Nicotine, a highly addictive drug, is the main component of tobacco cigarettes. It is viewed to be more addictive than other substances such as heroin and cocaine. These two substances are classified as hard drugs and many upstanding individuals will actually keep off their use in preference to cigarette smoking. Nicotine seems to be a lesser evil in this light. Cigarette smoking is seen as a harmless habit and yet its effects on the human physiology and psychology are phenomenal. Once you are hooked it is actually harder to beat this addiction than that to the said hard drugs.

Electronic cigarettes are an innovation that was developed to help tobacco smokers curb their addiction to nicotine. This is because it is believed that the e-cigarettes, as they are otherwise known, contain a lesser concentration of nicotine, although nicotine is addictive so ecigarettes can be classed as addictive too. The concentration can also be controlled since the cartridges used to dispense the nicotine contain varying amounts of the drug. It however has not been established by certified human health bodies that this is true. There are also claims that the information provided on the content of e-cigarettes is misleading. Traces of nicotine have been found in e-cigs claiming to contain zero nicotine.

addicted to ecigsSuch findings indicate that there is a great chance of being exposed to a higher concentration of nicotine than the one intended. This could easily lead to nicotine addiction even for those who are attracted to the e-cigs due to the claim of zero nicotine. Obviously this beats the whole purpose for which the device was invented. It was seen as an easier way to beat the addiction as the smoker would gradually reduce the nicotine concentration.

In some cases this has been found to be untrue as the opposite actually happens, users are inclined to increase the nicotine content to satisfy their urge. Since electronic cigarettes are considered ‘milder’ than the regular tobacco cigarette, you are bound to smoke more to satisfy the urge. Like all other habits, addiction begins in the mind and with such thoughts, e-smokers find themselves deeper into nicotine addiction than when they switched.

The zero nicotine claims attract non-smokers as a way for them to fit in with the crowd and appear cool without the dangers associated with tobacco smoking, the greatest of which is nicotine addiction. However users find themselves hooked to the electronic cigarettes to a point where they are smoking more. They may see this as harmless considering that the numerous toxins present in tobacco smoke are eliminated. Some even think that the sweet and exotic flavours in which e-cigarettes come are the reason for the increased urge to light up.

The coolness factor may also contribute to increased use of e-cigs. Most young people especially are persuaded to take up e-smoking so that they can stand out from the crowd. Apart from nicotine, other harmful substances such as tar are eliminated and this is a great lure for anyone who would not have considered smoking otherwise. When the effect of standing out from the crowds is achieved due to the use of e-cigarettes, you are bound not to be caught dead without one. This in itself leads to increased use leading to nicotine addiction and the e-cigarette as a status symbol.

flavorsFlavouring used in e-cigarettes is a touchy issue. There are claims that this alone can greatly influence young people and children to take up smoking. The packaging used for electronic cigarettes is also quite colourful and attractive too, something that is bound to get the attention of even children. This lures the  young to take up smoking just for the sheer attractiveness, without having the full facts about the dangers associated with such a habit.

Electronic cigarettes are readily available and accessible even on the internet. In this electronic age, most people who would not have considered smoking are bombarded with information about the advantages of e-smoking. Human nature leads to experimentation for adventure’s sake and the result is gradual addiction. Once hooked, the saddest part of the story is that the e-cigarettes may not be enough anymore and the smoker may turn to tobacco cigarettes for greater satisfaction of their nicotine cravings.

Another twist in the ready availability of e-cigarettes is that there is a money back guarantee for most brands. This in itself is an encouragement to take up e-smoking. Of course, for the most part, the manufacturers will not tell you that there is the risk of getting hooked. They use this guarantee as bait, not to mention, the zero nicotine factor, the flavours and absence of tobacco with all its negative effects on human health.

Electronic cigarettes are a new invention, barely ten years in the market. Some marketers are encouraging smokers to take up e-smoking as part of the review team. This helps in the improvement of the products which is rampant with new versions coming up every so often. There are perks that come with such exercises including free cigarettes. Such words are music in the ears of the smoker looking to make a few bucks while at the same time saving on cigarette money.
So before you ‘light up’ that electronic cigarette, be very aware of what you are getting yourself into.