In recent past, there has been growing concerns about our environment. The various people or things that contribute to its deterioration are being frowned at. One of the habits that many people indulge in but which unfortunately affects both those who are involved as well as other people is tobacco smoking. There are serious health implications for those who smoke but due to their addiction to nicotine, many tobacco smokers find it extremely difficult if not totally impossible to give up. It appeared those who were caught in their own fantasies could not set themselves free even when they are aware that there is a steep price to pay. Enough research was conducted for a solution to this problem and with the advent of electronic cigarettes; things took a turn for the better for tobacco smokers.

crazy ecig frenzyThere is a crazy frenzy for e-cigs now and sales have far exceeded what was projected for the year 2011. It should not be a difficult thing for anybody to understand because it is crystal clear that there are many people who are smokers and cannot give up the habit. There are even several others who would very much love to smoke if they could find a safe alternative to tobacco smoking. For different categories of people who have loved the pleasure which the traditional tobacco cigarettes provided them, electronic cigarettes offer something even better and it is entirely up to such people to make up their minds about what they actually want.

With the way e-cigs have come to be accepted by many people now, it leaves one to wonder when exactly the product was introduced into the market. While in the mind of many people, electronic cigarettes are relatively new, they have actually been around now for the past eight years now. In 2003 in Beijing, China, Pharmacist and also a heavy smoker called Hon Lik invented what was the very first electronic cigarette. The consequence of smoking the regular tobacco cigarettes was not lost on Lik especially after his father who was also a heavy tobacco cigarette smoker died of lung cancer. It took some time before he eventually came up with a product that defied what every other person had thought possible with logical reasoning. With the successful release of his e-cigs in which he had put much work, Lik changed the name of his business from Golden Dragon Holdings to a less seemingly appealing name but which to Lik heralded a new beginning for him and his business, the Ruyan, which meant ‘like smoke’.

It was not until 2005 when Greg Carson, introduced e-cigs to Europe where the products become popular thereafter. At some point, a smoking ban was issued in the UK and with the introduction of electronic cigarettes into Europe, it took a lot of arguments and counter-arguments before it was finally agreed that these products should not be included in the ones that are affected by the smoking ban. With this ruling, it was made possible for smokers to go anywhere of their choosing with their smokeless cigarettes and even in places where the notice ‘no smoking’ was conspicuously written.

fda logoA year after what took place in the UK, e-cigs was introduced into America. At that time, these products were met with great caution and scrutiny. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) first had to place the use of electronic cigarette under serious scrutiny by carrying out various scientific tests and researches on them. Cases were made against the use of electronic cigarettes are safe substitute and not many people were encouraged by this. With further tests and assurance from manufacturers, a supplemental brief was filed by the FDA and electronic cigarettes were classed as drug devices. With a nod of approval coming from FDA, people went for the products in the market. There were many people who had waited enthusiastically for the conclusions that would be reached by the FDA and there were even those who threw caution to the wind and had decided to carry on with the products regardless of the outcome of the scientific findings that were carried out.

The approval given by the FDA did not stop some states in the United States from including them in the products included in the smoking ban. However the vast majority of smokers who have dreamt of a safer alternative embraced the use of e-cigs has they could provide them with reasonable assurance of good health as well as the pleasure they have always known with the smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are other advantages which smokers seem to appreciate in these electronic cigarettes. They do not leave offensive odor hanging on them or around them after they have finished smoking. They are also cost effective and they don’t cost them heavily like buying tobacco cigarettes do.