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  • Great selection of kits
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  • Great customer service
  • Great vapor production
  • Some of the best flavors


  • Shipping costs outside USA

Bottom Line

VaporFi have a great range of electronic cigarettes available, suitable for those who are curious about vaping all the way up to the committed and professional smoker. They have some of the best products on the market that create awesome vapor and with their selection of flavors, which you can customize and blend yourself, Vaporfi are the go to company!

Editors Review

VaporFi is one of the biggest brands available in the electronic cigarette world especially in the United States. They have modified their product with the fast moving innovation of the devices and hence they always deliver in comparison to any other brand on the market.

For $49.99, you will receive the VaporFi Pro starter kit with one of the best batteries available in electronic cigarettes. In addition of 1 battery, you receive in the kit, a wall adapter for the USB charger, 2 charging cables, 3 spare atomizers, and 1 tank. You can also purchase a spare battery even if it less probable that you will need one.

If you are a regular smoker, you can use the battery for at least one entire day or for some, a day and a half. This means that after two hours of charging your battery in the evening, you can start using it. The two hours is the required time for a full charge. This is something good for many smokers since the do not have time to wait for using their devices.

The battery contained in the starter kit is a standard with a capacity of 650mAh. However, you can purchase an additional battery of 1,000mAh among the accessories offered by the company of its website. With such capacity, you use your device for two days and half once you charge it fully. This makes this electronic cigarette, an ideal device for festival trips, camping trips, and many other long events. This is wonderful if you can use your electronic cigarette for two days without charging it.

vaporfi pro

You can purchase starter kits in various colors and there are also extra colored batteries including blue, yellow, white, pink, red, green, orange, silver, purple, and black. Instead if using cartridges, VaporFi Pro electronic cigarettes use an atomizer and cartomizer working together in order to produce the vapor. There are at least two advantages with this. These components last longer than a single cartridge does, tend to generate more vapor than a single cartridge will, and has also better throat hits and flavors.

The range of flavors provided by the VaporFi e-liquid is pretty impressive. You can also create your own unique and beautiful twist among your favorite tastes. Some of these flavors include Graham Cracker, Red Hot Cinnamon, Bubble Gum, Tutti Frutti Gumballs, Butter Pecan, carnival Cotton, Marshmellow, Very Vanilla, Sinfully Cinnamon, Heavenly Clove, Simply Shisha, Cuban Cigar, Peppermint Party, Mighty menthol, Menthol Ice, Fresh Mint, Sahara Gold Tobacco, American Red Tobacco, and Classic Tobacco.

vaporfi eliquidYou can buy a 30ml bottle of e-juice for $14.99. However, you have to keep in mind that the VaporFi Pro uses more juice than a regular electronic cigarette. Most cartridges take only around 20 drops to refill and you will use under a third of a 30 ml bottle each time you refill your tank. This will last for one or two days depending on how hard and how often you use your device. Many users reported that they ended using more juices than usual. You have to keep that in mind when thinking about buying a VaporFi Pro device.

There are 6 strengths available for VaporFi Pro e-liquids. You can get no nicotine or 0.0%, ultra-light at 0.6%, light at 1.2%, regular at 1.8%, full flavor at 2.4%, and bold at 3.6%. These various levels are perfect if you are planning to make small transitions on your way to quit smoking. Regular electronic cigarettes provide only four stages but here you have six stages to make your fight against nicotine addiction much easier.

The vapor produced by VaporFi Pro electronic cigarette is amazing. However, inhaling gives you the sensation of receiving too much vapor in your mouth. You can cough from time to time. You have a better throat hit with the higher strength fluids. However, even with the light and regular varieties, the throat hit is enough to make you thinking that you are smoking a genuine cigarette.

The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the kit within 30 days, you can get back your money. In addition, each time, you refer a friend to the company; you receive a $15 voucher after his or her first purchase from the website. You have a warranty of 90 days and this warranty does not apply to other items such as e-liquid and cartridges if you buy them from the website. Purchasing both your e-liquids and electronic cigarette stuff from the website will enable you to save money on shipping.

You will fall in love with VaporFi Pro electronic cigarette even when you receive much vapor than you need. This device may not be the most discreet electronic cigarette if you compare it to V2 or Green Smoke with its bulky and bold design along with the amount of its vapor, but its performance is brilliant and lasts many days.

The customer services team is great with a wonderful warranty. You can be sure that your vaping experience will be unique with this device.

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