starter kit – whichever they choose.
  • Decent flavors bolstered by a home-run of the passion fruit variety.
  • A professional website that is a pleasure to navigate.
  • Such fine products should come with a lifetime warranty. Oh wait, they do!
  • Fashionable women have a brand in Vapor Couture that will fit their style.
  • The higher end starter kits come with some cool accessories – like a charm necklace you can attach your e-cig to or a clutch bag that acts as a carrying case.


  • The starter kits are a little on the expensive side. Sure, they look fabulous but are they worth the extra money you pay for them? There are comparable brands out there at lower prices, though perhaps not matching the sophistication of these designs.
  • If you are a traditional male, you will not find a product here that has been stylistically designed for you.


Vapor Couture is an upscale brand targeted at fashionable women who buy designer clothes and bags. If you are such a woman and you are not on a super tight budget, this may well be your brand. It is not my brand. I do not need or want a fancy chain to attach my fancier e-cig to, but I have friends that would love it. I would not be able to keep a straight face while puffing on Rodeo Drive vapor, but hey, it’s not my thing.  I’m kind of a tom boy all grown up. I get that while I might find this brand frivolous, there are others who will not.

The quality is there; in the hardware and the vapor. It comes at a price, but it is there. One common complaint among vapers is that some brands are unreliable in what they provide you with. So, you might find an occasional unexplained drop in vapor quality, for example, Vapor Couture is an operation you can rely on.

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