Fire prevention is a topic we feel is necessary to address, mainly, because so many people suffer serious injuries – or worse – death, because of fire.  We were recently praised in a press release addressing this issue, and feel it’s necessary to express our concern, as well as gather comments from readers who have made their homes more safe by using products without flames.

Fires caused from smoking are preventable.  According to the US Fire Administration, almost 1,000 people are killed each year in preventable accidents stemming from cigarette smoking.   Many more suffer severe burns or other non-fatal accidents.

How do we prevent fire from cigarette smoking?

cigarette fireThe easy answer, is to use electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do NOT require a flame to ignite the smoking sensation and is known to be safer for the reasons listed here.  An electronic cigarette smoker simply puffs the lithium ion-powered battery and an atomizer steams/vaporizes a nicotine (or nicotine free) solution and creates a cloud of vapor.  This is the latest trend in smoking, and ex-smokers everywhere are finding that electronic cigarettes are becoming a possible substitution for tobacco products.

“I don’t want my children playing with lighters, it’s not safe.  I feel that if a lighter is in the house, there is always a possibility that an accident can happen.  Lighters and matches are non-existent in my house now that I started using electronic cigarettes.”

-Dave W.  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Did you know that lighters can even explode?  Bic had some issues in the 1980′s when their butane lighters were causing major problems for consumers.   The bottom line is that every time fire or combustion is a possibility, there is the possibility of a fire.

How many people have to get injured, or even worse, die, because of fires?

If you care about your family, make your home safe of risky fires and do everything in your power to prevent fires by smoking electronic cigarettes.  Sure, they are a new device that most people haven’t even heard of yet, but we’ve reached millions of consumers and continue to be the voice of the electronic cigarette review industry.

We continue to see new advances in technology and design every day.  Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking.