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V2 Vertx Review

V2 Vertx and Vertx Plus Review

V2 has been ranked among the most elite electronic cigarette brands for some time now, and consistently deliver some of the most high-tech and innovative vaping products in the market. The company’s fans are always on high alert waiting to see what kind of new offerings will come their way, and they’re seldom disappointed with what they eventually receive. With …

Vaper Empire title

Vaper Empire Review

As new electronic cigarettes continue to launch with each passing year, it can be difficult for many vaping enthusiasts to keep pace with the changing marketplace. To make that challenge even more daunting, there are a number of larger companies that tend to garner the lion’s share of attention from the media and the vaping community. New and smaller firms …

VaporsDigests Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

Pax 2 Vaporizer Review

If you’re into vaping herbs, then chances are that you’re always on the lookout for a solid new vaporizer to add to your stable. The Pax 2 vaporizer has been referred to as the best in the business in recent times – and that’s not just manufacturer hype either. Even reviewers are citing it as an exciting new entry into the …

Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review

Smok Koopor Knight Vape Kit Review

The Knight Vape Kit is one of those rare mod offering that combines relatively small size with an amazing amount of quality performance – the type of performance that will have many users wondering where this device has been all their lives and class it as one of the best electronic cigarette kits on the market. It’s not easy to …

Review of the Sigelei Snow Wolf

Sigelei Snow Wolf 218W TC Mod Review

Anyone who knows anything about Siegel knows that the company is well known for producing innovative mod products. With the Snow Wolf, they’ve managed to create another innovative sensation that has taken the industry by storm. In a changing e-cig environment, some companies have simply tried to go with the flow and produce products similar to what everyone else is …

SX Mini Q Class review

SX Mini Q Class 200W TC MOD Review

If you’re a vaping fan who’s not yet tried one of the SX Mini mods, then you have no idea what you’re missing. Many enthusiasts are raving about the quality design and build, and the superior high-tech chipsets that the devices use. These mods are also well-regarded for their look and feel, and are considered to be extremely flexible – …

XO E-liquid review

Liberty Flights XO E-liquid Review

As vaping has grown over the years, the internet has responded with a never-ending stream of websites reviewing all of the available vaping pens, mods, and other vaping devices that are so essential to enjoying the vaping lifestyle. These reviews are often among the most useful tools vapers have at their disposal as they try to sift through all of …


Eleaf iStick 200W MOD Review

Eleaf’s role in the box mod revolution has been prominent in the last several years, ever since the company launched the well-regarded iStick 20W in 2014. Mods have only gotten more advanced in the time since that offering hit the scene, as things like temperature control and higher wattage capacity have become mainstay staples. Eleaf itself has worked to keep …


Smok Stick One Review

Smok never fails to deliver when it comes to producing quality vaping products at an affordable price. And let’s face it: it’s not every day that you find a truly great vaping offering at less than $30, right? Well, they’ve done it again with a new vape stick that should be a perfect option for anyone who is just making …


Disposable Electronic Cigarettes: An Overview

Millions of people around the world enjoy vaping on a daily basis, and that trend has garnered more and more media attention in the last several years. Much of that attention focuses on the more complex side of the vaping experience, where more experienced users rely on the best electronic cigarette brands or advanced refillable electronic cigarettes – often going …