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Detailed Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Starter Kit Review

Wotofo often collaborates with other manufacturers or vaping experts to release new products, but this time they chose Rig Mod and designed something rather special, the new Flux kit. A 200-Watt dual battery mod running on dual 18650 batteries and has the Flow Pro tank which comes complete with 2 mesh coils. Simply put, this mod kit is going to be very hard to beat and surely competes as one of the best box mods of all time.
The Wotofo Flux with Pro Flow tank


The first thing that strikes you with the Wotofo Flux kit is the sheer simplicity of the design, all the buttons are well blended into the design and the look and feel of the device just shouts out quality! It has a nice large 1.3″ color OLED screen where you can change the color to your choice, and 2 up and down buttons below, quite hard to see, but easy to find. The fire button is down one complete side of the mod, making it super easy to fire whichever way you hold it, simply just squeeze the device and you’ll feel the fire button click.

The Flux mod itself also has a thin light strip running down the center of the mod, which again, is fully customizable. You can switch it off completely, have it on when the fire button is activated or choose to have it on whilst in standby mode. You can also change the color and the style of the light from flashing to breathing, whichever you prefer.

The back of the mod looks aesthetically the same as the front, only there are no buttons, screen or OLEDs, just a simple logo which is etched into the plastic looking screen. This can be a little confusing at first, especially if you’re new to the device, we saw people looking at this side and trying to click 5 times to turn it on!
The front and back view of the Wotofo Flux mod


Let’s get this out the way first, one thing that many vapers may see as a negative; this mod only uses wattage control, there are no temperature control modes, but does this affect the actual quality of vape and ruin its chances to be the best e-cig currently available, no of course not. This really is not as of a big deal as it sounds. The facts are that the majority of vapers use wattage control and temperature control is a fad that was a good idea at the time but is simply dying out. That said, there may be a few vapers out there shouting at the screen now! There will always be some who still swear by temperature control!

The screen is nice a big, although a little dim thanks to the tinted plastic screen, it shows all the important vaping info like current wattage, vape mode, vaping voltage, the resistance of the coil and also has dual battery indicators.

The menu section is a little different to other mods. You don’t click 3 times to change settings for example. To change the vape mode, you click the up button and fire button together, this scrolls through standard, powerful and powerful+, each vape mode has a different screen color.
To lock the device you hold both the up and down button for 2-3 seconds, this does lock the entire device, including the fire button, simply repeat to unlock.
To adjust the light display you click the fire button with the down button, then your presented with the working light and standby light settings, where you can adjust color, effect or turn off completely.
Screen and front of the Wotofo Flux Mod


The Wotofo and Rig mod Flux kit come with the impressive Flow Pro Sub-ohm tank, what makes it impressive? The mesh coils. They produce a great flavor instantly, no wasting half a tank of juice to burn your coil in, and the depth of flavor really bring your juice to life.

We tested the pre-installed 0.18-ohm mesh coil which has a wattage rating of between 40-60 Watts. Set the mod to “powerful+” mode and at 40W. Using a thickish 70/30 juice, and took a hit, (remember, mesh coils still need to be wicked with juice prior to use).

Super responsive in Powerful+, wattage hits that full 40Watts in no time, the flavor is just too good for a sub ohm tank, competing against the best RDA’s, well almost, actually yes!! The Flux mod kit is just simply awesome, let’s try another setting.

Switching the mode to standard, with the screen turning green, still at 40Watts you notice the difference straight away, yes it still produces a great vape, but the ramp-up time is reduced slightly, making you want to turn that wattage up a bit.
Menu screens on the Wotofo Flux Mod

Final Thoughts

The Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit is simply awesome when you buy the complete kit which includes the Flow Pro Tank, this tank just sets this kit up. Easy to use mod, which is super responsive, especially when in “Powerful+” mode and overall great value for money.

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Use Coupon; dna10