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  • Good craftsmanship
  • Solid look and feel
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Solid two-piece design
  • 2 battery sizes included in starter kit


  • Some flavors need improving
  • Noisiest cartridge

Bottom Line

South Beach Smoke’s Cig-a-like electronic cigarette is priced well, it’s performance is good and the quality is also good. We believe their are better models on the market in this price range, but it does produce good vaper after you prime or take a few puffs to warm the atomizer up.


Recently,  the company debuted what they call a “SuperMax Battery”, and there is understandably many skeptics of this new, supposedly better battery after e-cig smokers have heard similar fancily-titled stories from other manufacturers and encountered disappointment each time. However, I had never had a bad experience with the South Beach Smoke brand. They have a long, proven track record of consistent quality in their product and a highly palatable price point, which allows the curious and economical to sample the e-cigarette experience without a huge front-end investment.

However, today’s review is about something totally different, an entirely different product: the new, advanced model, which goes by the name “South Beach Smoke Deluxe”. They claim that it’s longer-lasting, has more versatility, and is generally the next leap forward from its predecessors. The e-cigarette market is one of the most competitive today, and they clearly see this product as the one that will finally convince normal smokers to get on the vapor trail… so I decided to give it a try, to see if this new model competes with the best e-cig products on the market.

South Beach Smoke: The Review

sbs logoWhen I first received my e-cigarette, I was very anxious to see if it was as advertised.  The wait for the device to fully charge for the first time seemed like an eternity, but was really well below industry standard. When it finally had a full charge, I eagerly gave it a try and was far from disappointed from the first puff to the last—about 300 puffs later! The best part is that was only the standard battery…I hadn’t even tried the SuperMax yet. After being so thoroughly impressed with the regular model, my anticipation to experience the capabilities of the SuperMax grew tremendously…I almost feared disappointment, as it couldn’t possibly be better than that when most e-cigs on the market struggle for half that number.

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Performance and Improvements

I had never been so happy to be proven wrong, I mean, there’s some stiff competition out there like the Halo G6 and now pods are becoming more popular with the likes of the Juul. The SuperMax battery has a seemingly limitless capacity! I was shocked to find I didn’t even have to charge it each day, as I had become grudgingly accustomed to in my time smoking e-cigs. As a ballpark figure, I got over 600 full puffs from the initial charge. In practice, I took the e-cig with me for a night on the town and forgot the thing even had to be charged! It worked ALL NIGHT…and I’m no light smoker. In my view, the SuperMax battery delivered on all of its promises, and then some. I did not expect this level of performance in my most generous estimations.
SuperMax battery

As if that wasn’t enough, the new SuperMax battery also has “automatic” and “manual” settings, so that both new and experienced e-cig users could customize their smoking experience to their preference. Do you want a light dose of vapor? You got it! Do you want an authentic, near-unfiltered analog-type smoke? The device can do that too.  The Manual switch is also great for those who want to fully customize their smoking experience, facilitating precise temperature and inhalation control. It’s the closest thing to analog smoking without all the analog drawbacks.

Best of all, South Beach Smoke is making the SuperMax battery available in all of their Deluxe Starter Kits: the top-of-the-line Deluxe Ultimate, the Deluxe Plus, and even the (not so) basic Deluxe. This enables any new e-cig user to have the best experience with the new technology straight out of the box. If you already have a South Beach Smoke device, don’t worry…the batteries are available to purchase separately on their site, so you too can see the benefits that this new, more powerful, and much-improved power source has to offer you. The standard version is just $24.99, while the maximum power High-Capacity version is a bargain at just $29.99 (and probably worth twice that).

For the fashion-conscious, they offer the e-cig in both white for that classic cigarette look and black for something more contemporary, so you can match your own personal style. It also has a brilliant orange jeweled LED light at the tip that lights up when in use, adding a touch of the old-fashioned smoking experience and unique flair to this cigarette of the future. However, aesthetics and luminescence aside, the new SuperMax battery is what makes this South Beach Smoke product truly shine.

