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  • Great vapor volume and taste
  • High Quality look and feel
  • Great customer service
  • Good flavor options
  • Top brand in it’s class


  • Only sell Cig-a-like types

Bottom Line

Green Smoke delivers, it really is that simple. Their customer service helps you with any questions you may have, and the product is packed full of quality. From the batteries performance to the taste of the cartomizers, Green Smoke has put together this electronic cigarette to impress, and it certainly does that, by the bucket load!

Disclosure: We are a professional electronic cigarette review and guide site, we do however receive compensation from the some of the companies we review. We can guarantee that we test each product thoroughly, making sure it meets our expectations and give high scores to only the best e-cigs. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here and throughout our site are our own.

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Having received our new Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartomizers and can say without hesitation that they set a new standard for vapor volume while maintaining their great Green Smoke flavor. We tested the Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice flavors and despite our high expectations, they did not disappoint. We have yet to test a better cartridge/atomizer than Green Smoke FlavorMax, that was until the Halo G6 was released with a huge improvement to flavors.

Priced slightly higher than their standard cartridge/atomizers at $16.99 for 5 (before your Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes Discount), each cartridge/atomizer is equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes and cost $3.40 each. If you are paying $7.00 per pack of cigarettes, switching to Green Smoke will lower your smoking cost by more than half.*

*Calculation does not include the cost of a starter kit. Savings for a one-pack-per-day smoker at $7.00 per pack that switches to Green Smoke would be more than $1,500.00 annually when you include the cost of the Green Smoke Starter Kit.

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Green smoke pro kit

Our initial reaction to the Green Smoke™ Pro Kit (formerly Basic Starter Kit) was quite positive, and back in 2014 made the list as one of best electronic cigarettes available, things change though and the competition has stepped up a gear making Green Smoke drop like a stone. Opening the box revealed two well-crafted metal electronic cigarette batteries — one short and one long — and a single nicotine cartridge. The high quality of the workmanship was immediately evident. Both batteries were tipped with a green LED plastic end cap that glows red when you inhale. Lifting the tray revealed four additional nicotine cartridge/atomizers, a USB charger, a standard 110-volt wall plug-in adapter, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Manual and a Green Smoke Club Membership Card.

Green Smoke is an Cigalike e-cig, one that looks like and operates like a traditional cigarette. They are designed with the smoker in mind, not for an experienced vaper.

Video Review

Take a look at an awesome trailer for the Green Smoke product:

The Green Smoke Pro Kit comes with everything pictured above. Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizers are available in so many flavors its too long to list! Free shipping and discounts for high quantity purchases are available.

We immediately tested the batteries, and to our pleasant surprise, both had arrived fully charged. We then screwed a nicotine cartridge to the long battery, took a few brief puffs and voila — we exhaled a voluminous white plume of vapor that exhibited all the qualities of cigarette smoke without the objectionable smell!

green smoke tobacco cartridgeUsing the “Full Tobacco” cartridge for our test, some described the flavor as a mild tobacco, while others insisted it tasted like a regular full-flavored cigarette, and someone else suggested that tasted like a very smoother version of Marlboro Gold (formerly Marlboro Light). The one thing we all agreed on was that the Green Smoke “Full Tobacco” flavor was the best we had tested.

While we understand and agree that flavor judgments are subjective and attributable to personal preferences and perhaps the flavor of our former tobacco cigarettes, we use a consensus to determine our ratings.

The Top 5 judge who purchased the kit for our tests, later recounted that he took Green Smoke on a trip to the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Connecticut, and even though tobacco cigarettes are permitted there, he smoked it exclusively at the tables. He was amazed at how many of the other players who asked to try it almost all agreed that the taste was excellent. Ranked #1 for vapor volume and overall quality, as well as taste, Green Smoke has developed a well-deserved reputation as the best e-cigarette on the market today.

No one argued about how easy it was to use. You could literally begin “smoking” within 30 seconds of opening the box, with the solid two-part metal construction of the units being the key factors. Further, unlike some other e-cigarettes, there are no buttons to press or moving parts to initiate the vaporization of the nicotine. The vapor mechanism is triggered by drawing on the unit in the same way you would take a draw on a tobacco cigarette, except there is nothing to light and no flame.

