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  • Simple collection of starter kits
  • Ok vapor volume
  • Good strong brand
  • Reliable
  • 30 day guarantee


  • Not good flavors
  • Expensive for what it is

Bottom Line

Blu is a well known brand of electronic cigarette, and as a well known brand their direction has been with brand management as opposed to product innovation, the result, a reliable electronic cigarette with good customer service but a below average performer in relation to the best e-cigs on the market.


Blu is trying to put their device in the list of the best cigalikes, a type of electronic cigarette designed simialt to the traditional cigarette. Upon opening our Blu Cigs delivery we were immediately impressed by the design and quality of the product, the accessories and the even the packaging, everything seemed well made and organized for easy access. We then opened the Classic Tobacco box, screwed the one of the cartridge/atomizers combination onto one of our two included batteries and took a few quick puffs.

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The LED tip reacted with a pleasing blue light, and we immediately took note of how easy it was to draw on it. The vapor volume was decidedly average, but certainly within the acceptable range. A big plus was the actual cigarette. It was and is the smallest, lightest and easiest-to-hold electronic cigarette we have reviewed to date — and may we add — quite elegant with its polished exterior and distinctive blue LED tip.


The Classic Tobacco flavor was certainly a little strange and took some getting use too, but nearly all of us agreed that it tasted like vanilla, not tobacco. Next, we tried a Cherry Crush cartridge/atomizer, using the spare battery. Nearly all agreed that this was an ok taste and not dissimilar to that from a pipe filled with cherry flavored tobacco. We found the Java Jolt filters to have a good, rich coffee flavor. The Magnificent Menthol filter cartridge received decidedly mixed reviews, with some saying that it also tasted of vanilla almost as much as menthol. Vanilla is a known e-cigarette cartridge flavor additive used by many if not most electronic cigarette manufacturers.


The Blu Cigs Portable Battery Pack

Plugging the battery pack in and charging it allows you to use it as a cordless battery charger when you are away from home. Instead of screwing your Blu Cigs into the included USB or wall chargers, you simply screw it into the portable battery pack. Further, it is an extremely convenient way to carry your electronic cigarettes and spare filters. Blu Cigs was the only brand we tested that offered this most useful option with its basic starter kit.



We estimated that including the $69.95 Starter Kit price, the cost to maintain a one-pack-per-day cigarette habit using Blu Cigs was $770.75 annually or $64.23 per month or $14.82 per week or $2.11 per day. We based our calculations on changing the atomizer after every 5 flavor cartridges. The starter kit is one of the lowest cost we’ve tested making the Blu Cigs a good value, but when you compare it with the likes of the Halo G6 starter kit, it becomes clear it’s not worth anything near this price tag. However, in addition to the flavor cartridges, one must include the cost of atomizers and at $5.00 per atomizer you are effectively adding $1.00 to the cost of each filter which are very reasonably priced at $1.00 each.

Compare the cost of Blu Cigs to traditional cigarettes and the same one-pack-per-day habit at $6.00 per pack or $2190.00 per year or $182.50 per month or $42.12 per week or $6.00 per day. The annual savings for such a smoker is $1419.25! This is of course before one tries to place a value on the damage done to your lungs and pulmonary system by tobacco cigarettes.



In summary, we found Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes to be compact, lightweight, easy to use, elegant but lacked in vapor and flavor.

We feel this brand is ok for anyone interested in trying e-cigs out for the first time, but if you have tried other brands you might be slightly disappointed, especially if you’ve tried vaping before with something like the Juul E-Cig. If you are not a “tobacco flavor” purist, this may well be an ok product for you. There are better brands on the market, but Blu certainly has a huge market share for one good reason; brand awareness.


  • Good quality starter kit
  • Lightweight when compared to other brands
  • Smallest size of any electronic cigarette
  • Feels like a regular cigarette in your hand
  • Starter kit includes a convenient recharging carry pack
  • Favorable quantity discounts on cartrifge/atomizer refill orders
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year limited warranty



  • Below-average vapor volume
  • “Classic Tobacco” and “Magnificent Menthol” flavors tasted of vanilla


Blu Cigs Coupon Code

Unfortunately, Blu Cigs has informed us that the company is not providing coupon codes or coupon codes at this time and will keep us apprised of the situation. Be assured that if and when Blu Cigs discounts are once again made available, we will have them for you here.

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