Is it True that E-Cigarettes do not Smell?

If you talk to people who have switched from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, they will often rave of the many advantages that electronic cigarettes have over real ones. One of the advantages that you hear most often is that you no longer smell of smoke. This is important to a lot of people. Believe it or not, even though a person smokes a lot, they are still self-conscious about the way it smells, and there are people who smoke a lot and do not like the way that smoke makes them and their environment smell. Many of these people who hate the smell of smoke are switching to electronic cigarettes and they are very satisfied with the results.

The reason that there is no smell is that there is no smoke. So how do you get the nicotine into your body? You get it by inhaling a non-toxic and completely scentless vapor. There is nothing burning and there is no smoke being released from these electronic cigarettes. The best thing about them is that you can smoke them anywhere because of this. It is not against the law to smoke these electronic cigarettes anywhere, so you can enjoy smoking in public places once again. You can take your electronic cigarettes out and smoke in your favorite bar again, and you don’t have to leave the restaurant to smoke outside when you are craving some nicotine after dinner.

And best of all, there is no nasty smell involved at all. When you switch over to electronic cigarettes you will want to get the best experience, your clothes and your hair will never smell of smoke again. Your breathe will be fresh and it won’t smell of stale smoke. And most importantly, your house or apartment will not smell like an ashtray and you will not have a problem with your walls being stained by the smoke coming from real cigarettes any longer.

There really are many advantages to smoking electronic cigarettes, you just need to try them out and see if you like the way they work. Another advantage is that you will be saving a lot of money when you switch over to electronic cigarettes. Some people say that they cut their costs in half thanks to switching to electronic cigarettes. All you need to do is by refills for your cartridges and you will be surprised with how long they last.

Another advantage is that they are much safer than regular cigarettes. Sure, they are not safe, because you are still getting the addictive nicotine substance into your body, but they are healthier on the whole. When you are smoking electronic cigarettes, you are not inhaling any smoke. You are also avoiding the inhalation of all of the harmful chemicals that are not put into cigarettes. And most important, there will be no tar building up in your lungs and potentially clogging your arteries. Remember, this tar is what leads to the majority of health problems, especially respiratory problems that are associated with smoking cigarettes.

When you smoke electronic cigarettes, you are giving yourself a healthier alternative, while at the same time making sure that you and your surroundings never have to smell like smoke again.