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Detailed Halo G6 Review

The Halo G6 has been designed for one reason, and one reason only: To resemble the taste and feel of smoking a traditional cigarette, whilst controlling the amount of nicotine you consume with the goal of slowly reducing the cravings by slowly reducing the nicotine levels. They have certainly produced a product that looks the part, but is the G6 starter kit one of the best e cig devices on the market? We take a closer look at the Halo G6 e-cig and compare it with the best Cigalikes on the market.
Halo G6 Cigalike electronic cigarette

Look and Feel of the Halo G6

As it’s been designed to mimic smoking, it’s no surprise to see the design resemble a traditional cigarette. But Halo has been strongly advised to keep the design as simple as possible, to make it really easy for the user to use, refill and vape.
Thus the G6 was released with a simple automatic battery that’s activated each time a user vapes (takes a puff) on the device.
With a simple USB charger included in the kit, the user just unscrews the battery from the cartomizer and screws it into the USB adaptor, then plugs it in and it’s charging, it really is that simple.
The look of the G6 with charger


One great thing that Halo has to offer is the choice of flavors, thanks to their vast experience in the manufacturer of e-liquids. It is with this vast amount of flavors that makes the Halo G6 so popular with the users. Unlike the pod like systems that we see, for example the Juul only has a few flavor to choose from.
Pretty much every ex-smoker starts with tobacco flavors, Halo has one of the biggest assortment of tobacco flavors on offer including Tribeca which is their smooth tobacco flavor, Turkish Tobacco, Torque 56 just to name a few, the list seems to be endless! But they also offer a whole array of fruity dessert and candy flavors for the user to try out.
Flavors of the G6 cartomizers

Performance of the Halo G6

When you look at the performance of the Halo G6, it’s unfair to judge it against vape pens or box mods, as its designed for a different purpose. For example, sub-ohm vaping at 60-100W is designed to produce huge clouds with strong flavors that are designed for more experienced vapers wanting more of a hit than you get out of a cigalike.
Cigalikes, on the other hand, are designed to replicate smoking, having typical wattages no higher than 5 or 6 watts, and producing minimum amounts of vapor but still providing your body with nicotine and the taste to keep you interested in vaping without going back to smoking.
The Halo G6 in comparison to other Cigalike devices is certainly one of the best on the market, coupled with a huge array of flavors makes this one of the first choices that we recommend to new vapers.
If you can’t find a flavor you like with the Halo G6, then it’s likely you won’t find a flavor you like!
Selection of G6 Kits

To Conclude

Overall the sheer performance of the Halo G6 e-cig is excellent, and one of the best cig-a-like ecigs on the market, really easy to use, change cartridges and charge. Nice selection of flavors to choose from and a feel of quality with the design. It’s going to be hard for you to find a better Cigalike e-cig.
One other feature we forgot to mention and love, is that Halo offers blank cartridges with the Halo G6, therefore giving the user the option to try any e-liquid from any other store they wish. This is particularly rare with these types of devices.
If you’re already a vaper, then this device really isn’t for you. It’s specifically designed for people who are looking to quit smoking and want to give vaping a worthwhile try.
A single Halo G6