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  • Great vapor volume
  • Manual and automatic batteries
  • 2 Different battery sizes
  • Good flavor options
  • HiTech VaporMax® cartridge technology


  • Battery Life Needs Improving
  • Expansion of Flavors Required

Bottom Line

If you’re on the market for a starter kit, Eversmoke is without doubt in my top 3. VaporMax® is really something special, it may revolutionize the portable e-cig market; additionally I will say that the overall quality and feel of their new device should set an example for all those lacking e-cig brands out there, Eversmoke sits in the top tier of brands for sure. And on top of all that, their batteries are state of the art; lifespan and customizable options leave nothing to be desired on that front.


EverSmoke: Our Expert Detailed Review

The end of 2012 brought us a new brand of electronic cigarette, a brand that is has made big moves in the industry with its new technologies, overall quality and high ratings across the board: meet Eversmoke. If you’re up to date on recent electronic cigarette news, you would have heard good things about this brand. It might be an old vape brand now, but how well does it compete with the best e-cigarette devices today?

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After reading the initial reviews and rumors claiming that Eversmoke provides one of the fullest vapors ever seen from the cig-a-like model, I ordered up their Basic Starter Kit for just $15.99 and have been running tests for a few weeks-well it didn’t take me that long but I’ve just kept using it anyway.
Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit

I’ve put together my review of the Eversmoke brand for you to peruse at your leisure and will be adding more updates and photos. So be sure to check back….

Eversmoke’s devices are based on the extremely popular and in my opinion the best of the original ’2-Piece’ e cig specifications, the  kr808d-1. This is pretty much the status quo for all GOOD starter kit devices you’re going to find on the market today, though not all are created equal as I know all too well.

This means that it’s a 2-piece model, the battery and the atomizer/cartridge pieces. Once a e-cig breakthrough over the clunkier 3-piece model, the 2-piece model is the gold standard today.

Eversmoke offers four starter kits: the Basic ($15.99), Basic ($49.99), Pro ($79.99) and Ultimate ($149.99). As you move up the chain you’ll get more batteries and a larger assortment of accessories. Check out Eversmoke’s website for more details. As mentioned above, I purchased the Basic Starter Kit, complete with their standard-size battery (your choice of color and automatic/manual power switch), a wall charger, USB charger and 5 cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choice.

Features I Really Liked

Strong Throat Hit and Crazy Full Vapor

It turns out the web community was spot-on in their praise of Eversmoke’s new vaporizing technology. According to the company, they have implemented a new atomizer technology called VaporMax® in all of their devices. This is the driving force and only explanation behind the surprisingly strong throat hit power and thick vapor that characterize this brand. I can attest that VaporMax® is certainly not a hokum advertising gimmick, this device can really generate some rich, smooth vapor.

Options for Automatic or Manual Power

eversmoke manual and auto batteryThis brand offers options for all of you novice smokers out there, but it certainly doesn’t ignore the veteran e-cig users in the process. When you purchase a starter kit or the device itself, you can choose automatic or manual power. If you choose automatic power, the device will turn on whenever you inhale and go into battery-conservation mode whenever you aren’t. This is great both for battery life and new e-cig users that want to avoid the hassle of a manual switch. On the flip side, the manual switch allows the user to create vapor with the press of a button, creating a fuller vapor at the expense of battery life. I actually found that the automatic switch provided full enough throat hits without having to waste battery with the manual option, but I am on the go a lot and it’s my personal preference. To be sure, the manual vapor generator definitely packs a sweeter, deeper throat hit for you vapor connoisseurs out there. Both options have their redeeming qualities but it all comes down to personal preferences as an e-cig smoker.

USB Charger Comes with All Kits

eversmoke usb chargerA nice little perk that Eversmoke has used to promote their starter kits is a USB charger in addition to the wall charger. This is great for all of you notebook junkies out there, you know who you are. I ended up using this charger a lot while working on-the-go; those public wall sockets never seem to appear when you need them, so just pop your battery into your computer. Very nice.

The ease of charging is one thing in common with all the best cigalikes, the whole idea of them is to make it as convenient as possible for the vaper.

Nice Selection of Colors

Every Eversmoker starter kit, besides allowing you to choose the type of power switch, offers the choice of three battery colors. I found this to be an incredibly useful customization, battery color is an underestimated aspect of the e-cig smoker’s life. They offer white, black and stainless steel. This is great because if you’re looking to replicate the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes, you have the classic white option. However, if you want to avoid the evil glares and reprimands from unlearned anti-smoking passers-by, the black option will never be confused for a tobacco cigarette. I actually liked the stainless steel battery because it had a “new-age” sort of feel and also never got me into trouble or caused miscommunication in public.

