The Box Mod

If you’re new to “vaping,” or the use of e-cigarettes, you might be going, “What’s a box mod, anyhow?” Box mods are basically cases that hold li-ion batteries designed to increase the battery life of your e-cigs. Many of the early versions were built by regular users of e-cigarettes who were frustrated by the short battery life but were trying to quit smoking regular cigarettes or never really used tobacco products in the first place but have a social circle that still is backwards enough to think that smoking tobacco-laden traditional cigarettes is the cool thing to do. Many box mods were basically flashlight cases and battery holders – obviously not very good, but people were doing what they could at a time when very few e-cigarette users knew much about the electronics that went into their vaping products and the availability of e-cigarette mods was limited.

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The commercial box mod is usually a product of higher quality than these early homemade versions and made by companies who saw the chance at making a profit by filling the market for improved versions of the box mod. These versions are not 100% safe when you consider the fact that this is a device that basically feeds battery power to your e-cigarette, but they’re a definite improvement over what people were doing to perfectly good flashlights.

These improved versions include a voltage regulator that not only decreases your chances of receiving nasty electric shocks when you vape, but also help keep your e-cigarettes from being damaged while charging. There are still people who make box mods by hand using mostly parts that they find at Radio Shack, but these are obviously people who are serious about their vaping and even the handmade ones seen today are of better quality than the ones that were appearing just five years ago.

self built box modIf you are going to build your own mods, make sure you know what you’re doing. If you can figure out how, great; you might be able to go into the vaping mod business and create custom box mods to sell to friends. However, creating your own box mods comes with many safety issues that should make you hesitate. There have been cases where people actually injured themselves by trying to use the wrong kind of batteries (AA or AAA li-ion batteries are most common in box mods), not using a regulator to control the voltage, or just not knowing what they were doing when they built the box mod and they ended up giving themselves severe burns. If you don’t know much about wiring electronics like box mods, you will be better off buying a commercial version. However, this is not completely the end of the world when good box mods can be found in the $25-50 price range.

Because the use of box mods may require some knowledge of electronics and electronic terminology, it usually isn’t recommended for complete newcomers to vaping. Mechanical mods are the more involved version as far as requiring a decent knowledge of terminology like electric resistance, material resistance, ohm, and amperage is concerned. Regulated mods require a less involved knowledge base and, therefore, are usually considered the better engineered version when one considers the definition of good engineering from an end user standpoint. If the end user doesn’t have to think about how it works, it’s good engineering.

Vox II Box ModFor safety reasons, if you buy a box mod, you should always make sure you buy from a reputable seller who can give you honest answers about any mod you’re considering. The seller and his products should both get good reviews from people who have tried them before. A mechanical box mod should be used with a multi-meter to help you detect shorts that could damage your vaporizer. This is the reason you want to know what ohms are. You should also use high quality batteries because you’re not buying a box mod just to short yourself on the batteries. Duracell and Energizer are usually good brands. If you truly want to save money on batteries, invest in a good battery recharger that won’t overcharge your batteries (making them unstable) and is compatible with your electric system (some rechargers might not be if you’re bringing them in from another country). Adding a fuse is usually idea in the case of a short or other dangerous electric fluctuation in the box mod.

If you’re pretty new to vaping or want to find out more about box mods, your best bet may be to hit the forums to get the advice of people who may have been using box mods for a while and know the ins and outs of using one. They can be snarky, but most of the ones who hang out on e-cigarette forums are serious vaping pros who know what they’re doing. If that’s not an option, you could try striking up a conversation with some of the friendlier-looking individuals among people who hang out in vaping lounges or taking to friends who vape. The person who sells your vaping supplies should also be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to mods. If he doesn’t seem to know all that much about box mods, you might want to consider looking for another supplier of vaping supplies.

Most commercial box mods that are mass produced are somewhat larger versions that include features like displays, meters and fuses. It is also possible to find custom box mods if you know where to look or learn how to build your own if you have some talent with electronics and don’t mind searching for Youtube video tutorials.While many of the commercial versions have lost the quaintness of the handmade versions and most no longer resemble flashlight cases, many people who are in the market for the best box mod like the benefit of these extra features. There are very few completely perfect box mods on the market, but the technology behind the ones you do find are a definite improvement over gutting and rewiring a flashlight.

Now your ready to see the best box mods on the market!