As the fields of science and medicine strive towards an ever-greater understanding of man and the world we live in, we are all the beneficiaries of their accumulated knowledge. This newly-found knowledge is generally accepted as a contributing towards the greater good. However, this greater understanding may also lead to conflict, more so when it contravenes our current standards and practices.

And so it is with this terrible and often deadly affliction — smoking.

Nicotine must be a very powerful drug indeed if it can cause so many to ignore the wisdom of science and medicine.

And while untold millions have been spent by pharmaceutical companies and organizations searching for an effective way to combat this most insidious habit, they have yet to devise a course of treatment or tool that can provide an effective method of kicking the habit. That is until today.

On December 27th, 2006, Chairman of Hong Kong-based Ruyan Holdings/Ruyan America, Hon Lik, received European Patent #EP1736065A1 for “AN AEROSOL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE,” and a completely new (and in the opinion of many — better) way to combat and defeat the smoking habit was born.

Since that time numerous companies around the world have begun marketing electronic cigarettes based on the Ruyan concept. E-cigarettes have evolved from bulky three piece designs that required the purchase of Nicotine liquid to compact two-piece designs with disposable “filters,” containing the required Nicotine and atomizers to create the vapor.

With so many different types of electronic cigarettes on the market, it is a daunting if not impossible task for anyone to sort through the marketing hype in order to find the best possible product at a reasonable cost.

It was to meet this challenge that this site, was conceived and created.

Written, developed and produced by a group of successful online marketers, this site addresses the pressing need for certainty in an online world too often cluttered by spam, scams, predators, marketing hyperbole and junk science. Our purpose is to create clarity from chaos for all those who wish to find a better way to “smoke.”

It is therefore, our job, to sort through the half-truths, scams and misinformation in order to present you with only the best unbiased E-cigarette Reviews available today.

We like to think we’re doing a good job, but you will ultimately be the judge of that.

For those of you willing to share your experiences with our site and recommendations, we’d love to hear from you. So, please let us know how you’re doing. That will tell us how we’re doing.

We wish you the greatest success in your quest to quit smoking, happiness and the good health to enjoy it. We hope to be a small part of it.

Finally, remember to bookmark this website as we will constantly be adding new reviews of electronic cigarettes in the hopes of bringing you the best products at the best prices.

The Editors