Price and Coupons

Eversmoke offers their Basic Starter Kit, complete with USB Charger, for the market average of $49.99, but this comes out as a bargain if you consider that their product is well above the market average in quality and technology. Best of all, we offer a 10% off coupon for all Starter Kit purchases from Eversmoke, all you have to do is click on one of the Eversmoke buttons on this page (there is no traditional ‘eversmoke couponcode’ field on checkout – you can only save through the link directly.

Our Rating Breakdown for the Eversmoke Brand

Quality and Technology: 10/10

VaporMax® is the technology of the hour. This little device packs a punch that I really have rarely seen in similar products on the market today. Whatever Eversmoke is doing in their labs, it’s working wonders for the future of powerful throat hits and smooth, pure vapor. Additionally, when using the device it is clear that it is made of quality stuff, it is on a different planet from the chintzy feeling of gas station e-cigs.

Appearance/Design: 9/10

While Eversmoke may not match the sleekness or rainbow variety of batteries that some of the trendier brands offer or the slickness of the pod vapes, it really doesn’t leave much to be desired and fully makes up for it in technology and overall quality. The three colors all look nice, whether you’re going for the classic cigarette look with white or the sleek, modern look with black or stainless steel. Their tip, called their “crystal tip”, lights up orange, which can be a nuisance if you’re thought to be smoking inside but otherwise it looks just fine.

Battery Life: 10/10

I found that the Standard battery, which is included in the Basic Starter Kit, had about 300 puffs in it, though your variables will be different than mine so it’s hard to say exactly. It recharges well: quickly and fully. At one point I went to recharge it out of habit after prolonged use, only to find that it was still full and ready to go!

Flavors/Strengths: 8/10

This brand uses basic nicotine strength variation with options for full flavored (18mg), light (12mg), ultra-light(6mg) and no nicotine (0mg). If you’re just beginning, you’ll have to experiment to fin what’s right for you.

Eversmoke has nice flavors, though it is lagging a bit behind other brands in variety of them. They offer the following flavor names: Classic Tobacco, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla and Cool Menthol. I tried their Classic Tobacco and Cherry Crush and they were both full-flavored and helped along by the smooth vapor coming out of this device. Other reviews praise their flavor quality as well.

Price/Accessories: 10/10

The Basic Starter kit comes with everything a beginner will need and stays below that $60 dollar line. $60 is the industry standard for basic starter kits, but this device is so quality that it’s a steal nonetheless. Don’t forget that we offer a 10% off coupon code right on this site, just enter the code from here when you place your order with Eversmoke on their site.

My Final Say on EverSmoke

conclusion of reviewIf you’re on the market for a starter kit, Eversmoke is without a doubt in my top 3. VaporMax® is really something special, it may revolutionize the portable e-cig market; additionally I will say that the overall quality and feel of their new device should set an example for all those lacking e-cig brands out there, Eversmoke sits in the top tier of brands for sure. And on top of all that, their batteries are state of the art; lifespan and customizable options leave nothing to be desired on that front. And finally I can’t forget the Eversmoke accessory store with it’s usable website and full range of products; most notably their charging carrying case.

To the guys over at Eversmoke, you get two thumbs up from this reviewer; thank you for maintaining class in a market plagued with knock-offs.

Take a look at their site and, if you decide to make a starter kit purchase, don’t forget by clicking through the link on this page your 10% Complimentary EverSmoke Coupon Code is automatically applied to your order and your will see the lower prices from the discount reflected at checkout.

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Questions & Answers About EverSmoke

questions and answersWho is EverSmoke Designed For? If you are an adult smoker (age 18+) EverSmoke is the e-cig for you. It is important to note that in some states, you must be 19+ to use EverSmoke. Those states are New York, Utah, New Jersey, Alaska and Alabama. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your state’s smoking laws before purchasing any e-cig.

What is EverSmoke? EverSmoke is a smoking alternative. Smokers can choose to leave the smoke, flame, chemicals, carcinogens, poisons and litter of obsolete cigarettes behind and, instead, enjoy a cleaner, safer alternative with electronic cigarettes such as EverSmoke.

Is EverSmoke safe? As compared to obsolete tobacco cigarettes, EverSmoke is phenomenally safe. Containing only four ingredients: water, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavor and the amount of nicotine you choose, EverSmoke is non-carcinogenic. The only ingredient in EverSmoke that should cause you any concern is the nicotine, and you have complete control over that. You can choose a high amount of nicotine, medium, low or none at all. Of course, even as safe as EverSmoke is, it’s always a good idea to confer with your physician before making any changes or additions to your health habits.

How can I have control over the nicotine in my EverSmoke e-cig? EverSmoke cartomizers come in 4 nicotine strengths:


18 mg = Full Flavored

12 mg = Light

6 mg = Ultra Light

0 mg = No Nicotine!


You choose! Many new vapers start out with the highest level and gradually taper off to no nicotine at all, yet they are still able to enjoy the pastime of vaping!