Moreover, South Beach Smoke is making even more improvements to their already industry-leading e-cigarette technology! For starters, there’s the new Portable Charging Case, ensuring that no matter how far you stray from an outlet, your e-cig will be charged whenever it’s not in use. I’ve used various charging cases of that type, and can confidently say that South Beach Smoke’s model is one of the best.

The most impressive part about all these revolutionary changes and improvements is that they somehow managed to improve the price as well! South Beach Smoke is now offering their state-of-the-art Deluxe Starter Kit for just $59.99, and I can pretty much guarantee you that you will not even find a comparable total e-cigarette package for less.

The prices on the refill cartomizers, which have undergone significant improvements themselves, have also dropped, and South Beach Smoke offers a wide variety of flavors…and with South Beach Smoke’s low refill prices, you could sample them all if you like to find the perfect smoke for you. South Beach Smoke also offers an automatic monthly Home Delivery Program. It’s not for every customer, but those who use it–myself included—certainly appreciate the value and convenience the service provides. The program is completely optional but is a quick and easy way to make sure you never run out of your favorite South Beach Smoke flavors.

For the more technical e-cig users, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe e-cig is based on an industry standard model known as the U9 or V9. This blueprint is used in a variety of popular brandings, and in my opinion, South Beach Smoke is by far the best of its kind, with its’ powerful battery, smooth smoking, and long-lasting flavor cartridges. It also far outmatches its previous incarnations, making the new South Beach Smoke Deluxe e-cigarette a worthy update.

Personal Recommendations

south beach smoke starter kit reviewIf you’ve been reading this, you know that you probably will not be disappointed by the new South Beach Smoke Deluxe kit, but I have a few experience-based recommendations to ensure you get the most from your e-cig. First, I strongly recommend buying a manual battery when you purchase the kit. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re likely in for a pleasant surprise, as it offers the closest experience to analog smoke as you can find in an e-cig. I think most smokers will prefer it over the automatic. In my opinion, it’s really the best choice for first-time e-cig users, especially those transitioning from normal cigarettes.

Also, the cartomizers are designed to be disposable. After a few refills, you should install a new one, as the quality of the vapor will rapidly decline with extended use. Be careful to not overfill the cart with liquid, because getting it into the battery is the last thing you want to do. To be safe, detach the cart from the battery before refilling. For a unique flavor experience, refill a drained cartomizer with a complimentary flavor. South Beach Smoke has a wide selection of flavors, making the possibilities almost endless.

For the economically minded, there are also discounts on South Beach Smoke products located online. By traveling through specific links like this one or the one in the above image, you can be redirected to the South Beach Smoke website for a 10% discount, making the decision to try South Beach Smoke at least that much easier. Why not bookmark the link so you can take advantage of the savings with each new purchase?


With the many and varied advancements South Beach Smoke has made to its signature product, it will certainly be difficult to match. From the incredible SuperMax battery to the new manual battery control option, all the way through to the visible updates such as the gem-like LED tip and the choice of traditional white or an elegant black color, South Beach Smoke has produced a product which exceeds its competitors in most if not all areas.

I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for the best e-cigarette experience. With the new Deluxe model, South Beach Smoke has clearly committed itself to make the highest quality, most convenient, and frankly, best-looking e-cig on the market…and to this reviewer, they have succeeded. Truly, South Beach Smoke delivers the total package with its new release and is blazing a new trail in e-cig market. Looks like the competitors have some catching up to do.

Our Conclusion

South Beach Smoke is the hottest new name in e-cigarettes. I decided to try the newest advancements from the eminent manufacturer of e-cigs and came away impressed! They really lived up to the hype…not the least of which is about the new, longer lasting battery, dubbed “SuperMax”. After a short time, South Beach Smoke has a new believer. Their products are clearly headed in the right direction, as they boast an array of new features along with the vaunted SuperMax battery. With this new Deluxe model, they are now firmly entrenched with the leaders in the e-cigarette industry.

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