2-part designAnother advantage of the two-part design is that the atomizer — responsible for vaporizing the nicotine — is built into the flavor cartridge. This means that you never have to be concerned with ordering or replacing the atomizer. When you finish a Green Smoke flavor cartridge/atomizer, you simply throw it away and screw on a new one with a fresh atomizer built right in. You never have to worry about ordering e-juice (liquid refill nicotine), or wasting your time measuring out the right amount of nicotine. Additionally, refillable flavor cartridges utilized by some electronic cigarette brands, are far more likely to leak back into your mouth. We have never experienced even slight leakage from a Green Smoke cartridge and that’s a huge consideration for us when assessing the overall quality of an e-cigarette.

   The one thing we all agreed on was that the Green Smoke “Full Tobacco” flavor was the best we had tested.”

We found Green Smoke’s vapor volume to be superior, and the best we have tested to date. Non-smokers who witnessed the testing were constantly surprised by the sheer volume of “smoke,” but could not discern any distinct odor. There was disagreement if the odor was even possible considering that the vapor is composed of roughly 99% water and 1% nicotine. If there was any consensus concerning odor, it could best be described as somewhere between negligible and non-existent.

   We found Green Smoke’s vapor volume to be superior, and the best we have tested to date.”

The only possible negative is the price tag of the Green Smoke Pro Kit. While Green Smoke’s long-term costs are quite low, their Pro Kit was amongst the most expensive we have tested. It includes 10 cartridges (which we judged to be the equivalent of 10 packs of cigarettes (1 pack per cartridge), two batteries (one long, one short), two chargers (USB and 110 volts), one car adaptor, one USB-powered electronic cigarette, one manual, and one membership card. It retails for $129 before discounts and shipping are free.

For those of you who are concerned with the cost, but interested in trying the product, Green Smoke also produces an Express Kit, which is essentially the same as the Pro Kit except that it includes only one cigarette-style battery in your choice of short or long, 5 cartomizers instead of 10, and does not include a car adaptor. The Express Kit is priced at only $89.99.

We estimated that including the $129 (before discounts) Pro Kit, the cost to maintain a one-pack-per-day cigarette habit using Green Smoke was $1087.27 annually or $90.61 per month or $20.85 per week or $2.98 per day. Despite the relatively high initial cost of the starter kit, we found this to be an excellent value.

   If you can afford Green Smoke, you buy Green Smoke. You won’t be disappointed.”

Compare Green Smoke e-cigarette costs to traditional cigarettes and the same one-pack-per-day habit at $6.00 per pack or $2190.00 per year or $182.50 per month or $42.00 per week or $6.00 per day. The annual savings for such a smoker is $1102.73! This estimate also includes the cost of replacing the entire kit annually — a scenario we deem likely to be unnecessary.

FINAL JUDGMENT: FIVE STARS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ADD ONE STAR if you can afford the $129 kit and $2.98 per day (for a one-pack-per-day smoker) price tag before discounts. Despite its huge drop in our ranking, Green Smoke continue to provide a pretty good e-cig. Not sure how long they will last with the new pod systems hitting the market like the Juul e-cig, but we will see. If it were not for the cost-related factors, Green Smoke would have scored a remarkable 98.50% overall. If you can afford Green Smoke, you buy Green Smoke. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s in the Box

  •    1 x Long Rechargeable Battery
  •    1 x Short Rechargeable Battery
  •    2 x Packs of FlavorMax™ Cartomizers thats 5×2 so 10 cartomizers in total
  •    1 x Cigarette with usb connector
  •    1 x USB Charger
  •    1 x Wall Adaptor
  •    1 x Car Adaptor
  •    1 x Member Card and Green Smoke User Guide
  •    30-day money-back guarantee
  •    One-year limited warranty



  •    Most user-friendly e-cigarette website
  •    Superior tobacco taste
  •    Superior vapor volume
  •    Solid, two-piece design
  •    Kit includes USB-powered electronic cigarette
  •    Kit includes car adaptor
  •    Cartridges may be purchased in bulk for greater savings
  •    Entire kit is superbly crafted and built to last
  •    Free shipping
  •    30-day money-back guarantee
  •    One-year limited warranty



While Green Smoke should significantly reduce the cost of your smoking habit, the initial price tag ($129 before discounts) of the Pro Kit was higher than other brands tested and may present an impediment to some. However, one should also consider the maintenance costs. Not including your Green Smoke purchase, the cost of maintaining the equivalent of a one-pack-per-day cigarette habit is only $2.98 per day — which we find to be very reasonable.




FINAL JUDGMENT: GREEN SMOKE HAS EARNED 4.4 STARS and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Add ONE STAR if you can afford the $129 Pro Kit and $2.98 per day (for a one-pack-per-day smoker) price tag before discounts.
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