If EverSmoke has nicotine, how is it better than tobacco cigarettes? Although it has not been evaluated as such, it is generally thought that nicotine doesn’t cause cancer and is not a carcinogen. It’s a stimulant a bit stronger than caffeine, and it also has a relaxing affect. Nicotine delivers a sense of being both relaxed and alert that is addictive. In addition to nicotine, obsolete tobacco cigarettes contain a deadly mix of tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, arsenic, benzene and about 4000 other poisonous, carcinogenic substances that negatively affect smokers and everyone around them. EverSmoke vapor pleasantly affects the vaper (person who enjoys e-cigs) and has no affect on anyone else.

What makes EverSmoke produce vapor? EverSmoke is created using the latest two-piece technology. It consists of a battery containing a microchip and a cartomizer (cartridge and filter combined). You screw the two parts together and inhale. Your inhalation triggers the microchip to activate the battery, which turns on the atomizer heating coil. The e-liquid (the 4 ingredients mentioned earlier) contained in the cartomizer is heated, and thick, rich, flavorful vapor is produced.

So there’s no smoke from EverSmoke? Nope! No smoke! Only a tasty satisfying vapor that affects only you. You’ll see it in the air for a few moments, and then it will disappear. It has no odor and will not bother or harm anyone or anything.

Why is EverSmoke the best e-cig? EverSmoke uses proprietary VaporMax technology which is simply better than anything else on the market today. This superior design insures clean vaping with an easy draw and lots and lots of rich, thick vapor. EverSmoke provides the most authentic vaping experience of any e-cig available today.

Do I have to go outside to vape with EverSmoke? Nope! No more excusing yourself from interesting conversations or huddling with other smokers in wind, rain, sleet and snow! You can vape with EverSmoke anywhere you want to! It is not illegal or forbidden, and it will not bother anyone.

Is it really healthier to vape with EverSmoke than to smoke tobacco cigarettes? In a word, “Yes!” and the majority of experts agree. Vaping with EverSmoke allows you to enjoy the feeling and sensation of smoking without exposing yourself and those around you to fire hazards and dangerous poisons and carcinogens. You will enjoy better physical health and peace of mind with the hazards of smoking lifted from your shoulders.

Is the light on the end of the EverSmoke e-cig just for looks? Partly! EverSmoke e-cigs sport a glowing red light at the end to enhance your vaping experience and make it more authentic. Additionally, they make your e-cig look more like a standard tobacco cigarette, which can have various affects, depending on where you are. Among smokers, you will stand out less. Among non-smokers, you might get some initial angry glances followed by curiosity and perhaps some pleasant conversation. All appearances aside, the light at the end also serves a practical purpose. When your battery needs recharging, the light flashes!

How long does the EverSmoke e-cig battery stay charged? It depends on your vaping habits. Generally speaking, fully charged Standard and Long batteries will stay charged all day. Long batteries are good for about 350 puffs. Standard batteries will last about 250 puffs. Mini batteries have a little bit shorter charge time and come in at about 175 puffs per charge. It’s a good idea to have two batteries. You can keep one charging while you vape with the other one.

In comparison to tobacco cigarettes, how long does one cartomizer last? Every EverSmoke cartomizer equals about one pack of obsolete tobacco cigarettes. It varies a little bit from vaper-to-vaper. It depends on your vaping habits.

I heard there are two different kinds of e-cig batteries: what are they? There are manual batteries and automatic batteries. With manual batteries, you click a switch before puffing to activate the heating element in the cartomizer. With automatic batteries, there is no switch. Your inhalation triggers the battery and activates the cartomizer.

Which kind of e-cig battery is better? They’re both good, and that’s why EverSmoke offers both! Manual batteries are a little bit longer-lived (approximately 25%) and they naturally produce thicker, richer vapor faster and with less puffing; however, some vapers feel that having to press a button before inhaling is not as spontaneous as smoking tobacco cigarettes. An automatic battery, is a bit easier to use and may provide a more authentic vaping experience. To make it even more authentic, you can use an experienced vaper’s trick to create extra thick, rich vapor. Just prime your e-cig by starting out with a very deep, long puff. This will produce richer vapor for the rest of your vaping experience.

How do I choose which e-cig battery to get? It’s a good idea to try both and see which one you like best. Most good e-cig starter kits include two batteries and you can get one of each. Many vapers prefer automatic batteries to start out, and then as they become more experienced, they grow to prefer manual batteries. Luckily, as with everything else about e-cigs, the choice is entirely up to you, and you have good options.

