The whole idea about electronic cigarettes is to have a safer way of smoking without the hazards associated with nicotine. Nicotine is a lethal drug that is the main reason behind addiction to tobacco cigarette smoking. One of the marketing strategies used for e-cigarettes is that there are varying concentrations of nicotine in e-cigarettes and so one has a choice. But even with this choice there is a greater risk of getting hooked to nicotine from e-smoking.

Nicotine addiction is the hardest type to beat and the best way is to avoid it from the onset. In fact, the e-cigarette was first viewed as an answer to nicotine addiction from tobacco cigarettes. This is slowly being watered down by the number of people who get hooked to nicotine from e-smoking and those whose addictions get worse from this type of smoking.

The surest way to beat addiction to smoking is not to start. Electronic cigarettes are meant to be safer than tobacco cigarettes and they are supposed to help tobacco addicts to beat the addiction. However, in most cases, the addict ends up hooked to the e-cigarette. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the e-cigarette does contain nicotine albeit in varying doses, which is the principal addiction agent.

addicted to ecigsIt is better not to switch to the e-cigarette from tobacco even though it is the lesser evil because the effects of addiction might end up being the same. For first time smokers, the advice is not to try the e-cigarette especially if they avoid the tobacco cigarettes on grounds of nicotine addiction. And even if the health risks associated with tobacco cigarettes are the reason to go electronic, you should be aware that there are unique health risks from the latter as well.

It is general advice for people trying to quit smoking and those wishing to beat nicotine addiction to avoid carrying any nicotine based items with them. Tobacco cigarette addicts who are in the process of reforming should not carry cigarettes with them at all. In this way the urge to smoke will not be met and there is a greater chance of success in beating the habit. This goes for the e-cigarettes too. Some urges to ‘light up’ actually come from having the cigarette at hand. And the more the act of smoking is performed the greater the chance of getting hooked up.

In some circles it is argued that it is better to use other nicotine replacement therapies such as the patch, gum or lozenges to beat the smoking habit instead of the e-cigarette. Here they are considered superior to electronic cigarettes in that no smoking takes place. A strong point in support of this notion is that the patch, gum and lozenge have been used with greater success in the past to cure nicotine addiction, while the e-cigarette actually leads to a higher chance of addiction.

Addiction is a state of the mind. One way of beating nicotine addiction is to beat the urge to smoke by tuning the mind. Feeding addictive urges leads to worse levels of addictions. Electronic cigarettes actually encourage feeding the urge to smoke and so they are not the best solution to the problem. The cravings in most cases only last for up to 5 minutes after which they subside. With a trained mind the cravings can be beat successfully.

For a reforming smoker, second hand smoke seems like total bliss, but what this does is that it may encourage you to take up electronic cigarettes to satisfy the urge induced from this experience. The more the e-cigarette is used as a crutch, the more dependence on it develops leading to addiction. It is therefore important to avoid instances where you come into contact with second hand cigarette smoke.

The very act of smoking is enough to trigger the urge to smoke. So if your goal is not to smoke it is advisable to keep off smoking areas. For some the sight of a lit cigarette immediately induces the urge. If you are an e-smoker, then usually this would be a good time to ‘light up’. The more this goes on then addiction is inevitable.

The lures to switch to e-smoking are numerous and they all look good at face value. After all there are no cancer causing toxins present and the concentration of nicotine can be regulated. This relatively new invention has however, not been endorsed by any certified human health body and their claims are yet to be ascertained. There are also reports that the use of the e-cigarette by new smokers does lead to addiction. It is therefore important at this point to ignore the lures into e-smoking until such a time when they would be given the necessary certification.

One great way to beat any addiction is to keep busy. The mind is a powerful tool whereby our thoughts control our actions. When the mind is engaged with other things, then it would be impossible for thoughts that trigger the urge to smoke to have room. This is true for tobacco cigarettes as well as electronic cigarettes.