JoyeTech and Tanks

JoyeTech is typically known as a favored maker of advanced personal vaping products. They also produce the regular two-part e cig known to users as the starting point for electronic vaping, which is one of the common starter models, called the Joye 510. In this review, find out why this is a trusted name in the business.

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Thankful for Tanks

A tank system comes with more parts than a starter e cigarette. The latter usually contains a battery (the bottom piece) and a cartridge/atomizer or cartomizer (mouthpiece). When you get into tank systems there can be separate atomizer heads and bodies, drip tips, cones, and more. In spite of all this, it is a method frequently preferred by experienced vapers, and when they choose this method of vaping, the name “Joyetech” often distinguishes their device from the others.

joyetech modelsJoyeTech models include the eGrip, eGo One, eRoll, eGo CC, and eCab. The eRoll looks more like an e cigarette but with multiple pieces one does not usually have to fuss with. A kit comes with a portable charging case, 2 cigarettes, 2 atomizer heads and bodies, 3 90mAh batteries, an empty cartridge, and a single bottle of e-liquid.

The eCab has a chargeable atomizer battery. Why would a consumer want these extra parts? This allows for greater control of the system, but also extends the life of an e cig kit. More parts can be swapped around, replaced, and fixed when the whole item comes apart. Loyal users are often advanced in their knowledge of tank systems and personalize the power of their e cigs to vaporize at a desired temperature for ideal vapor flow and flavor.

Vapor choices include the usual assortment of favorites like grape, coffee, apple, tobacco, and menthol. The list is reasonably long. Nicotine strength, however, only goes as high as 1.6%.

Why Choose JoyeTech

JoyeTech regularly receives strong ratings from reviewers. It is so popular and highly thought of that most retailers selling a variety of e-cig starter kits and accessories from multiple brands carry at least one JoyeTech model, if not multiple models.

E-Cigarette Tank Systems

Tank systems are for the advanced e-cigarette users, you can learn more about the sub ohm tank here. Or, maybe a better way to put it is for the demanding e-cigarette users.

A tank system essentially gives you a powerful way to get your nicotine and smoke water vapor with a fillable cartridge that allows you to choose from thousands of e-liquids and juices available from various suppliers.

Here are some photos of batteries that fit the tank system model.  You’ll see they are very advanced and bulky, but the vapor they kick off is amazing.

We recommend the VaporFi electronic cigarette tank system. Again, these are for user’s who don’t mind filling their own liquid in the provided clearomizers as well as changing the atomizer every few weeks. This does require more work than a typical refillable cartridge style of e-cig, but for some people, it’s the way they prefer it.


“Mods” are a growing part of the e-cigarette niche, and their power can’t be ignored.

A mod is more for the really “into it” vaper, someone who considers themselves a hobbyist or real guru.  When you use these, there are more moving parts than we really can go into, and until we get a professional who can speak with more experience, we won’t pretend to know too much about the mod.