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Detailed Smok Devilkin Starter Kit Review

Smok is well known and loved in the vaping community, with the SMOK Alien being one of the best selling mods of all time back in 2016. But SMOK has released a lot of mods since the Alien and one of their latest is the Devilkin. So how well does this device compete against the best box mods and is it likely to be another huge hit for SMOK? Let’s take a closer look to see.
Some of the colors available on the SMOK Devilkin mod kit


SMOK has kept to the original box mod look with the Devilkin, compared to their other models there’s really nothing too different. That said with the shield design around the border, and the huge 1.3” color high definition screen certainly looks good.

One thing SMOK do well and make them one of the best e cig manufacturers is offer a huge choice of colors, the Devilkin is no different and is available in no less than 12 different color combinations, you’re bound to find a color that suits.

Measuring in at 86mm tall plus another 63mm if you include the TFV12 Prince tank, just a scratch under 50mm wide and a depth of just over 34mm, this mod is a great size for a dual battery device. Fits nicely in the hand and all the buttons are well laid out.

The Devilkin mod has a huge fire button down the complete side of the mod, making it really easy to fire when it’s in your hand, you just squeeze and it activates. It has 2 up and down buttons on either side of the screen, which again feel good and present no rattle.
The SMOK Devilkin and Tank side view


The Devilkin mod is capable of firing up to 225-Watts, although only a few vapers vapes over 100-Watts, it’s a nice option if you want to try hotter vapes. Powered by dual 18650 batteries and vaping around 60-70 watts, which is pretty average, the mod should last all day, even with the most extreme vapers.

The Devilkin can manage as low resistance as 0.05-ohm up to 2.5-ohm before any safety features are triggered to prevent you from damaging the device.

The screen is really well laid out and it’s easy to navigate through the menu. The main screen displays the current wattage or temperature, depending on which mode you’re in, the current resistance of the coil, working voltage, puff timer, puff counter and dual battery indicators. So pretty much everything and more than you need!
The Smok TFV12 Prince Tank

SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank

If you choose the Devilkin Kit version, you’ll be pleased to know that it includes the well thought of, SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank, one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market right now.

The standard version has an 8ml capacity, with the EU version having a 2ml capacity. The only difference is the glass tubing. It has a nice easy to use adjustable airflow at the base of the tank, and a top fill mechanism, where you swivel the top cap to one side and thus presented with the fill hole.

There’s also a huge selection of different coils available for this tank, but SMOK does include a couple for you to try out.
Front back and side view of the Smok Devilkin Mod and Tank


The setting up of the Devilkin Starter Kit is really dead simple, especially if you just use wattage mod, which most vapers do. Once you’ve saturated the coil with juice and filled the tank, you’re pretty much ready to start vaping.

We’re using the pre-installed Prince Q4 coil and setting the wattage initially to 60W. The first few vapes are not really producing as much flavor as we would like, but once the coil has circulated that juice we’re really starting to taste it. Ramping the wattage up to 70W which is right in the middle of the recommended wattage levels, really improves both the taste and cloud volume. The vape is also really smooth and great.

We noticed as we hit the higher end of the wattage levels for the coil, i.e. 80W and above, the flavor becomes somewhat muted and a lot warmer. We suggest sticking to around the 65-70W level to get the most out of this device and coil.
Two views of the SMOK Devilkin kit

To Conclude

Overall, the Smok Devilkin performs really well in wattage mode, especially if you vape around the 50-100W level. The TFV12 Prince Tank is a great partnership with this mod making the starter kit one of the most popular box mod kits on the market today.

If you’re after an easy to use, regulated mod device, with all the functionality to try other tanks and coils, then the SMOK Devilkin is a great choice, especially if you have tried vape pens in the past and want something a little more powerful. If you’re purely into temperature control vaping, then you might be better looking at a more specialized chipset like the DNA or Yihi, but then you’re going to be paying a lot more.

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