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Nicholas Evans

Vapors Digest was established to provide accurate , up to the minute electronic cigarette information and reviews on the best brands and the worst brands in the market! A relatively new product, electronic cigarettes are becoming a trend in culture and changing the way society gets their nicotine fixes. I’m Nick Evans, , a social guy with a background in technology. I like all things tech, and keep up with the latest gadgets and gizmos. In 2010 someone introduced me to electronic cigarettes, and when I started seeing success with them, I knew I had to do something about it. There was so much clutter online about electronic cigarettes back then. Many review websites had erroneous reports, and it was hard to find a good product without someone trying to cram another product down my throat. So, I created this website and started crafting the most in-depth reviews out there – leveraging my technology background to turn the site into a virtual encyclopedia of information on electronic cigarettes. I even got some of my friends on board to help out, and I continue to look for more help.

This site is something I take great pride in, and I’ve built it into a highly recognized electronic cigarette review portal

. I try to keep the site simple and whenever possible, I break down and explain terms that some people may not recognize. This is a new product for most people, so I dumb it down quite a bit here. After all, I may be decent at technology but I’m not a genius – just an average guy looking to keep people in the loop about electronic cigarettes.

Once I assembled my analyst team, we started probing the various brands of vapor cigarettes and decided to log our experiences. The e cig review database is bound to be the most comprehensive, professional, and in depth e cigarette reviews source on the net. It’s getting new information added each and every day.

We also pull in the experts in the industry to add their tips and tricks about using electronic cigarettes. Our research team is busy investigating all the regulatory laws, and since it has got a lot of press, we decided to create a whole category just related to that. So as you can tell Vapors Digest is more than a review site, it is the go to place for all your electronic cigarette information.