Take on the Halo Triton Tank

We have reviewed the Halo Cigs previously but came into contact with the Halo Triton Tank, with a name like that we just had to try it out! Let’s see what this tank is all about!

The Halo Triton Tank is another e-cigarette but it stands different from the regular products. This review will show you its unique features; as well as its pros and cons.

Usability for the Buyer

Halo Triton TankThe Triton Tank requires 650 Mamp because of its bigger interior and mechanisms. This requires it to have bigger and heavier batteries to last longer. This might be a good feature but it adds to the weight of the gadget; although its battery life is a lot longer than others.

Complexity for Use

Additionally, this beauty is not for the novice e-smokers. Numerous manual adjustments should be done to be able to operate the Triton Tank. First, the cartridges would need some manual filling using e-liquids that are also provided by the seller. For first time user, they may have a hard time doing this. Secondly, an atomizer is also manually attached to the battery of the e-cigarette. This is the part where it heats the liquid and turns it into vapor. It also requires the user to press a button when inhaling; not like other e-cigarettes where there is an automatic mechanism with which it responds with the inhalation. Lastly, a bit of e-liquid is also applied into the atomizer itself to start the heating process.


This e-cigarette comes in various flavors like the traditional American Red. Other flavors include Virginia, Desert Blend and Virginia Smooth. This provides a wide range of variability for the smokers to enjoy. This is a big advantage because most people find that smoking just one type of flavor is pretty much boring as time passes by.
In terms of its dimensions, it is pretty much a heavy and larger e-cigarette but many find this appealing. It is a more unique way to present a cigarette; it is even somehow shaped like a traditional big cigar.

The Triton Tank can be purchase in a kit form, which is probably the best thing as the battery has been specifically designed to produce the right power for this tank.

Halo Triton e cig

Overall, this Halo Triton Tank e-cigarette may not be the best product for the first-timers. However, experience e-smokers can enjoy this product because of its high modifiable design. You can change the flavor as well as the atomizer anytime you want. Also, control can be gained on how often it releases its vapor because you have to press on a button to activate the gadget. This also provides the Triton Tank with a longer battery life because it is not left entirely operational all the time.

For smokers who would want to lessen the risk of acquiring smoking-related illnesses, you can always try the e-cigarettes available in the market. Moreover, if you are experienced in these types of devices, you have to try the Halo Triton Tank e-cigarette; it is not for the boys or girls, it is for the men and women.