Do I have to plug my e-cig into a wall socket every night to charge the battery? No! EverSmoke offers a really nifty accessory that no other e-cig manufacturer offers: The EverSmoke Charging Pack! This is a truly fantastic little item. It’s no bigger than an ordinary cigarette pack, so you can carry it with you all the time. It is capable of charging your e-cig battery fully four times in between charges, so you will be able to keep your e-cig charged up on-the-go! The EverSmoke Charging Pack comes with a USB cable that you can use to recharge the pack via a USB port. You can also get a Premium Car Adapter for charging your e-cig on the road!

Does it take a long time to charge the EverSmoke battery? Nope! Just about an hour!

Are all of the EverSmoke cartomizer and battery types compatible? Yes, you can use them in any combination you wish.

What’s the best way to get EverSmoke e-cigs? EverSmoke has a great Home Delivery Program that will deliver your e-cig supplies to your door automatically every month. This is a fantastic way to get your EverSmoke supplies because it’s convenient and economical. Additionally, you’ll receive a lot of valuable benefits when you sign up for the Home Delivery Program. For example, you’ll enjoy Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all your products and 20% off of all cartomizer refills you purchase through the Home Delivery Program. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to participate in contests and take advantage of sales and discounts available only to EverSmoke Home Delivery Program members. On top of all that, you will simply have the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have your supplies conveniently delivered to your door every month.

Is there a membership fee for the Home Delivery Program? Nope! No fee! In fact, you’ll get 20% off your entire first order. This means you’ll get 20% off your starter kit, any accessories you choose and your cartomizers.

Do I always have to get the same order at the same time with the Home Delivery Program? Nope! You can change it up as you see fit. Add or subtract items from your usual order and change the delivery time or the frequency of your order if you wish.

Do I have to belong to the Home Delivery Program for life? Nope! You can quit anytime you like. There’s no commitment at all! The Home Delivery Program is a completely optional program and just another choice you can enjoy with e-cigs. Most EverSmoke E-Cig customers really do enjoy this program a great deal!

The Home Delivery Program sounds great! How do I sign up? When you place your first online order, at the end of your interaction, you will be offered the option of signing up for the Home Delivery Program. Just click on YES, and you will be guided through a series of prompts to set up the amounts and frequency of your deliveries. Another option is to just call EverSmoke’s customer service department and speak with a friendly, helpful customer service rep.

What if I don’t need more cartomizers every month, or what if I need them more often? No worries! Just shoot EverSmoke an e-mail, and they’ll be happy to accommodate you. For example, say you’re going on vacation for a couple of months. You could change your order to stock up on supplies before your vacation, and then you could pause your shipments so you wouldn’t get any deliveries while you’re out of town.

What are all the products EverSmoke makes? EverSmoke offers a full line of vaping supplies and accessories. Here’s a complete list:

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette with signature glowing orange LED crystal tip. This attractive feature lights up as you puff and flashes to remind you when you need to charge your battery.

EverSmoke’s exclusive silicone tip mouthpiece is leakage free and delivers “one-hole” intake for the best and most authentic vaping experience

The EverSmoke Rechargeable E-Cig battery is a long lasting lithium-polymer battery that out-performs all others. EverSmoke batteries come in a nice choices of colors and sizes, and the proprietary design delivers the best and most in terms of performance and vapor production.

EverSmoke Cartomizers take the mess and worry out of vaping by combining atomizer and cartridge to bring you the most and freshest vapor every time you puff.

EverSmoke’s exclusive VaporMax Flavor Cartridges provide a smooth, clean draw and lots of rich and flavorful vapor.

The EverSmoke Charging Pack comes with a USB cable that you can use to recharge the pack via a USB port. You can also get a Premium Car Adapter for charging your e-cig on the road!

Flavor cartridges are packages 15 to a pack (all one flavor) and each pack is about the size of a tobacco cigarette pack.

Will I really like EverSmoke E-Cigs? Yes! Absolutely! EverSmoke is the new, clean, high-tech alternative to messy, poisonous, carcinogenic, dangerous, obsolete tobacco cigarettes. You can enjoy the calming, yet energizing effects of nicotine with EverSmoke with none of the negative, life-threatening effects of burning tobacco.

With EverSmoke, you will not present a fire hazard, you will not damage your clothes and surroundings with noxious fumes, you will not endanger yourself and others with exposure to dangerous chemicals, and you will save a lot of money!

No longer will you have to carry flammable materials around with you or dispose of potentially hazardous waste each and every day! With EverSmoke e-cigs, you’ll enjoy a “smokeless cigarette” that operates on a battery. You’ll be able to take advantage of the modern technology of a microcomputer smart chip contained in a sleek, aluminum casing cleverly designed to resemble a cigarette – right down to the glowing orange tip!

You won’t have to set anything on fire to enjoy EverSmoke. Just inhale, and the internal sensor of your handy new gadget will spark the battery to charge the atomizer, heat the e-liquid and provide you with thick, rich, satisfying, flavorful, inoffensive vapor.